Public Humiliation Diet ~ Round 2, Day 22! WTF??


Well so much for the no smoking thing! I failed at that rather quickly. Made it 3 days and then failed miserably! I’m gonna try again here soon, just gotta stick to it. I think instead of just quitting altogether, I’m gonna wean myself off over a week or two.

See, when I stopped smoking I became incredibly hungry, all the fucking time. I’d be snacking constantly at work: fishy crackers, pretzels or peanuts… all freakin’ day!

I refuse to use “stop smoking aids” like nicotine gum or patches, ’cause the damn nicotine remains in your system throughout the process. Last time I quit somewhat successfully (for an entire year!), I relied merely on Stride gum to snuff out the cravings. That will be the plan next time around! Soon folks!

OH! Like I said I was gonna do, I renewed my gym membership so I could go up there with my oldest daughter, Alexis, and start working out! Been there 5 times since last Saturday and I fuckin’ love it! We’ve got three specific workouts we do. Biceps/back, shoulders/legs and triceps/chest! That’s our minimum for 3 days a week. Alexis made me do some ab and oblique work and holy shit am I weak in the midsection! I told her that’s obviously where I need the most help! I don’t believe I’ve seen my abs since I was 13. Be nice to eventually see them after all these years!

I know… ya ain’t gonna see your abs unless ya do a shit ton of cardio. I’m working on that, too, folks! I’ve been on that damn treadmill every day since we last spoke; anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes a day!

Cardio is brutally boring! Just stare at the wall or the treadmill display while working out! I guess I could get outside and run so there’s some scenery, but fuck that! I spent $1300 on a treadmill and I’m gonna get my money’s worth out of it! I picked up a little 19″ TV and hung it up on the wall in front of the treadmill today! BOOM: Scenery! I can now go for hours on that thing while watching TV!

As far as weight loss goes, I’ve gone backwards folks! Last week I weighed in at 202 pounds and was hoping to be under the 200 mark this week but NOPE!

After a week and a half of cardio, weightlifting, work, chicken breasts, protein shakes and turkey sandwiches on 12 grain bread I weighed in at 206 pounds this morning. I GAINED 4 pounds while hoping to lose. What the fuck? There’s no way I gained that much muscle after only 5 trips to the gym!

Whatever! I’m gonna keep doing what I’ve been doing and I have to imagine the weight will come off eventually!

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