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Monday Moanin’ ~ Bengals 30 @ Browns 0…

Manziel Face Palm

Well there ya have it fools! Ya wanted to see what Johnny Manziel could do and now ya know. Nothing.

That was horrible. Yeah, Manziel IS a rookie, but holy crap…

I’m not gonna do a play by play on the game, but there are a few things I want to touch on that Manziel fans don’t wanna talk about.


I’ve heard stuff coming out of the Browns locker room that Manziel did everything he needed to do during the fourteen weeks he sat on the bench. He did nothing wrong. Apparently the week leading up to this game was the first week Manziel went above and beyond; studied a lot, came in early and stayed late. Why just this week and not every week?


Dude’s got none. You can see in his face he was rattled early on. The best QBs in the league are generally pretty stone faced whether they’re playing good or bad. At the end of this GIF Manziel appears to be someone shitting who ate really hot wings the night before.




People were freaking out last week that our previous starting QB was throwing off the back of his feet, ya know, ripping his fundamentals! There were a few times yesterday Manziel totally scrapped the fundamentals and leaped before throwing.


He’s short at 5’11” and just looks tiny overall. That concerns me a lot. If he’s gonna be the future QB of this team he’s gotta be incredibly smart or he’ll get injured.

Alright, so Manziel totally blew it yesterday, but I told you all a few excuses I wouldn’t accept because they were shit the previous starting QB was dealing with all season.

A lot of people are saying the defense stunk it up. Yeah, they DID give up a seven minute TD drive to the Bengals to start the game. LB Bark Mingo extended that drive with a stupid roughing the passer penalty.

Manziel’s offense couldn’t stay on the field for much more than 2 minutes after that drive so the defense got tired. Stupid Browns fans think these defenders are super human and fatigue is not an issue.

When an offense has nine possessions and goes three and out on six of ’em for 18 plays and 17 yards that’s an offensive problem so ya can’t blame the defense for getting gassed.

More WRs dropped a few more passes yesterday, but that shit’s been happening all year.

Special Teams didn’t do us any favors getting us in good field position to start drives and that sucks, but Manziel couldn’t get us near the redzone or even close enough for new K Garrett Hartley to attempt a FG.

Having said all that, I’m a Browns fan so I have to support Manziel as QB1.

I still feel like Coach Pettine was pressured by owner Jimmy Haslam and GM Ray Farmer to start Manziel.

As a whole, Cleveland’s offense isn’t designed for a scrambling QB like Manziel, so Johnny pretty much got thrown into the fire yesterday.

Unfortunately, he showed no signs of being a competent NFL QB. Both Manziel and his team need to work a lot of shit out to succeed.

I really miss Brian Hoyer right now. ❤


99% of Browns Fans Don’t Get it. Those People are Going Off this Morning…

Manziel Jersey

I got up this morning pretty excited for today’s Bengals @ Browns game and, within 5 minutes, the national, local and social media pissed me off.

All they’re talking about is Johnny Manziel. I understand the kid was great at Texas A&M and the national media jumped all over him; eventually awarding him the Heisman Trophy.

This is the NFL, however, so the stakes are WAY higher. Cleveland remains in the playoff hunt, though barely.

Rookie QBs make mistakes, so Manziel is deserving of a few mulligans today for his first start.

It would be nice if all these forms of media would talk about the ENTIRE Browns offense, ’cause Manziel can’t do it all on his own.

God I hope Manziel does well, but there are excuses I won’t accept if he doesn’t. They include:

  • The offensive line breaking down.
  • WRs dropping passes.
  • A dysfunctional Special Teams missing field goals.

Those three things plagued this team all the way through its 7-6 record thus far. Someone had to be the fall guy. It’s much easier to bench Brian Hoyer than fix the O line or WR corps or special teams.

Having said that, I will give credit where credit is due! If Manziel does well today I’ll point that out.

I’d like to mention some other guys who play on the Browns offense who, outside of WR Cheech Marin Josh Gordon, prolly didn’t get mentioned today.

Offensive Line

  • Joel Bitonio
  • John Greco
  • Ryan Seymour
  • Joe Thomas
  • Mitchell Schwartz

Running Backs

  • Isaiah Crowell
  • Terrance West

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends

  • Jordan Cameron
  • Jim Dray
  • Travis Benjamin
  • Taylor Gabriel
  • Andrew Hawkins

This is the ultimate team sport folks. The above mentioned players let QB Brian Hoyer down at times so now he’ll be watching the game from the sideline.

