Change is a Comin’!

… and I don’t know if I’ll like it. Those who know me know I’m loyal, probably to a fault. I like the stability that comes when things DON’T change. Here’s a perfect example: pizza.

I ALWAYS get pizza from Marco’s. I just jump online, place my order and BOOM! Pizza’s here!

Then, the other night, my daughter wanted me to order pizza that is not from Marco’s. She wanted pizza from this place called Tommy’s. I hid the fact from her that I was freaking out inside but I couldn’t hold back my questions.

Do they deliver or do I have to pick it up? Can I order online? Do I have to pick up the phone and CALL? Is the pizza even any good? I have to set up yet another account, don’t I?

Brooke calmly said, “Quit freaking out and just order it!” That kid can see right through me!

I got online and found that the place is Tommy’s Pizza AND Chicken… and MORE, like appetizers, wings, soups, salads, subs, chicken, ribs and pasta! OH MY! They also list seafood, but I don’t think I’d try that delivered, and gluten free, which is just stupid!

Anyway, I believe that was the fastest I ever set up an online ordering account! I figured I’d start with just a pizza for now, then I saw the stromboli! Okay, pizza for the girls and stromboli for me! Thank God there wasn’t a “one of everything” button on the website. I wasn’t extremely happy with the 60 minute delivery window, but the stuff showed up in 35 minutes. It. Was. Delightful!

I’ve already forgotten about the other pizza joint I mentioned a few paragraphs ago!

Another big change is coming today. A couple weeks ago I talked about some of the challenges John Force Racing has faced over the last year and a half. Force is one tough son of a bitch and he’s not going down without a fight! Hell, he’s not going down.

Over the past several weeks he’s secured big sponsorship deals with Peak Antifreeze and Lucas Oil…

John Force Lucas

…to replace exiting sponsor Castrol Motor Oil. Forrest Lucas, founder and CEO of Lucas Oil Products, had this to say of the new partnership:

John Force is a guy I have admired for many, many years. In my opinion he made Castrol oil in this country. The fact that he became available was shocking to me. I see him partnering with us and it will be a huge economic boost for Lucas Oil around the world. It will be good for John Force Racing because it is more stability and I see this as a win-win situation. It will also be good for NHRA drag racing because it keeps John racing and we don’t have any intentions on leaving so it should be good for everybody.  Hopefully all the fans will keep coming back and using Lucas Oil.

There are not as many young people coming into NHRA as we would like to see but John has his beautiful daughters involved and they are doing a good job. He has given them good equipment and has good people working with them. Morgan grew up with the girls and they are all good friends. The fact that we are creating the second generation of drag racing leaders and we are not the only ones doing this but we have some of the top rising stars out there.

Today’s big change will be the announcement of who his vehicle manufacturer will be going forward.

John Force has had a partnership with Ford since 1997. Throughout those 17 years he’s delivered 10 of his 16 NHRA Funny Car titles to Ford Motor Company. Ford doesn’t care and will be gone after today.

There’s a lot of speculation about who he’s gonna partner up with. All the other nitro Funny Cars are sponsored by Toyota and Dodge. I just don’t see Force blending in with either of those manufacturers. I think he’s gonna go with Chevrolet. Maybe a “Camaro?”

I’m a Ford guy so I’m not excited about this change, but it’s not like Force had any choice, Ford forced his hand.

I’m sure I’ll be fine with whoever he partners up with. In the end, the manufacturer is merely wrapped on the car body. John Force Racing actually builds the cars from the ground up.

The 2014 NHRA season ends today with the Auto Club Finals from Auto Club Raceway in Pomona, California and the Funny Car Championship will be decided as 32 year old Matt Hagan leads 65 year old John Force by 22 points.

There are four rounds of racing in NHRA eliminations on Sunday. I struggle with the way eliminations are scored. Here’s how points are awarded:

Winner – 100
Runner-up – 80
Third round loser – 60
Second round loser – 40
First round loser – 20

Here’s how I see it. If Force and Hagan BOTH lose the first round, Hagan wins his second NHRA Funny Car Championship by 22 points.

If Force loses the first round and Hagan wins, Force is out of contention by at least 2 points.

If Hagan loses the first round and Force wins the first round, Hagan will be up 42 points as Force advances to the second round.

If Force loses in the second round he gains 40 points, but it won’t be enough as Hagan will have that 2 point advantage and win the Championship.

Basically, Force has to go two rounds deeper than Hagan to win his 17th Funny Car Title!

WHEW that was a lot… I prolly shouldn’t think out loud and type it in here because it’s confusing!

There is a potential controversy brewing here. In the first round John Force faces Bob Tasca. Bob’s not a teammate but a fellow Ford driver. If Force beats Tasca I’m certain people will be saying Tasca laid down so Force could advance.

We shall see!


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