And Away We Go!!!

Before I delve into today’s exciting subject matter I want to talk about some crazy shit that’s been going on this weekend. Over the years, I’ve gotten into some pretty heated debates with people about something as elementary as racetrack configuration.

See, when I was a die hard NASCAR fan, people who don’t know racing would make the ol’ comment about, “…. cars going around in circles.” Circles!


That there’s a circle, folks, and there ain’t a racetrack on the NASCAR circuit configured like that.

The majority of tracks NASCAR competes are what we call a tri-oval.

Tri Oval

Like that! Well, all that went out the window this weekend ’cause the boys, and that girl, are racin’ at Pocono Raceway in Long Pond, Pennsylvania.


That, my friends, is a triangle! NASCAR calls it the Tricky Triangle because it has three very unique turns, all with different banking, and three unequal length straightaways. It’s CRAZY!

Also, for you tree huggers, notice that weird pattern  just off the shortest straightaway? That’s a 3 megawatt solar farm! Pocono is the world’s largest solar-powered sports facility! It also helps power 1,000 area homes! To keep it NASCAR, sheep are used to maintain the grass around the solar array!

Don’t look for Danica Patrick to do well here, today!

In other crazy racetrack configuration news, the NHRA is at Pacific Raceways in Kent, Washington.

Now drag racing never deviates from straight line racing because if ya try to turn a car at over 300 MPH shit’s gonna get ugly.

Pacific Raceways is crazy in that the drag strip actually shares the start/finish portion of the road course.



I drew a blue line to help you identify the drag strip!

Look for Courtney Force to have another good day and potential 6th career win! She’s qualified 2nd behind her Dad!

I will be watching BOTH of these events today.

What I’m REALLY looking forward to, however, is the beginning of the NFL season tonight! Oh, I know, it’s the beginning of the PRE-season. But practice football is WAY better than no football!

Tonight’s game, at 8:00 EST, is Giants vs. Bills from Canton, Ohio for the Hall of Fame Game! Ya know, I’ve lived in Ohio for 41 years and have never been to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. I need to change that!

The Browns start their preseason next Saturday, August 9th, when they travel to Detroit to play the Lions.

Cleveland had their annual Family Day team scrimmage. There were almost 21,000 in attendance! I don’t want to take too much from that practice, because it was just that.

The QB competition continued with Brian Hoyer going 7 of 11 passing for 56 yards. Johnny Fucking Football was 3 of 7 for 14 yards, but he scrambled for 23 more total yards. Manziel looked like a rookie. Hoyer struggled at times too.

This offense scares me a bit, but it’s only preseason so who cares?

Our defense dominates! They’ve done so pretty much every day of practice thus far! I’m really excited about that entire unit! They scored two touchdowns from interceptions while the offense could only put up two field goals.

Saturday against Detroit will be a bit better indicator, if only for a series or two.

Go Browns! Go Courtney! Go Brad Keselowski!

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