Kinda Freakin’ Out about Today’s Game ~ Ravens @ Browns!


Nice left arm asshole… perfect weapon for knocking out women.

Man… I hate the Ravens almost as much as the Steelers. Almost. My Dad raised me to despise the Steelers, so it’s in my blood.

I started hating the Ravens in 1996 when their existence began! Yeah, Cleveland Browns owner, Art Modell, shut my beloved Browns team down in 1995 and moved them to Baltimore where they became the Ravens… Makes me ill just thinking about it.

It’s getting even easier to hate this Ravens team nowadays after RB Ray Rice beat the shit out of his fiancee as a big HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY this past February!

“But, Greg, it’s not the team’s fault Rice knocked out Janay.” Of course the team had nothing to do with her getting knocked out and dragged out of an elevator. Go HERE to read the entire timeline of events and how the Ravens organization AND the National Fucking Football League, at most, covered up a lot of this and, at the very least, turned a blind eye to it.

I haven’t chimed in yet with my thoughts about the NFL’s handling of this Ray Rice situation. Or Greg Hardy.Or Ray McDonald. Or Jonathan Dwyer. Or Adrian Peterson beating the shit outta his four year old son.

I guess now is as good a time as any to throw some thoughts out there.

For starters… WHAT THE FUCK GUYS? You don’t hit women. Period. I don’t care if you’re provoked or not. You just DON’T do that shit.

This stuff goes both ways! Women shouldn’t hit men either… provoked or not! I couldn’t care less if he’s bigger and stronger than you, you just don’t!

And Adrian Peterson, ya don’t beat your damn kids until they bleed. Period. I don’t give a shit HOW you were raised and what culture you grew up in. You’re a fuckin’ idiot. Ray Rice knocked out a 100 pound woman and that’s horrible. You beat up children you pussy and that makes you even worse.

Please don’t clump all NFL players into this group of assholes folks. Every week, 1,696 players suit up. Only a handful are idiots…

Domestic violence is not an NFL problem, it’s a problem overall throughout society.

Outside of the NFL there are laws and procedures meant to protect victims of abuse, should it get reported to the authorities.

The NFL has the difficult task of somehow balancing local laws and punishment with league punishment for domestic violence. They’ve failed miserably thus far and it’s been quite an embarrassment to say the least.

I think it’s pretty simple. Under the leagues new drug policy, a DUI arrest doesn’t trigger a league punishment, but a CONVICTION does; costs a player 2 games. I believe if a player is accused or arrested for domestic violence the league should let the authorities and the courts do their jobs. Once there’s a CONVICTION the league can then drop the hammer however they see fit.

What I hope will be an embarrassment to the Ravens today will be a pitiful loss to the Browns!

This Browns team looks like it has what it takes to win 8, maybe even 10, games this year!

The defense is fast and strong. Ravens QB, Joe Flacco, doesn’t have the mobility like Saints QB Drew Brees from last week who we rattled the shit out of! I can see us sacking him 4 times tomorrow.

Dude has a powerful arm, however, so he can burn us bad with a couple top notch receivers in Torrey Smith and Steve Smith! At least those guys aren’t 12 feet tall like Saints TE Jimmy Graham who just kicked our asses last week!

I remain a little concerned about the offense. The running game still looks great, but Baltimore has a pretty decent run D, allowing an average 89 yards in the first 2 games.

It’s Cleveland’s passing game that still has me scared. It was pretty effective last week but I’m just waiting for shit to fall apart with these tiny WRs. Yeah, big TE Jordan Cameron may play today, though I haven’t confirmed that yet, but I don’t think his shoulder is 100% so he could be a non factor.

A lot of people continue to point out that Browns QB Hoyer was a “career backup” before coming to the Browns. He was. But for three years he played behind Patriots QB Tom Brady. I think he learned a lot there and I believe that’s why he seems so calm under pressure.

He’s been playing pretty well ~ let’s hope that continues in a little bit!


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