Hey there! My name’s Greg. I’m a single dad of three intelligent, beautiful girls, a software salesman, a Cleveland Browns fan and a fan of motorsports (specifically NASCAR & NHRA).

I needed a hobby so figured I’d give this blogging thing a shot. I’m pretty sure I’ll use this platform to brag about my girls, talk politics, whine about Cleveland Browns football & talk about anything else I want.

I’m definitely not a writer… Just have a lot of thoughts in my head and this is a good way for me to get them out of it.

I apologize in advance for offending anyone, because that’s gonna happen.

7 responses to “About

  1. We have written about similar topic such as grocery shopping and touch guys. Eerie huh? Well, not really since these are commonplace. Thanks for visiting. This is a delightfully sarcastic blog!

  2. Thank you so much for adding me to your blogroll. I love being slightly offended by your blog.

  3. Glad I can be of service! Stay tuned…. at some point I’m sure I’ll tweak you beyond “slightly.”

  4. Thanks for liking my blog post Greg!

  5. Awesome Greg…I’m good friends with Erica and Mike….I’m going to pass your blog about Rules in school onto my daughter who just graduated…look forward to reading more

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