I just hope they all pull together with Manziel to continue this playoff run!


Already Freakin’ Out about Tomorrow – Bengals @ Browns!

Manziel Down

It’s official… Johnny Manziel has been named the starter for tomorrow’s game.

Yeah, I called him by his name because I won’t insult QB1 as others have done to Brian Hoyer, so no more Johnny Fuckface, Johnny Jerkoff or Johnny Snorting Coke off a Strippers Ass.

I won’t call him Johnny Football, though, until he shows me he can play NFL football.

When the news broke on Tuesday I was furious. After a few days of digesting this information, however, I’ve calmed down a bit.

I have the utmost respect for Brian Hoyer and the fact that he got this team to 7-6! He’s a great kid and an amazing student of the game. In my opinion, it’s not his fault the offense has struggled for a month. Football is the ultimate team sport and his offense has let him down lately; plain and simple.

Thanks for what you’ve done for this franchise, Brian!!

I believe the change at QB has less to do with Hoyer’s performance than it did to give the Browns front office (Read: Jimmy Haslam & Ray Farmer) a chance to evaluate their second 1st round pick from May’s draft.

It’s a huge long shot for us to make the playoffs this year so now’s the time to see if Manziel is truly the QB of the future of if they need to draft another QB in May. God I hope they don’t have to…

Unfortunately, 99% of Browns fans are incredibly stupid so they think this switch is to help us win the last three games and have a shot at the playoffs.

It’s not.

Cleveland’s in experiment mode now. They’re done with this season. Ya know how I know?

Everyone’s looking at the QB position but K Billy Cundiff has been horrible in 6 of 13 games this year, two of which coulda been wins instead of losses had he done his damn job and put the ball through the uprights.

Cundiff’s job is secure, however, so the goal is not to win games.

A team doesn’t just bench a QB who is above .500, while on a potential playoff run, for a rookie unless it’s merely for evaluation purposes.

Regardless… enter Johnny Manziel. Dude had an awesome college career. You can look it up, I’m not gonna go through the numbers here. He won the Heisman as a freshman; the first ever to do so. Keep in mind, though, the media makes the Heisman winner.

Wanna know about Johnny’s college career? The 99% of Browns fans who know nothing about football will tell you all about it while masturbating! School sports don’t matter at this level.

The 1%, like myself? We’ll tell you he hasn’t committed himself to this team. You all can look that stuff up too. He likes to party. He thinks super stardom comes before, not after, one plays and is successful at a high level. He’s wrong.

None of the above matters any more because this kid is now QB1 for our Cleveland Browns. I’m a Browns fan and I want to see them win; I don’t care who they are! I’ve never had player jerseys because players are no longer loyal… I’m a fan of the team!

So what needs to happen tomorrow?


The D needs to beat up Bengals QB Dalton like they did in Week 10. There needs to be constant pressure! Dalton will make mistakes. We sacked him twice picked him off 3 times in week 10! Our defensive backfield needs to shut down the Cincy WRs, especially AJ Green who had a huge game against Pittsburgh last week.

Some run defense would be nice, too! Fortunately, this defense remembers the shit talking Bengals RB Jeremy Hill did after the last game. We also have to contend with RB Giovani Bernard, who was injured for the first meeting.

Special Teams

We still don’t have a legitimate kick returner. I believe tiny Travis Benjamin will take one to the house!

Our coverage team is pretty consistent; hopefully they’ll remain so tomorrow.

K Billy Cundiff is an ass. He sucks. I’ve no faith in him. Neither does the team. He needs to go but must have pictures of Coach Pettine banging one of  Johnny Manziel’s strippers so he can keep his job.


No. Fucking. Clue.

Our rookie QB is one of those scrambling QBs like Russell Wilson, Michael Vick or Colin Kaepernick, except 100% whiter than Wilson  and Vick and like 34% whiter than Kaepernick.

This game will be 100% on offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan. An offensive line that has been struggling since the loss of  Pro Bowl C Alex Mack two months ago will now have to try to block for a dude that will be running around in the backfield. I understand that’s pretty difficult.

Rookie QBs throw interceptions. One way to minimize the possibility of picks is to run the ball. In our week 10 victory over Cincinnati we went run crazy! West, Crowell and Tate ran a combined 48 times for 169 yards. Expect run heavy play calling tomorrow.

