Monday Moanin’ ~ Browns 10 @ Bills 26 ~ R.I.P. Brian Hoyer…


There ya have it folks! Stick a fork in him because it sounds like the Browns are gonna keep Brian Hoyer on the bench for the foreseeable future.

He got yanked early in the 4th quarter yesterday when we were down 20-3. QB2, Johnny Douchebag, went in, made a few plays and we still lost the game 26-10.

As a starter, Hoyer is 7-5 this year and as a backup, Manziel is 0-1.

Yeah, Hoyer had a shitty game yesterday. So did QBs Tony Romo, Colin Kaepernick, Cam Newton, Alex Smith, Jay Cutler and Derek Carr. Carr got benched for Matt Schaub, who was technically as good as Manziel, as the Raiders still lost.

Will any of those other QBs get benched?


I saw quotes on Twitter from Browns coach Mike Pettine’s press conference today and it appears he’s done with Hoyer.

We’re 7-5 and still in the hunt for a playoff spot, but it sounded like coach Pettine has no faith in Hoyer any more. Dude said he’s gonna look at the film on both QBs and decide who will start Sunday when Indy comes to town.

Pettine has 15 games (what, some 900 minutes?) of film on Hoyer and 8 minutes on Manziel. Saying he has to look at film is merely a cop out…

I believe Browns owner Jimmy Haslam or GM Ray Fucking Farmer, both of whom have apparently sucked on Johnny Manziel’s dick because they drafted that asshole, have forced Pettine’s hand.

If Manziel finishes the season for Cleveland, we’ll end up with a 7-9 record.

If, somehow, the coaches and front office allow Hoyer to finish the season, we’ll prolly end up 10-6 and maybe have a shot at the playoffs.

It’s a long shot to make the playoffs, but handing the keys to the Browns to Johnny Manziel is a horrible decision.

Yesterday’s game was tough to watch, but that’s only because coach Pettine didn’t read my  last blog post in which I said to PASS on first down instead of run…

Cleveland had 31 chances from 1st down and ran on 19 (61%) of them for about 2.6 yards a carry. We became one dimensional on 1st down and the Bills put 8-9 defenders in the box to force Hoyer to throw the ball.

That’s bad coaching.

It sucks that Hoyer has to get beat up when we have issues WAY outside of QB!


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