Public Humiliation Diet ~ Round 2, Day 12!


Damn it’s hard to get on that treadmill, especially after it starts going! Honestly, I’ve only been on it 3 times since I started this “get in shape” thing and I’m up to a pretty brisk walk; uphill, however!

My oldest daughter is inspiring me quite a bit. See, she plays rugby and it’s conditioning time for her to get ready for the season. One night, she got on the treadmill and ran what appeared to be a pretty effortless 10 minute mile. I said, “I’m gonna try that tomorrow!” Her response? “Good luck with that…”

The following night, she upped the ante to an 8 1/2 minute mile.

I prolly sound like a pussy, but I haven’t attempted to run a mile yet. I’m still comfortable cranking up the incline and walking that shit. I’ll incline it between 8-10% and play with the speed here and there. Ha! Down to the 17-18 minute range the last couple times.

My biggest problem, and the reason my kid says, “Good luck with that,” is that I smoke and there’s no way I’m gonna make any real cardio progress while continuing to do so. I smoked my last cigarette, for the time being at least, at 11:16 am on September 2nd. As I’m writing this, I’ve been 36 hours smoke free and I’m going freakin’ crazy. That’s halfway, though, folks! If I can make it to lunchtime tomorrow, I’ll have passed the 72 hour barrier, meaning all the nicotine will be out of my system and the rest of it will be breaking the mental habit!

Keep your fingers crossed!

My kid also goes to the local gym, by herself, to lift weights. She has inspired me to renew my membership so we can work out together. I think she half asses her workouts and needs a bit more guidance to target muscle groups correctly. I know how to do this, so we’ll help each other out!

From a food standpoint, I’ve just been eating smaller portions right now. I need to hit the store to pick up some stuff to get the protein train rolling; prolly lots of chicken breasts!

I’ve been eating a lot of oatmeal, too, just because it’s low in calories, high in carbs for energy and quite filling. Gotta pick up some fruits to add to it so it doesn’t taste like wallpaper glue!

That’s about it for now…

This morning’s weigh in? 202 pounds.

I’m pretty impressed with that since this past Sunday I ate a ton of food at the fantasy football draft party! There was my award winning chili, beer, stuffed hot peppers, homemade pizza, beer, wings, some kind of healthy looking shish kabobs, beer, buffalo chicken dip, beer and meatloaf.

Needless to say, I pooped a lot Monday.

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