I’ve gotta imagine Shanahan will be running a simplified offense for Manziel since he struggles calling plays in the huddle.

Maybe eliminate the huddle here and there? Huh Shanahan? That shit works and it’s what this QB is good at!

There will be some read option and Johnny will run. He needs to run smart otherwise he’ll get crushed. His cocky attitude has gotten him a big ass bulls eye on his chest and defenders will be gunning for him.

And Johnny… your god damn money sign just screams douchebag…

Manziel Money

… I imagine you’re gonna keep doing it but how about limit it to when we’re ahead in the game? Please?

Like I said, it’s a loooooooong shot for us to make the playoffs. For starters, we need to win our last three games. We need a shit ton of help, though, as we’re currently the 12th seed in the AFC.

Four other teams are 7-6: Houston (@ IND), Miami (@ NE), Kansas City (OAK) and Buffalo (GB). They ALL need to LOSE so we can leap frog them up to the 8th seed!

THEN… we need Pittsburgh (@ ATL), San Diego (DEN) and Baltimore (JAX) to lose also!

UGH! It all starts with a Browns win, however!


Victory Sunday! Browns 24 @ Bengals 3!

Joe Haden

Yeah, I’m a little late bragging about the Browns total destruction of the Bengals Thursday night, but I don’t care! I’m still riding the wave, though!

I wanted QB Hoyer to play his ass off. While he didn’t exactly tear shit up, he was pretty good. It was pretty damn windy and he completed 15/23 for 198 yards to 5 different receivers. He didn’t throw any TDs BUT he protected the ball and didn’t turn it over.

Hoyer didn’t need to throw TD’s because HOLY SHIT DID YOU SEE THAT RUNNING GAME?

The previous two games, our RBs only ran the ball a combined 48 times for a combined 89 yards. It was quite horrible.

Now I think Browns coach Mike Pettine reads For Shiggles, cause prior to this Cincy game I said:

Run the ball. Run the ball! Dust off RB Isaiah Crowell and run the motherfuckin’ ball! Run it off tackle, because that area around the center/guards is just a clusterfuck right now!

Wouldn’t you know it we got our Crowell sighting Thursday night? Actually 12 of ’em for 41 yards. Ben Tate ran 10 times for 34 yards. Most impressive, however, was Terrance West’ 26 carries for 94 yards! Non of ’em had really flashy yards per carry, all in the 3.4 range, but they were hard fought yards.


It was also a BALANCED rushing attack. Pettine didn’t listen to me about not rushing up the middle or off guard ’cause they did that 17 times. They ran off left tackle and end 14 times; right tackle and end 17 times!

WHEW! Awesome!

Oh the defense played lights out! Desmond Bryant sacked Dalton two times… in a row! Ha ha!!

Desmond Bryant

LB Craig Robertson picked off a Dalton pass on Cincy’s first drive, Buster Skrine picked him off two other times and ball hawk Tashaun Gipson dropped what would have been his seventh interception this season.

Dalton finished 10/33 for only 86 yards 0 TDs and 3 picks! Ha ha!!

Our Special Teams was pretty good. We still need a punt returner but our coverage team was pretty solid!

So now we’re 6-3 and tied with Pittsburgh for first place in the AFC North! Pittsburgh hasn’t played yet, however, and they’re at the Jets today. Ugh! We need a Jets win to take sole possession of first! Seems improbable, but anything can happen, so here goes:


Oh man that made me feel really gay right there!

A win by Tennessee at Baltimore today will also help Cleveland in the AFC North. Another improbability!

Anyway, I’m proud of this Browns team and, like they are, getting more confident every week!


Already Freakin’ Out about Tomorrow ~ Browns @ Bengals!

Hoyer Country

I dunno what to think here! I usually spend a shit ton of time looking at this week’s opponent, analyzing previous games, looking at individual players’ stats and then formulating some sort of opinion.

I got nothin’!

Cincinnati doesn’t look like any kind of powerhouse on paper but, then, I’ve watched every Browns game so far this season and they don’t look good, period.

Yeah, they have flashes here and there but haven’t been consistent anywhere.

I can’t even go with my gut because, when I try to do that, I get nauseous!

I guess I’ll just throw out some general thoughts/wishes and see what happens tomorrow…

QB1 Brian Hoyer

You need to play your ass off from here on out, starting tomorrow night!

