Victory Monday ~ Raiders 13 @ Browns 23!


Okay folks, we’re 4-3 now. I should be more excited because the last time the Browns started a season 4-3 was back in 2007.

I’m still not confident. As soon as I get confident, Cleveland is gonna crush my heart again and go on a losing streak.

My horrible attitude toward the Browns is shared by many Cleveland fans, though for different reasons.

There are people saying we should scrap QB1 Brian Hoyer and see what Johnny Douchebag can do… REALLY? We’re 4-3. Hoyer has played, start to finish, 9 games for the Browns. He’s 6-3 in those games.

He’s not the best passer. 43% of his passes are NOT caught. He throws it away sometimes. Passes are dropped at times. Sometimes he just totally misses. It happens. Problem for Hoyer is, three of his WRs, Travis Benjamin, Taylor Gabriel and Andrew Hawkins average 5’8″ tall short and 174 pounds! HALF of Hoyer’s pass production goes to these three little guys!


I’ll make a quick comparison to Saints QB Drew Brees, who’s way more accurate than Hoyer. Only 31% of Brees’ passes are NOT caught. He also connects with his TE Jimmy Graham on 1 out of every 5 passes he throws. JIMMY GRAHAM IS 6’7″ AND 265 POUNDS! That’s a hell of a safety valve for ANY QB to pretty much just toss the ball up to!

Hoyer doesn’t have that luxury, so he makes due with what he has!

In another month, if WR Josh Gordon doesn’t get caught smoking weed again, he’ll be back for our 11/23 game at Atlanta. This will do nothing but help the Browns, in my opinion.

Manziel shouldn’t even be an option…

We need to fix our running game. 39 yards rushing yesterday was pathetic. I wanted to see RB Isaiah Crowell more. He touched the ball twice. Coach Pettine made a point in his presser today. RB Ben Tate secures the ball better so they kept him in. Crowell does have 2 fumbles this season, so they need to work on that. I think, ultimately, Crowell is the best RB we have on the team. That’s just me, though.

We need a damn punt returner, also. Ex Browns player Josh Cribbs has been mentioned a lot today. No… he’s to damn old. I love the guy but no. Hopefully that’s something the team can figure out this week as well.

I will say LB Paul Kruger is a badass; 3 sacks yesterday!!!


Hopefully nobody will argue with me on that one!

Overall, the defense played pretty okay yesterday. Technically, the final score was 23-6 until we allowed a garbage TD with 7 seconds to go.

I guess we shall see if some slight adjustments can be made so offense, defense and special teams can begin to be consistent.. in the same damn game.

Then I’ll get more confident.


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