I LOVE Being a Browns Fan!


I could write paragraphs complaining about the NFL’s policy concerning substances of abuse, but that ain’t gonna change the fact that the league suspended the Browns best offensive weapon, WR Josh Gordon, indefinitely.

I blame Josh Gordon 100%. Dude likes his weed, and that’s a problem!

This is not an anti-marijuana rant by any means. This is a Josh Gordon rant!

Dude got busted for getting high twice in college, one time passed out in a damn Taco Bell drive thru; the second time he failed a drug test.

The Browns drafted him in 2012 any way because he’s a hell of an athlete! Looked great his rookie year also! Looked even BETTER last year! Here are all his accolades from 2013:

Pro Bowl (2013)
First-team All-Pro (2013)
NFL Receiving yards leader (1,646) (2013)
PFWA Player of the Year (2013)
Only player in NFL history with consecutive 200-yard receiving games in the regular season
Most receiving yards in four-game span (774) in NFL history
Most receiving yards in single season (1,646) in Browns history (2013)
Most receiving yards in single game (261) in Browns history
Most receptions in a game (14) in Browns history (tied Ozzie Newsome)
Most 100-yard receiving games in a single season (7) in Browns history (2013)


One thing to point out here is that he did all of that in 14 games, because his dumb ass was suspended for the first two games last year for failing a fucking drug test. Allegedly it was for codeine, which is banned in the NFL as well.

After that suspension, he knew he couldn’t screw up and fail another drug test as that would result in a year long suspension. There were rumors of the Browns looking to trade him, early in the season last year, because of that dark cloud over him.

Fast forward to May 9th of this year… just as day 2 of the NFL draft was set to begin, news came out that Gordon had failed another drug test, for weed. So many stupid Browns fans were still jerking off to douchebag QB Johnny Manziel being drafted by Cleveland the night before…. and then dead silence, the fapping stopped!

The NFL’s policy is clear. One year suspension.

While most suspension appeals in the NFL happen behind closed doors, Josh Gordon’s did not. The Cleveland sports media, and even some national outlets speculated about it on what seemed to be a daily basis.

Browns fans, myself included, started to have hope that maybe the league would hear his appeal and reduce the punishment to eight, or even four, games. We thought, damn, if it’s taking this long for a decision maybe they’re negotiating a deal.

The news came out earlier today:

The NFL’s policy is clear. One year suspension.

Here are my gripes about this entire situation…

  1. Josh Fucking Gordon… Really? You coulda been one of the best WRs in the NFL. I’m talkin’ Hall of Fame shit! You put up those numbers on a shitty Browns team. Who knows if you’ll play another down in the NFL.
  2. Cleveland Fucking Browns… Really? Once you heard about the failed drug test you did nothing to beef up the receiving corps. You coulda changed up your draft board and maybe picked up a WR.
  3. The National Fucking Football League… Really? A kid clearly has a problem smoking weed, so ya just kick him out of the league? Now he can’t hang out with the team, who is prolly his best support system. There’s a great way to help him get the help he needs!

There were times, here and there, the last few months I was excited about this Browns team. Not so much any more. We’re gonna get crushed this year; might just go 0-16.

Oh well… GO BROWNS! For now, enjoy this clip from Up In Smoke, which is prolly a pretty accurate depiction of Josh Gordon and his buddies he gets to spend the next year with…

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