Public Humiliation Smoking Cessation?

Marlbor Man

My Mom always used to say, “A quitter never wins and a winner never quits,” or something like that.

That phrase has stuck with me over the years and has probably helped me become a pretty good salesman. It defines persistence!

Recently, however, I quit eating so much damn food and it helped me lose 58 pounds in 298 days! You can check out that entire journey HERE… I guess, sometimes, quitting ain’t so bad!

Earlier today I was emailing back and forth with For Shiggles reader Elaine and the subject of quitting smoking came up.

Yeah… I’ve been smoking since the age of 16. I know that cigarettes are not good for me. No one needs to tell me that! Especially non smokers!

It pisses me off when a non smoker tells me that quitting is easy. Just quit! It ain’t easy to quit at all! I’ve seen shit where they say nicotine is nearly as addictive as heroin! From what I’ve heard, at least you get some sort of drugs to help wean you off heroin if you’re addicted.

Not so much with cigarettes! Yeah, you can chew nicotine gum or stick a nicotine patch on your ass to help quit, but that shit keeps the drug in your system. The goal is to get off the nicotine!

I’ve read that when you quit smoking the nicotine is totally out of your system within 72 hours. After that, it’s all a mental game of you vs. yourself! I can win that battle!

So I’m gonna quit! There are currently 9 8 cigarettes left in my pack. I’ll finish this pack and then be done!


I wanna live as long as I can. I wanna stick around as long as I can to continue to piss my daughters off. I wanna meet my grandkids should there be grandkids in the future!

I also wanna spend lots of time with For Shiggles reader Elaine someday and I don’t want to do that while dragging around a tank of oxygen!

So just deal with me, people… I’m gonna turn into a real bitch pretty soon until I shake off this smoking thing!

I don’t even know how to keep you all updated like I did with the weight loss thing.

I guess all I can say is, “Stay tuned.”

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