Monday Moanin’ ~ Ravens 23 @ Browns 21…

Manziel Trick Play

Aw shucks, we’re 1-2 now. I’m trying to be positive, but it’s difficult. We’re a couple plays away from being 3-0! We’re also prolly one play away from being 0-3, so there’s that.


I have to admit that these first three games, save for the horrible first half against Pittsburgh, have been more fun to watch than previous young Browns teams with new coaching staffs running a new offense! It’s no less aggravating, though.

I feel horrible for passing my love for the Browns on to my children. I noticed earlier today that my fourteen year old daughter was live Tweeting the game yesterday…

Brooke Twitter

… (click on the pic to embiggen) a young girl shouldn’t have to be stressed out like that about a football game!

As for yesterday’s game? Browns QB Hoyer looked pretty damn good!


…dude went 19 of 25 for 290 yards and a TD! He’s thrown no picks this year… had a lot of zip on his passes and much more accuracy. I believe he has what it takes to make this Browns team a force in this league.

Our running game was a bit subdued yesterday, however. 29 of 55 plays were running plays, which is good. Badass RB Isaiah Crowell only got 11 touches for 55 yards. He needs to get the bulk of the carries, in my opinion!

Crowell sees a hole and goes right for it with little or no hesitation. Dude can taste the endzone every time he has a chance. He needs more shots!

Special teams really fucked us this week… Bad decisions on punt returns (I’m talking to you Travis Benjamin) and shitty field goal kicking/blocking ultimately did us in.

The defense gave up some plays. I’m concerned about future hall of fame shutdown corner Joe Fucking Haden. He’s getting burned every week and I don’t like that at all!

At least we’re off this week, so no pain & suffering for me!

Go Browns!

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