‘Lil Bit of Women Racin’ Cars News!


Oh hey folks! I’m still alive… been writing a lot just haven’t published anything recently, or at the frequency you were used too!

If you’re a regular reader of For Shiggles, you prolly realized that this became more of a platform to bash NASCAR “driver” Danica Patrick than anything else.

I probably shouldn’t do that any more because I’m starting to feel bad for her. She is horrible! She’s Kyle Petty horrible! Wait… no. Kyle Petty won NASCAR races; 8 out of 829 tries to be exact. Round up a bit and that’s a 1% win rate.

Dear Danica’s won 0 out of 66 tries in NASCAR’s premier series. Problem with math is that ya can’t round up from 0.00000 to make the numbers look pretty.

Danica is like the fat kid on your daughter’s softball team who has no right attempting to play at a high level, but does so because her Dad’s the coach.

I take that back. Danica is, at face value, a slightly above average looking woman with a somewhat decent ass and perky tits who can drive a race car better than a good portion of the world’s population… but not the NASCAR population.

In my opinion her primary sponsor, GoDaddy.com, needs to cut their marketing losses from the last three years and move on to a driver who can produce… even marginally. There’s not much better than a NASCAR driver in Victory Lane, or one who can consistently finish in the top five or even top ten!

I have an extensive background in sales, and can sell the best product with ease. When marketing, however, misallocates their funds, that is truly money wasted, and I imagine GoDaddy will be reeling from this for years to come.

Enough about shitty drivers and marketing money thrown down the drain…

NHRA drag racing phenom, Courtney Force, won her fifth career race yesterday since the beginning of the 2012 season. Check it out (She’s in the left lane):

She’s now won 5 of 63 events or an 8% win rate and, yet, Ford and Castrol Oil (major sponsors of parent company John Force Racing) are leaving after this season.

That’s a bunch of bullshit!

Courtney still has a chance to win the championship this year and, yet, her sponsors are leaving while GoDaddy stands by their shitty “driver.”

Kinda makes me sick….

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