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I Had a Reader Request that I do some Research…

Before I get goin’ here, remember that my usual research is limited to ass, NASCAR, NFL and tits… usually in that order, though sometimes tits moves up the list, depending on my mood…

Basically what I’m saying is don’t mess with me about the efficiency or accuracy of my research!

Anyway… One of my readers, Kathleen, asked me to do some research about the physical properties of glass, specifically the possibility of it flowing given enough time. Kathleen was at odds with another reader, Elaine, and asked me to settle the score, as Elaine disagreed with her about the potential fluidity of glass.

Rose's Hand

I immediately sided with Kathleen, as I’ve heard before about centuries old buildings possessing windows that were thicker at the bottom than at the top. The theory is that, over time, the glass actually flows down, creating the thicker part of the window.

As requested, I put on my physics hat and started doing some research! At one point I think I could actually feel my skull start to creak under the pressure of my brain beginning to explode. I haven’t done research like this in, well, for-evah! Twenty years to be exact…

What did I find out?

I was fascinated by what I learned! For starters, there remain scientific opinions that glass can be classified as either a super-cooled liquid or a non crystalline solid. Look it up! It will make your brain swell…

Basically, however, glass is an amorphous (non crystalline) solid material. Check it out…


Glass is on the right… being all jacked up on a molecular level allows some to posit that glass is more like a liquid… essentially a super cooled liquid. It’s not. It’s a solid through and through…

For my purposes, any time I’ve come into contact with glass, it sure as hell feels like a solid…!

The question posed by Kathleen, however was, “Does glass flow over decades or even centuries?”


Glass (crown glass) made for buildings built 150+ years ago was created using a manufacturing process that allowed deficiencies in that glass…. The shit was uneven, so when the glass was cut to fit windows they put the uneven, or heavier, thicker part of the glass at the bottom of the window panes to increase structural rigidity…

Sorry, Kathleen, you and I were wrong. And, as usual, Elaine was absolutely right!

For Anyone Else Wondering who that Hot Girl is in the DirecTV Commercials…

The latest DirecTV commercial features their new “Genie” technology where apparently one can record 5 shows at once. Well, to be honest, while watching this Bengals/Texans game I didn’t really pay attention to the technology in the commercial as much as I did the girl who is the “Genie.”

She’s stunning! So I looked her up and found out she’s a 22 year old IMG model named Hannah Davis…

Hannah Davis

Hannah Davis Bikini

And then I saw a story that said she’s rumored to be dating Yankees’ 38 year old shortstop Derek Jeter…

SERIOUSLY??? Can’t this dude stay off the hot girls and let ’em make their way out of New York and maybe into my area for once?

Dammit, Jeter, GO AWAY!

UPDATE! Featuring ASS…

Hanna Davis Ass WOW

My Girls’ Creativity is Amazing…. Humorous

When I was eleven, I had to be creative with things like sticks and mud… technology was non existent.. Or not very existent!

When my Dad got a computer it was a TRS-80….

God I loved that machine… I would spend hours writing programs that would produce the Van Halen and KISS logos. Then I would save those programs on a cassette drive!

Believe it or not, I’m writing this post from the same desk that my Dad designed & built to house the TRS-80 and TV it had to be wired to.

I’m gonna get into this evolution of technology thing in more detail at some point soon… but for now… my kids make silly little videos on their iPods, add some effects and it’s pretty cool… Brooke prolly spent 10 minutes making this, but it cracks me up!

Hug your children and love them every day…

One Step Closer to My Dream of Being a Terminator

Yesterday, the wonderful folks at Google provided some information about some crazy new technology they’ve been working on. Right now the technology is called “Project Glass.” What is it?

I want mine to have the Skynet logo on them!

It’s what they call augmented reality glasses; hybrid glasses that act as a miniaturized smartphone with hands-free access to a micro display, cameras, microphone, Web browser, and speech recognition. Holy crap that’s fascinating!

When looking through the lens you have access to pretty much anything everything. Contacts, directions (via Google Earth), email, THE INTERWEBS!

I could potentially go to the strip joint with these things on and live stream my lap dance to the guys!

Obviously, the glasses will be tied into all of Google’s services.

Which also makes them terrifying! Google is already tracking and recording my every move through my Droid 3 (hey guys thanks for the $500 payoff for my anti Apple post). This technology will provide them with even more of my personal info. I’d also prolly get eye blasted with ads from Google and step on the things after only a few minutes of use!

Anyway, it’s pretty cool technology that, I’m sure is several years away.

I would constantly be searching for Sarah Connor