Monday Moanin’ ~ Saints 24 @ Browns 26


Nothing to complain about here! Woo hoo! The Browns have now played 6 consecutive quarters of competitive, fun to watch football! That’s a big deal for us Browns fans!

If they knew what they were doing for the first half last week at Pittsburgh, this team would now be 2-0!

Browns coach Mike Pettine showed he wasn’t messing around yesterday when he deferred to kick off to the Saints after winning the coin toss!

The defense came out and manhandled the Saints and their “high powered offense” led by Drew Brees.

The Saints had possession 3 times in the first quarter totaling 5:44. They punted all three times, only got one first down and had 9 total yards! Oh yeah that’s high powered alright!

Actually the Browns defense was dominant. LB Karlos Dansby, at 32 years old, was on fire! Dude was all over the field making plays!

Dansby Sack

It wasn’t just Dansby, however. The defense tackled well most of the time. They put constant pressure on Brees, oftentimes only sending four while dropping seven!

And the offense? I mentioned yesterday they needed to stay on the field for longer than 95 seconds at a time to keep that defense rested. Their average time over 9 drives was just over 3 minutes… that makes a huge difference with these big defenders.

QB Hoyer the Destroyer looked pretty okay all day! Yeah, he had some errant throws here and there. I believe that can be corrected, though! It’s his confidence and calmness that impressed me the most. That, and the fact he didn’t commit any turnovers. I like that a lot!

Obviously, Hoyer didn’t do it all on his own. The entire offense stepped up! Hoyer distributed the ball to 8 different receivers for 204 yards on 24 catches, one was a TD to WR Miles Austin. Tiny WR Andrew Hawkins caught 6 of ’em for 70 yards!

Our RBs still look like studs! Terrance West ran for 68 yards on 19 carries, one was a TD; Isaiah Crowell covered 54 yards on 11 touches.

I REALLY like Crowell… dude looks like he’s been shot out of a cannon.


I’d like to see him with even more carries!

Oh yeah… Johnny Fucking Football Clipboard made an appearance… for 3 whole plays. He handed it off twice and actually threw a pretty nice pass after he did his stupid run around in the backfield shit. It was incomplete to FB Ray Agnew who got blasted and dropped the ball.

Lots of people are saying Manziel got the nod because Hoyer was struggling.  I dunno if that’s the case or not. I do know that Hoyer looked a bit sharper after the little douchebag went back to the bench. Who knows?


It’s easy as a Browns fan to get overexcited after just one win, so I’m gonna remain calm for now.

The 1-1 Ravens are coming to town Sunday. That’ll be a huge test for this team.

I’m still a bit confident!


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