99% of Browns Fans Don’t Get it. Those People are Going Off this Morning…

Manziel Jersey

I got up this morning pretty excited for today’s Bengals @ Browns game and, within 5 minutes, the national, local and social media pissed me off.

All they’re talking about is Johnny Manziel. I understand the kid was great at Texas A&M and the national media jumped all over him; eventually awarding him the Heisman Trophy.

This is the NFL, however, so the stakes are WAY higher. Cleveland remains in the playoff hunt, though barely.

Rookie QBs make mistakes, so Manziel is deserving of a few mulligans today for his first start.

It would be nice if all these forms of media would talk about the ENTIRE Browns offense, ’cause Manziel can’t do it all on his own.

God I hope Manziel does well, but there are excuses I won’t accept if he doesn’t. They include:

  • The offensive line breaking down.
  • WRs dropping passes.
  • A dysfunctional Special Teams missing field goals.

Those three things plagued this team all the way through its 7-6 record thus far. Someone had to be the fall guy. It’s much easier to bench Brian Hoyer than fix the O line or WR corps or special teams.

Having said that, I will give credit where credit is due! If Manziel does well today I’ll point that out.

I’d like to mention some other guys who play on the Browns offense who, outside of WR Cheech Marin Josh Gordon, prolly didn’t get mentioned today.

Offensive Line

  • Joel Bitonio
  • John Greco
  • Ryan Seymour
  • Joe Thomas
  • Mitchell Schwartz

Running Backs

  • Isaiah Crowell
  • Terrance West

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends

  • Jordan Cameron
  • Jim Dray
  • Travis Benjamin
  • Taylor Gabriel
  • Andrew Hawkins

This is the ultimate team sport folks. The above mentioned players let QB Brian Hoyer down at times so now he’ll be watching the game from the sideline.

I just hope they all pull together with Manziel to continue this playoff run!


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