Definition of Cat… Continued ~ Cooperation Between Feline and Canine…




  1. a small domesticated carnivorous mammal that wanders around and knocks random objects off of shelves, desks tables, etc… and then proceeds to play with these items until they are lost under the couch. synonyms: fucker, asshole, you little piece of shit
  2. a soft furry object that flies about 30 feet and makes really strange noises when kicked

Alright… this is getting ridiculous.

Little bit of background on the dog, Bernie…

Bernie Eyes

Dude has an affinity for crayons; specifically… eating them! I dunno why. He’s fed well, with premium dog food and receives treats pretty consistently. But if my little one is coloring and a crayon somehow finds the floor, he’ll eat it.

One time, he ate a shit ton of crayons that were left on the dining room table; rainbow colored shit for two days!

Because of this, I make sure that little “D” puts her crayons away when she’s done with them.

Even though she now does a good job of putting her crayons back in the crayon tower, however, I just witnessed the stupid cat pulling a crayon out of the tower, dropping it on the table and pushing it onto the floor so Bernie could eat it!

I wish I had time to get a video of it but I was too busy getting pissed!

Now that the evil cat is “feeding” crayons to my little buddy I like him even less if that’s possible.

I’m going out of town tomorrow morning. Maybe I won’t leave food for the cat until I return on Sunday. Eventually he’ll learn his lesson, right?

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