The Pussification of America ~ Flu Shots!

Moth aids

Health care in the United States is a multi-trillion dollar industry. TRILLION! That’s $1,000,000,000,000. Two or more times. Every Year.

Why the hell is health care so damn expensive? It’s easy to figure out.

A shit ton of sales people in the health care industry are telling you all what to buy and ya’ll buy it as fast as you can ’cause ya wanna feel better as fast as you can.

I understand if you get mangled in some horrible accident and suffer bone/cartilage/ligament/organ damage you need to be put back together by a team of specialists. If your shit gets broke, it needs to be fixed!

But doctors and other retailers like CVS and Walmart have convinced you to buy shit when ya feel fine, like flu shots!

What I really struggle with is virus and disease prevention outside the normal realm of basic hygiene. Hygiene is HUGE in not getting sick.

I’m just gonna talk about the flu for now, folks, but pretty much all of this will apply to ALL communicable viruses.

If you don’t wanna get sick from pretty much anything, don’t:

  1. Let someone sneeze or cough on you.
  2. Have sex with someone who might sneeze or cough on you, or exchange any sort of bodily fluids with that horny person.
  3. Put your fingers (or toes for you freaks) into your eyes, mouth, nose, ears or any other orifice.
  4. Lick any surfaces.
  5. Touch any surfaces that may have been licked.
  6. I could go on forever… just don’t stick it in your body if ya think it’s sick.

If ya can’t comply with those guidelines, just get a damn flu shot ’cause those things are way better for preventing infection! Right?

I don’t believe so. I’ve never had a flu shot, nor have my children, and we don’t get sick.

But your doctor tells you to get a flu shot every year right? It’s for you and your family’s health, right?


Someone’s gotta pay for that doctor’s Porsche!

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a FEDERAL AGENCY (under direction of that douchebag Barack Obama), recommends you get a flu shot every year.

Well, duh! Of course they do, they’re in bed with pharmaceutical companies such as GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi Pasteur, bioCSL, MedImmune, Novartis Vaccines & Diagnostics and Protein Sciences.

As you stand in line with the rest of the sheep to get your flu shot, because the government essentially told you to, you need to think what you’re letting them inject into your body.

Lots of people nowadays pretend to be more healthy by adjusting their diets to exclude GMOs, ’cause those things are so dangerous, even though they’re not!

Those last two pharmaceutical companies I mentioned are having doctors sell you vaccines that are products of genetic engineering.

Novartis is manufacturing (remember, nobody manufactures stuff they can’t sell) a flu shot called Flucelvax which is made using dog kidney cells, instead of the old fashioned egg culture way. Where the fuck is Novartis, a Swiss $58 BILLION company getting dog kidney cells from?

You all may have had dog injected into you!

It gets better, though!

If you’re between 18-49 years old, you may have had Protein Sciences’ FluBlok injected into you. Ha ha! You essentially just had a moth shoved up your ass to “save you” from the flu!

That’s right, folks, Protein Sciences makes their flu shots with bugs! Y’all are buying those shots because you were told to!

Anyway, don’t just get a flu shot because someone tells you to, especially jackass Obama’s CDC. The CDC will scare you into getting a flu shot for your kid because they ultimately make a lot of money off of you. Obama and the CDC may seem like dumbasses, but they’re not. They’re pretty damn smart!

Especially if you buy what they’re selling…

One response to “The Pussification of America ~ Flu Shots!

  1. I typically don’t believe in flu shots. I haven’t had once since in over 8 years and that was only because I was in college with a bunch of sickies. In truth, I don’t believe it did much.

    I was forced to get one this year (and yes, forced) by my doctor since I’m pregnant. I still don’t think it’s going to do me any good. The only rationale I could come up with is that if I build up antibodies, my nugget will build up antibodies for when it’s out of the womb. I can see the science behind that.

    I think humans just need to build their immune systems themselves. Do you know how much dirt I ate as a child? I blame my killer immune system on that. That and I never obeyed the 5-second rule and I’m pretty sure when we dropped our pacifiers, our parents either didn’t clean them off or just cleaned them off by putting them in their own mouths.

    That said, my little nugget isn’t going to have time to build up an immune system in the dead of winter, so I’m doing it for him/her this time. But I’m behind you. I’m not convinced flu shots do anything.

    Now if they can make an Ebola vaccine or something, I’m on board. That shit scares me.

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