Victory Monday ~ Steelers 10 @ Browns 31!!! :) Holy Shit!



Man, it kinda cracks me up how some people got on me for essentially live Facebooking the “stupid Browns game” because I was excited about it. Some of those same people were “pregaming” and excited about a show about zombies.

I don’t get into shows like The Walking Dead. I don’t get into most TV shows, but ones about zombies are an insult to my intelligence. How has it gone the last decade? Vampires, werewolves and now zombies? Next there’s bound to be a HUGE alien show. Or is there already?

So far, this is what I know about The Walking Dead…

… and that is HILARIOUS (The real fun starts at the 2:47 mark)!

Anyhoo… No Monday Moanin’ today! THE BROWNS WON! Okay, they didn’t just win, or come from behind or kick a last second field goal. They OWNED the Pittsburgh Steelers!

It looked kinda shitty in the beginning, with Pittsburgh controlling the first quarter and having the ball for 11:59, 89 yards, a punt and a field goal to the Browns 3:01, -8 yards and 2 punts! Ugh!

The Browns played hard the next 45 minutes, though, possessing the ball for 23:54, 387 yards, 4 TDs and a FG, while the Steelers had the ball for 21:06, 285 yards, punted the ball six times, threw an interception and scored a garbage time TD.

Did you guys know that Browns QB, Brian Hoyer the Fucking Destroyer, is the 7th rated QB, 99.5, in the league by QB rating? He’s 90/149 passing (60.4%) for 7 TDs and only one pick!

Hoyer didn’t have to throw much yesterday, only 17 times, because our running game is very solid!

Did you guys know that Browns RB Isaiah Crowell is 2nd in the league with 5.4 yards per carry and tied for 3rd with 4 TDs?

RB Ben Tate is putting some work in, averaging 4.6 yards a carry!

Did you guys know that Cleveland’s tiny WR, Taylor Gabriel, is 4th in the league averaging 19.8 yards per catch?

Shit’s starting to come together for Hoyer’s offense.

We were pretty strong defensively, also. CB Buster Skrine was on fire. He’s finally coming along and learning this game!

I gotta admit, I was a bit rough on CB Joe Haden yesterday. He has been struggling a bit this season, but played with a hip injury that prevented him from practicing all week. That takes some balls to play against Steelers WR Antonio Brown all day at less than 100%. He managed to keep Brown in front of him and keep him outta the endzone.

Cleveland was bitten badly by the injury bug, however, yesterday with C Alex Mack suffering a broken leg…



That was a horrible, sad sight to see… I’ve always liked Mack. He’s been a great, mobile center since he was drafted in the first round by the Browns 5 years ago. Never missed a snap ’til yesterday. He’s out for the season and we’ll definitely feel his absence at some point…

The defense lost DE Armonty Bryant to a torn ACL. That kid had a lot of potential. It’s a shame we won’t get to see him, and Alex Mack, again ’til next year.

I still don’t feel confident, like maybe I should, yet. The next three games should be wins, but it doesn’t always go that way in the NFL.

I should listen more to For Shiggles reader Elaine. She has more confidence in this Browns team than I do and she’s an Eagles fan! She predicted a 12 point victory by Cleveland and I said hell no, big loss.

We go to Jacksonville next week to play an 0-6 Jaguars team. The week after, the 0-5 Raiders come to town, then the 1-5 Buccaneers are here.

Anything can happen. We can come out of that stretch 6-2 or 3-5.

I DO have a lot of faith in our coaches, especially HC Mike Pettine. That guy won’t allow for complacency. Hell, our RB Terrance West didn’t play yesterday because of some sort of attitude problem during the week.  I guess it’s easy to bench one RB when ya have two other studs, but he sure did send a message!

I’m impressed that we’re 3-2 at this point but, remember folks, we were at 3-2 this time last year when Hoyer went down with a torn ACL. Then we went 1-10.

Again, anything can happen…

For now, though, GO BROWNS!

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