Some shit your General Manager, Ray Fucking Farmer, said the other day made me think he’s all about Johnny Fucking Football Snortin’ Cocaine off Strippers Asses Manziel being the future of this team. YOUR team, Brian. Don’t screw up and let that dork take over.

Coach Pettine

Run the ball. Run the ball! Dust off RB Isaiah Crowell and run the motherfuckin’ ball! Run it off tackle, because that area around the center/guards is just a clusterfuck right now!


Have you guys seen Cincinnati’s QB Andy Dalton? He’s a damn ginger..

Dalton Vag

… and I don’t know about you, but I’ve never met a ginger that wasn’t a large, gaping vagina. Don’t let that dude beat you up because that’s no different than getting torched by a woman or, worse, an effeminate “man.”

Kick his ass!

Speaking of kicking ass, apparently ex Browns WR Greg Little is on the Bengals now after being cut by Cleveland this past May, signed and released by the Raiders within 3 months, and signed by Cincy a couple weeks ago because why not?

Dude’s been talking shit the last few days so kick his ass also!

Special Teams

Y’all been doin’ alright except for punt returns. Figure that shit out! If you ask me, keep letting tiny Travis Benjamin keep doing it. Dude’s gonna break out for a big one eventually.

Anyway… I still have no clue on how this game is gonna go. Just don’t embarrass Cleveland tomorrow night on national TV, okay Brownies?

Fuck you Ray Farmer and your little boy toy Johnny Manziel!


What to Watch Today instead of NASCAR’s Finale!

Browns Bengals

That’s right. Thankfully, today is the final race of the 2013 NASCAR season. I haven’t watched a single lap of “racing” since the September Debacle at Richmond, after which Jeff Gordon was added to the Chase by NASCAR’s CEO, Brian France.

I just got sidetracked while surfing the interwebs and checked out Brian France’s net worth at www.celebritynetworth.com… HOLY SHIT! That dudes worth $1 BILLION!! That’s insane!

Anyway, today’s race is 3:00ish from Homestead-Miami Speedway. Three drivers have a shot to win the championship: Kevin Harvick (34 points out), Toyota traitor Matt Kenseth (28 points out) and Jimmie Jackass Johnson (current leader). I’d like to see a scenario, early on, in which Kenseth and Johnson are involved in the same wreck and then Harvick goes on to win the championship. Why? Because Kenseth is a dork and Johnson is a stiff. Nobody wants a boring champion.

Last year, Brad Keselowski’s championship win was a breath of fresh air… check out his drunken post race interview:

… of course that was deemed as not politically correct because of beer, but fuck that! Brad’s a dude with a personality! He’ll wreck ya to win a race, like in the old days of NASCAR!

Chances are, barring the crash scenario I envisioned above, Jimmie Johnson will win the championship today and that’s gonna suck because it will be his 6th cup in 8 years. And he’s a cheater! I read a story on ESPN the other day in which Richard Petty, NASCAR’s winningest cheatingest driver got behind Johnson and said he’d win the championship today and prolly 2 to 4 more before his career is over.

Reader Jeff asked me, via Facebook, how one cheats in NASCAR… Well HERE are some examples, Jeff! Enjoy!

So, instead of watching that crap around 3:00 y’all should check out some NFL football! If you’re in the Ohio, West Virginia or Eastern Kentucky area you’ll have access to the tail end of the Browns/Bengals game from Cincinnati! Looks like the weather is gonna be horrible there; rainy and windy, which blows because the Browns don’t have a running game that’s important in shitty weather.

At the same time is the Lions at Steelers game! Gosh I hope Detroit kicks Pittsburgh’s ass! I enjoy it when Pittsburgh blows! I may be switching back and forth between this game and the Browns game!

A good portion of the country will have the Ravens at Bears game… Go Bears! Us Browns fans need Baltimore to lose!

Outside of football, there is also go kart Formula One racing from Austin, TX and yet more ice skating, this time from Paris!

I’m pretty sure there are also a handful of zombie shows on too!

Already Freakin’ Out about Tomorrow ~ Browns at Bengals!


Hoo boy am I excited! It’s November 16th, NFL week eleven, and the Browns are still playing meaningful football! They have a legitimate shot at winning the AFC North! Since the last time the Browns got into the playoffs, 2002, they’ve had an average record of 3-7 (.300) at this point in the season.

