Already Freaking Out about Tomorrow ~ Browns @ Steelers!

bigben (1)

Oh man… Freakin’ Steelers week really has to be week 1? I’m not ready for these fools! It’s been 650 days since we’ve beat Pittsburgh and 3,989 days since we beat them AT Heinz Field. Browns/Steelers used to be a rivalry. It ain’t any more and hasn’t been since the Browns returned to the NFL in 1999.

I ain’t ready for this Browns season to be quite honest.

I’m not comfortable with the offense. QB Brian Hoyer is a big question mark. Yeah, he looked pretty good for two games last year… ’til he tore his ACL. I’m worried that his knee isn’t 100%. QB2 Johnny Manziel is a little jackass who doesn’t understand the NFL game because he hangs out with Justin Bieber during his study time. WR Josh Gordon is now working for a car dealership because he can’t stop smoking weed.

The rest of our WRs are tiny little fuckers. It was pointed out to me the other day that our damn kicker, Billy Cundiff, is bigger than most of our WRs! Oh they may be fast, but tiny guys get jammed at the line of scrimmage, which disrupts play timing… and little guys get hurt easily.

We appear to have some bad ass running backs, but if Pittsburgh keys on our running game and dares Hoyer to throw the ball to a bunch of disoriented midget receivers, we’re fucked!

The ONLY confidence I have in this team right now lies in the defense. Realistically, our defense has been tough for years. Just looking at the stats would say otherwise, but when an offense can’t stay on the field for more than 3 downs, or score points, any defense will get tired. That has been our problem.

I believe this defense can contain Pittsburgh’s rapist QB Roethlisberger. The line is big and fast.  LBs can provide a nice pass rush AND cover the middle of the field. The DBs, led by future Hall of Fame shut down CB Joe Haden are solid.

Again… pass rush will be key in keeping our DBs from getting burned; not just tomorrow but all season!

I wish I was more positive going into this season. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen anything in training camp, or during the preseason, from this team that got me the least bit excited.

Man I hope that changes tomorrow, ’cause otherwise this is gonna be a really long season.


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