Monday Moanin’ ~ Texans 23 @ Browns 7

Ugh! That was hard to watch… but it’s not the end of the damn world, folks! Prior to the beginning of this season who had the Browns at 6-4 after 10 games? Anyone? That’s what I thought!

After the first half of that week 1 debacle against Pittsburgh, I figured we’d go 0-16. Hell, after 10 games last year we were 4-6 and didn’t win another game!

We DO have issues, though. Some can be addressed and some we just have to deal with.

I know… all teams suffer injuries/suspensions, but we’re missing PRO BOWLERS. Center Alex Mack is a HUGE loss. Tight End Jordan Cameron is concussed and it isn’t looking good for him. I don’t believe he even remembers his name after what I believe was his third concussion (on a cheap shot, no less).

Wide receiver Josh Gordon likes weed way to fuckin’ much, man. He’s back this week after serving a 10 game suspension for getting busted like 3 times!

Without those guys, we’re still 6-4!

I dunno how good Gordon’s gonna be. He hasn’t played in a real game in a long time. Opposing defenses are gonna HAVE to game plan for him, however! We were talkin’ at work today and figured the best first play for Cleveland Sunday would be to just air it out to Gordon! At the very least it’ll make the defense honest and help the running game.

Speaking of the running game, back to yesterday!

Where was ours? 76 offensive plays and ya throw it 50 times? C’mon Browns! I love QB Brian Hoyer, but he certainly ain’t no Peyton Manning! He is lacking weapons! Much respect to our tiny receivers but, damn, it’s gotta be hard for a QB to get the ball to a 5’7″ guy versus a 6’3″ or taller guy!

So we only run the ball 24 times? Actually 21 times between RBs. We got our Crowell sighting finally, for only 14 carries and 61 yards. Terrance West had 5 carries for 12 yards and Ben Tate got 2 carries for -9 yards. WTF? They ran him once when it was 3rd and 25! He lost 3. The Browns are playing all pass happy but yet run on 3rd and 25? Stupid!

Ben Tate is a whiny little bitch, by the way. I guess that’s why the coaches only limited him to 2 carries against his old team?

Anyway, some dude named Alfred Blue is a running back for the Texans. I thought with starter Arian Foster out, we’d shut down the Texans running game. NOPE! Blue gashed us for 156 yards on 36 CARRIES!

Browns DL Desmond Bryant…

Desmond Bryant Mugshot

… said something like they weren’t mentally ready for the game… Clearly! How the hell are you not mentally ready to play a game you only play 16 times a year?

Texans QB Ryan Mallett started his first NFL game and our defense couldn’t pressure him? I just don’t get it!

A lot of this loss falls on the Browns coaches in my opinion. I’ve been a big fan of HC Mike Pettine and OC Kyle Shanahan but they really stunk it up yesterday.

I believe we have the talent to make the playoffs, I really do. These players, and coaches, need to get their heads outta their asses and play the damn games!


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