Monday Moanin’ ~ Bengals 30 @ Browns 0…

Manziel Face Palm

Well there ya have it fools! Ya wanted to see what Johnny Manziel could do and now ya know. Nothing.

That was horrible. Yeah, Manziel IS a rookie, but holy crap…

I’m not gonna do a play by play on the game, but there are a few things I want to touch on that Manziel fans don’t wanna talk about.


I’ve heard stuff coming out of the Browns locker room that Manziel did everything he needed to do during the fourteen weeks he sat on the bench. He did nothing wrong. Apparently the week leading up to this game was the first week Manziel went above and beyond; studied a lot, came in early and stayed late. Why just this week and not every week?


Dude’s got none. You can see in his face he was rattled early on. The best QBs in the league are generally pretty stone faced whether they’re playing good or bad. At the end of this GIF Manziel appears to be someone shitting who ate really hot wings the night before.




People were freaking out last week that our previous starting QB was throwing off the back of his feet, ya know, ripping his fundamentals! There were a few times yesterday Manziel totally scrapped the fundamentals and leaped before throwing.


He’s short at 5’11” and just looks tiny overall. That concerns me a lot. If he’s gonna be the future QB of this team he’s gotta be incredibly smart or he’ll get injured.

Alright, so Manziel totally blew it yesterday, but I told you all a few excuses I wouldn’t accept because they were shit the previous starting QB was dealing with all season.

A lot of people are saying the defense stunk it up. Yeah, they DID give up a seven minute TD drive to the Bengals to start the game. LB Bark Mingo extended that drive with a stupid roughing the passer penalty.

Manziel’s offense couldn’t stay on the field for much more than 2 minutes after that drive so the defense got tired. Stupid Browns fans think these defenders are super human and fatigue is not an issue.

When an offense has nine possessions and goes three and out on six of ’em for 18 plays and 17 yards that’s an offensive problem so ya can’t blame the defense for getting gassed.

More WRs dropped a few more passes yesterday, but that shit’s been happening all year.

Special Teams didn’t do us any favors getting us in good field position to start drives and that sucks, but Manziel couldn’t get us near the redzone or even close enough for new K Garrett Hartley to attempt a FG.

Having said all that, I’m a Browns fan so I have to support Manziel as QB1.

I still feel like Coach Pettine was pressured by owner Jimmy Haslam and GM Ray Farmer to start Manziel.

As a whole, Cleveland’s offense isn’t designed for a scrambling QB like Manziel, so Johnny pretty much got thrown into the fire yesterday.

Unfortunately, he showed no signs of being a competent NFL QB. Both Manziel and his team need to work a lot of shit out to succeed.

I really miss Brian Hoyer right now. ❤


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