Victory Monday ~ Buccaneers 17 @ Browns 22!

Browns fans were booing during the game yesterday. I have never booed at a sporting event. Actually, I don’t boo; I feel it’s disrespectful.

Do I get aggravated? Do I want to jump through the TV and punch Browns players and coaches at times? Yes and yes!

We won again yesterday so I’m gonna be nothing but positive tonight!

Alright folks, we’re 5-3! We’re the seventh seed in the AFC! There are only eight teams in the NFL that have better records than us!!


The offense had thirteen drives and scored on 5 of them!

QB Brian Hoyer was 21/34 passing (62%) for 300 yards and 2 TDs!

The defense defended twelve drives and only allowed three scores!

LBs Paul Kruger and Barkevious Mingo both sacked Tampa Bay’s QB Mike Glennon…

Napoleon Dynamite

… Future Hall of Fame shutdown CB Joe Haden executed a perfect tip drill on a Glennon pass causing a SS Donte WHitner interception! I can’t say enough about Whitner. That dudes all over the field making plays every damn week! I might be developing a crush on him! FS Tashaun Gipson also picked off Glennon for his league leading sixth sixth interception!

That’s right folks, we’ve got Browns players leading the league in good shit!


Our special teams had a great game too! DE Billy Winn missed the last few games with a quad injury. He returned yesterday to jump over the Bucs line and block a field goal.

Billy Winn

Guess those legs are feeling pretty okay!

Late in the game, Browns LB Craig Robertson got free on a Bucs punt and deflected that shit for what was officially recorded as a one yard punt. That play set up the Browns game winning TD!

Also setting up that game winning TD was a fantastic block by Browns RB Terrance West on Bucs LB Lavonte David who seemed well on his way to crushing Hoyer.

Check out the video HERE. Holy shit that’s one of the best RB blocks I’ve seen in a long time; maybe even ever!

In the end, it was a fun game to watch and we’re 5-3! WOO HOO!!!

Now this part is not me being negative. I merely want to point out, again,  what a douchebag our backup QB is.

Bucs WR Mike Evans went to Texas A&M with Browns backup QB Johnny Manziel. Evans undoubtedly helped Manziel win the Heisman in 2012 and most certainly helped inflate Manziel’s numbers last year to create the media hype that caused the Browns (and crazy owner Jimmy Rootin’ Tootin’ Haslam) to draft him!

Evans and Manziel are clearly friends. I get that! They played football together in school and I’m sure they banged some of the same girls back then. Again, I get it, they were like “brothers.”

This is the NFL however. Manziel’s “brothers” are now the Cleveland Browns!

Yesterday, Mike Evans gashed the Browns for 124 yards on 7 catches, including both their TDs.

What did our backup QB tweet and post on Instagram earlier today? Click to embiggen!

Manziel Douche

“GO OFF?” He went off on YOUR team jackass! Fuck you Johnny Manziel. Fuck you with an inflatable swan you idiot.

I wish Cleveland woulda traded your partying, stupid, non playbook reading dumb ass to the Cowboys before the trade deadline last week!

Thankfully for you, LT Joe Thomas didn’t call for a code red on your ass. Yet…

Anyway… we’ve got the Bengals game, in Cincinnati, in only 72 hours! This is yet another huge game for this team!


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