Kinda Freakin’ Out about Today’s Game… Saints @ Browns!


Holy shit… for the entire first half of last week’s game at Pittsburgh the Browns, offense and defense, looked like a bunch of dogshit. Actually, they looked like…

…It was a team effort in failure, at least for the first half.

Second half? A different team emerged. QB Hoyer looked great in the no huddle offense, our nameless WRs looked fantastic, the rookie running backs Terrance West and Isaiah Crowell looked like studs!

We climbed from 27-3 at the half to 27-27, but then lost it all by a last second field goal.

I damn near turned that game off at halftime. Glad I didn’t though, because the second half Browns looked pretty damn exciting.

Is that the team that will show up for today’s home opener against the New Orleans Saints?

Damn I hope so!!

The Saints are coming off a week one loss to the Falcons in which Falcons’ QB Matt Ryan shredded them for 448 yards and 3 TDs! They’re gonna be pissed and motivated to take that shit out on the lowly Browns.

Maybe Browns QB Hoyer the Destroyer can come out and throw for 300 yards and a couple TDs against that defense?

Our offense NEEDS to stay on the field longer. The defense collapsed last week after the offense began to string together 3 and outs… The average offensive drive in the first half after our field goal scoring one was 95 seconds! A minute and a half was all the rest our defense was allowed. We’ve got a top 3 defense when rested and supported by a competent offense!

I’m actually a little bit confident today. I know, that’s scary right? I think we have a legitimate shot at this Saints team!


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