Public Humiliation Diet ~ Round 2!

Chicken Fries

Son of a bitch… here we go again, folks! The fatty is back after falling off the wagon! I knew I was gaining weight for months but I just got lazy. Yeah, even throughout the summer months with so much stuff going on with the kids and all the running around, I managed to gain 37 freakin’ pounds since I completed the first round of dieting.. chronicled below.

This is merely a minor setback; happens to a lot of people. After workin’ kinda hard to lose 58 pounds, I just stopped dieting. Stopped exercising.

The last straw this time was the button popping off a couple pairs of shorts. I had to sew them back on. I despise sewing! I’m not gonna sew any more!

No more Burger King Chicken Fries, or any other fast food for that matter! Water will replace pop, even diet pop! Beer? Hmmmm…. The NFL season starts in 12 days, so who knows…

I know I’m not gonna work kinda hard this time to get down to around 175. That shit took like 10 months. I want to hit that goal by Christmas, so that means 4 months! Gonna have to bust my ass!

This morning I removed all the laundry from the ol’ treadmill, dusted it off, gave it a quick tuneup and fired it up. I managed to walk a mile, at an 8% incline in 20 minutes before I began to feel heart failure setting in. Embarrassing, I know! I had to start somewhere, though!

So here goes! Current fatty status: 210 sweaty pounds!

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