Monday Moanin’ ~ Browns 6 @ Jaguars 24…

Sad Browns Players

I don’t wanna hear anyone say, “We’re still 3-3, it’s not over yet.”

Stick a fork in the 2014 Cleveland Browns ’cause they’re done.

I’m not gonna beat up on our defense too much because what the fuck else can they do? They hit Jacksonville’s QB Bortles 5 times, sacked him twice and picked him off THREE times! All with a dinged up line! I realize they gave up three TDs and a FG but, again, give any NFL team enough chances and they’re gonna score. Okay, they DID give up 127 yards to Jaguars RB Denard Robinson and that sucks…

My poor kid is finally realizing how painful it is to be a Browns fan tweet of the day:

This Browns offense is fucked. It wasn’t just one player, either, so I won’t call anyone out. Our offense featured some poorly thrown passes, lots of dropped passes and questionable play calling. The O line is way screwed up with John Greco playing center since Alex Mack broke his leg last week. Also, they had to put Rocky from Mask

Paul Mcquistan

… er Paul McQuistan in at Greco’s normal guard position and damn that guy sucks…

*** Side Note ***

I just watched Bronco’s QB, Peyton Manning, throw his 509th TD to break the NFL all time record for TD passes thrown. That’s 2.07 TDs per game over a 17 year career! I hate that he broke the record as a Bronco, because fuck Denver, but YOU GO PEYTON!

Meanwhile, in Cleveland, Browns QB, Brian Hoyer the Fuckin’ Destroyer has thrown 14 TDs in 23 career games. That’s a .6 TD per game average… EWW!

*** Anyway, back to yesterday ***

Badass RB Isaiah Crowell didn’t get enough touches if you ask me. He didn’t see the ball ’til a couple minutes into the 2nd quarter for only a couple plays. He didn’t show up again until 5 minutes into the 3rd quarter and was only called upon to run the ball 7 times overall. I guess the Browns don’t like him as much as I do.

The Browns also don’t seem to like trying to score points when the opportunity presents itself. I’ve praised the Browns coaches for going for it on 4th down before when it was necessary. Yesterday, however, after the 2:00 warning in the 1st half we were 3rd and 1 an Jacksonville’s 24 yardline. Run Crowell? Oh hell no, they fed the ball to Terrance West for no gain. Okay, kick a 41 yard FG to make it 9-0 going into halftime! No? Really?

We went for it on 4th and 1 and failed. Turnover on downs! Fuck you Browns HC Mike Pettine! Take the points you idiot!

We’re up 6-0 and Jacksonville quickly goes down the field 3 plays for 76 yards and a TD. 7-6 Jacksonville…

That was the end of the game for the Browns…

Don’t get me wrong, I DO like coach Pettine, he just made some horrible decisions yesterday. Dude better make some serious adjustments and this team needs to get pissed and get ready to play some football.

The 0-6 Raiders come to town Sunday. They could become the second winless team in 2 weeks to find their first win at the hands of the Browns.

More on that later in the week.

Go Browns!

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