Already Freaking Out About Tomorrow ~ STEELERS WEEK!!!

Browns Steelers

I realize we played Pittsburgh in week 1 so that was technically Steelers Week also, but it’s officially Steelers Week when they come here to Cleveland.

I’ve really tried to put that week 1 game outta my head because it sucked. We didn’t even play the first half of that game. In 6 drives, the offense put up only 101 yards, 1 field goal and 5 punts.

The Browns defense, which I thought was the strength of this team, sucked ass too in that first half. Pittsburgh’s offense had 7 first half drives in which our defense gave up 354 yards, 2 field goals and 3 TDs. Yeah, we picked off Roethlisberger on their 3rd drive but our offense shit the bed. We also forced them to punt once, but we just punted it right back.

At the end of the first half it was Steelers 27 ~ Browns 3. Fuck!

I guess Browns QB Brian Hoyer (THE DESTROYER) would have no more of that, as the offense produced 308 yards, 3 TDs and a field goal in their first 4 2nd half drives. WOO HOO! 27-27 TIE!

Cleveland’s defense held up their end of the deal in the 2nd half, allowing only 88 yards and forcing Pittsburgh to punt 5 times.

Unfortunately, Pittsburgh had the final possession and drove 33 yards, winning the game 30-27 on a last second field goal.

What worked for the Browns in that second half was the hurry up, no huddle offense. It’s worked every time they’ve used it since then.

What isn’t working is the defense. They suck. Last week at Tennessee they gave up 4 first half touchdowns. We were down 28-3 near the end of that first half before Hoyer the Destroyer went to work again to save the day.

These come from behind victories might seem exciting, but fuck that! They are NOT! They’re unhealthy for us fans who suffer from chest pains while pacing around the living room and screaming at the TV.

I want a team that can control the game and win handily. I know, that’s expecting WAY to much from the Browns.

So what do I think about tomorrow’s game?

We’re gonna get blown outta the water; absolutely destroyed. I have 0 confidence in this team. I believe we’ve been lucky thus far this season to get to 2-2. Maybe we’ve caught everybody a bit off guard, but that shit don’t last very long in the NFL.

Pittsburgh’s defensive coordinator, Dick Lebeau, ain’t no slouch and he’s seen enough film on this ragtag Browns team to figure out how to shut down our offense.

I have a really bad feeling about tomorrow. I dunno if it’s gonna be a key injury or just a total Browns collapse. I think it’s gonna be ugly, regardless…

Future Hall of Fame CB Joe Haden has been horrible, as has CB Buster Skrine. Our run defense has been dogshit and now we’re missing Phil Taylor and Billy Winn off the defensive line for this week. Badass LB Paul Kruger is questionable. We’re fucked!

I know, I’ve been talking a lot of shit the past few days for Steelers Week but that was just an attempt to help make me feel better. I talked with For Shiggles reader Elaine the other day and she said the Browns are gonna win by 12… not sure where she pulled that from, but I totally disagree.

I’m thinkin’ Steelers 34 Browns 10. Hate to be all negative but I’m a realistic Browns fan…


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