Damn… A Lot has Changed in a Year!

Browns Elf

I wrote this last August 11th, prior to the Browns first preseason game of 2013. Hoo boy a LOT has changed!

What I thought was a decent coaching staff… is gone.

Who I thought sucked, but stuck with anyway (Brandon Fucking Weeden)… is gone.

RB Trent Richardson sucked, then was traded to the Colts… and still sucks!

Now a whole new season is upon us, and as is true every year before the season actually starts, I’m incredibly excited about this team!


The defense, which was pretty tough last year. It only got tougher with the addition of S Donte Whitner, LB Karlos Dansby and 1st round pick CB Justin Gilbert.

The offense, with the return of QB1 Brian Hoyer, the addition of RBs Ben Tate and Terrance West. Also, we picked up tiny receiver Andrew Hawkins, Austin Miles, Nate Burleson to round out the receiving corps!

Lots of good news coming out of training camp concerning all of the above mentioned players.

Speaking of training camp, I usually make it there at least once a year. Not this year. Nope!

Camp is packed because 98% of Browns fans are stupid and the’re filling up the joint to see Johnny Fucking Snort Cocaine Off A Stripper’s Ass Football – Manziel.

Really? His two biggest games for Texas A&M last year comprised of 918 passing yards for 9 TDs (and 4 picks)… those were losses to Alabama and Auburn.

Kelly Holcomb 2.0 people?

The kid is an epic douchebag, also. He’s got a tattoo on his wrist that is a reference to a crappy Canadian “rapper” named Drake?

I never heard of that dude ’til I heard that Manziel idolizes him.

For a while there, I defended all the partying Manziel did after the Browns drafted him at number 22 back in May (Same pick position as Brady Quinn and Brandon Fucking Weeden in ’07 and ’12 respectively, by the way). I think his press conferences sucked me in and sold me. Statements like, “I’m 21… living my NFL dream… doing nothing illegal…” sorta resonated with me. But no. That’s not how it works in the NFL.

There are only 32 guys, in the WORLD, who will be able to start in an NFL game with the season starting in only 37 days. Johnny Manziel had exactly 122 days from the time the Browns drafted him, ’til he could potentially start in week one.

From my basic calculations, Manziel spent 2 months, around half his time to get ready to be a potential franchise QB, partying his ass off.

That’s just stupid!

If I were 20 years younger, an inch taller to be 5’11” like that midget Manziel and the CLEVELAND BROWNS drafted ME, I’d put all my time and effort into winning the QB job… not hanging out with some shitty ass rapper and acting like my shit don’t stink.

Let’s not forget who reportedly pushed the Browns into picking up this piece of crap…

Jimmy Haslam yee haw

… that’s right, rootin’ tootin’ Pilot/Flying J ripoff artist and Browns owner Jimmy Haslam!

At least Manziel is selling jerseys and season tickets for the Browns – and not just Drake CDs!

I’ve got a feeling this hype will be short lived…

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