We’re sitting at 4-5 (.444) right now. We’d prolly be looking much better if it weren’t for the Brandon Fucking Weeden experiment coach Chudzinski performed. Four of our five losses are 97% his fault as he started and went 90 of 171 (53%) for 957 yards; throwing 4 TDs & 6 picks in those games.

I ain’t even giving Weeden credit for the 37-24 win over Buffalo even though he played the majority of the game after Brian Hoyer went down. Weeden DID throw a 37 yard TD to Josh Gordon in that win, but the other 31 points were scored by K Billy Cundiff (13), RB Willis McGahee’s 1 yard TD (6), WR Travis Benjamin’s 79 yard punt return (6) and T.J. Ward’s pick six (6). And the Bills suck!

Brian Hoyer and Jason Campbell are responsible for three of our wins this year going a combined 78 of 127 (61%) for 852 yards; throwing 8 TDs and 3 picks.

Well… Hoyer’s out for the season with a torn ACL and Weeden is benched so Jason Campbell remains the Browns’ starter. Dude ain’t bad at all! His OWN stats for the last two games are 45 of 71 (63%) for 555 yards; throwing 5 TDs and 0 picks.

Tomorrow, the Browns go to Kentucky Cincinnati for a HUGE game against the Bengals. HUGE GAME! A win by Cleveland will put them a 1/2 game behind Cincy for the AFC North!!

So what does Cleveland need to do to pull off another win against Cincy?

Defensively? Same thing they did week 4 when they owned the Bengals in a 17-6 win! Future Hall of Fame CB Joe Haden needs to shut down Bengals WR A.J. Green like he did in week 4. Our D line needs to stop RB Giovani Bernard and the rest of the Bengals running game. I wanna see a LOT of pressure on Bengals QB Andy Dalton. We sacked him twice in the first meeting. I expect more pressure and sacks on Dalton tomorrow as our defense seems to be getting better every week!

Offensively? Hoyer beat Cincy in week 4 but, like I said, he’s out. Tomorrow, it’s QB Jason Campbell under center… He needs to hit TE Jordan Cameron and WR Josh Gordon pretty consistently. A little help from WR Davone Bess would be nice also! The Browns have said they focused on the running game over their bye week. Sounds like it’ll be less Willis McGahee and more Chris Ogbonnaya. I’m good with that!

Speaking of running backs… TRENT RICHARDSON UPDATE! Apparently, dude’s in a sex tape that’s being shopped and they say his penis is gigantic! His stats are not gigantic, however… I don’t miss him since Cleveland traded him to Indy after week 2. He’s currently the 30th ranked back for yards this year (377), 35th ranked for TDs (2), 45th ranked for yards per attempt (3.0) and 102nd ranked for longest run (16). Dude sucks, but at least it sounds like he might have a future in the porn industry… and the Browns get the Colts first pick next May!

I believe we got a chance tomorrow, folks! GO BROWNS!!!

What to Watch Today instead of NASCAR!

Oh man… my head’s all over the place this morning; prolly because I had a Mountain Dew while waiting for my coffee to brew! First song I fired up today was Berzerk by Eminem because it seemed fitting..

…speaking of Eminem, this past Tuesday he released his 8th studio album: The Marshall Mathers LP 2. It’s absolutely awesome! Produced by Rick Rubin on this one, Eminem does some awesome shit with material by Joe Walsh, The Zombies, Billy Squier and Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders. You should go to Amazon and buy it. Right now!

Anyway, I stopped watching NASCAR a couple months ago because it turned into the WWE of motorsports. No offense to professional wrestling; everyone already knows you’re fake… NASCAR just does a swell job of hiding their fakeness… One part where NASCAR is real, however, is their annual support of veterans around Veterans Day with some cool paint jobs…


… but that’s about it!

Apparently there’s a potentially fixed race around 3:00ish EST today in Phoenix. Instead of watching that you should check out some NFL football!

My Browns have a bye today, but there’s a big matchup between two other AFC North teams; Bengals at Ravens and ya know what’s stupid? I don’t get to see that game, I’m stuck with Bills at Steelers… Who gives a shit about the Bills and the Steelers? They should just air that game in Buffalo and Pittsburgh! Of course I wanna see Buffalo win because I hate Pittsburgh.

Today, however, I’m a Ravens fan. Here in Cleveland, we need Baltimore to beat Cincinnati. This will allow the Browns to get closer to first place in the AFC North. Hell, nearly 80% of the country gets to see Bengals at Ravens. But not me…

Oh yeah… there’s a really cool website you should check out that shows maps of which NFL games are aired in what parts of the country. It’s called 506sports.com. See it HERE.

