Manziel? Really Browns? Idiots!


There’s no way you haven’t heard the news that the Browns drafted Texas A&M midget  tiny QB (“But he has big hands…”) Johnny Manziel last night at the NFL draft. Yes, it’s horrible, sickening news.

Cleveland moved around a bit last night, moving down from the 4th overall pick to 9, then back up to 8 to draft Oklahoma State CB Justin Gilbert. I was surprised by that, but not upset at all! Be nice to get that dude on the field with future Hall of Fame CB Joe Haden!

We still had another pick last night… at 26. I was hopeful for a WR to add another weapon for QB Brian Hoyer!

When it came to the 22nd pick, which was owned by the Eagles, a trade happened…. with Cleveland. We moved up to 22 and selected that douchebag Manziel.

I was devastated! I was PISSED! I don’t like the kid. Don’t like his cocky attitude, his lack of height and his stupid big ass hands! I’ve been trying to block out my anger all day!

While I was driving home from work a bit ago I tried to figure out why I was so damn angry about this. I think I’ve figured it out!

It’s all because I’m a Browns fan! It’s in my nature to be skeptical because this damn team has let me down so much for years decades…

I mean, imagine my pain. Back in 2007, we drafted QB Brady Quinn at 22…

Brady Quinn on the right! ?????

Brady Quinn on the right! ?????

… BUST! Big muscle bound idiot!

In 2012, we drafted Brandon Weeden at 22…

Brandon Weeden Sulkface

… BUST! Old and stupid!

I gave both those guys a chance, however, so why not do the same for Manziel?

I’m afraid! Manziel is a seriously high profile athlete! The national media has a laser beam focus on Cleveland now. We can’t fuck this up and continue to be an embarrassment to the league.

What if he is finally the QB that propels the Browns into stringing together winning seasons, possibly postseasons and maybe even a Lombardi Trophy?

As I’m writing this I’m watching the press conference with Manziel and Justin Gilbert. I’m very impressed with BOTH of them and their answers to the media questions.

Manziel is saying all the right things. Obviously, he can talk the talk… now it’s time to walk the walk.

I always say that I don’t buy player jerseys because I’m a Browns fan, not a player fan. Players and teams have very little loyalty to each other in today’s NFL, but if this Manziel kid has what it takes to lead this Browns team to the Super Bowl he has all the support I have to offer!


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