Another game this afternoon worth checking out is the stupid Broncos at San Diego at 4:25. GO CHARGERS!!!

Here are a couple other alternatives to fake racing:

Figure Skating from Tokyo.

U.S. Womens Soccer team vs. Brazil, featuring forward Alex Morgan…

Alex Morgan Bikini

… and, well, Brazil…

Brazil Double Ass

Oops… I don’t think think those are soccer players…

Monday Moanin’ ~ Browns 17 Bengals 6!!!!!

What could I possibly have to complain about after Cleveland’s dominating win over Cincinnati?

Our kicker… Billy Fucking Cundiff! Dude missed a 37 yard field goal that woulda put us up 10-3 early in the second quarter. Then he missed a 49 yarder to close out the first half. I dunno… apparently that one was tipped by the Bengals, but I’m blaming his chokey ass regardless. We shoulda been up 13-3 going into the locker room. Rumor has it he has a nagging hamstring issue. Well fuck that… take some HGH, Billy, put your big boy football pants on and kick some field goals…

See, this is where I’m somewhat flawed as a Browns fan. I shouldn’t have to rely on our kicker to produce points, but I had gotten so used to it because the offense couldn’t score touchdowns. Well all of that has changed these past couple weeks and QB Brian Hoyer is a big reason for that!

Hoyer under pressure

Look how confident he looks, knowing he’s about to be blasted! I hate to get too excited about this offense, because I’m not used to being excited. I’m used to being nauseous.

To be honest, Hoyer looks like a smart QB. Yeah, he was hot and cold last week against Minnesota, but yesterday he looked really good.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER….. I’m in no way comparing Brian Hoyer to Peyton Manning, because that dudes on a freakin’ historical roll right now, but I saw how everyone was so impressed about Manning not having to worry about 3rd down conversions, because he converted on 2nd down.

Hoyer converted two second downs on his first touchdown scoring drive, which went for 95 yards. He converted a first and second down in his late touchdown scoring drive…

All I’m really saying here is that we could be on to something with this kid… he went 25 of 38 for 269 yards spread over 7 receivers, producing those two TDs.

Other thoughts on offense…

TE Jordan Cameron continues to be a badass, with 10 catches for 91 yards and a TD yesterday…

WR Josh Gordon kept on producing with 4 catches for 71 yards..

I still don’t miss RB Trent Richardson being traded to Indy. New RB Willis McGahee did what he needed to do yesterday to help us secure the win.


Damn am I excited about this defense! They are as aggressive as defensive coordinator Ray Horton promised that they would be! After four games, Cleveland is 6th in the league for total yards against the run. They are 1st in the league in allowing only 2.9 yards per carry! As far as pass defense goes, we’re 11th in passing yards allowed, but 2nd in yards per attempt at 5.9…

Numbers aside… our defense is STOUT!

OLB Barkevious Mingo is looking better every week…

Bark Mingo Sack

… and will only get better!

The defensive backfield looks pretty awesome as well! Future Hall of Fame CB Joe Haden pretty much man handled Bengals WR A.J. Green all day. even on a couple gains, Joe kicked A.J.’s ass!

Hell, Cleveland DB Tashaun Gipson, who isn’t mentioned very much, had a pretty good game…

Tashaun Gipson big hit

… dislodging a big hit from a Bengals TE…

Our defense is gonna make a huge difference this year!!

Now I gotta go watch Monday Night Football..

Talk to y’all soon!




Not Really Freaking Out about Today’s Game ~ Cincy at Cleveland!

I dunno, I keep going back and forth. The Bengals look like a decent team, but they were victorious against the shitty 0-3 Steelers and 0-3 Packers… lost to the 3-0 Bears. That makes for a combined 3-6 record for Bengals opponents…

Cleveland got beat up by the now 3-0 Dolphins and lost to the 2-1 Ravens in a kinda close one.. Last week the Brownies beat the now 0-3 Vikings in the last minute of the game, giving Cleveland first three opponents a 5-4 record.

What does that all mean… On paper we’ve faced a couple tougher opponents than the Bengals. In reality it means dogshit! I jus like looking at those stats to make me feel more confident about the game!

Oh… in totally unrelated news, I went to lunch at Panini’s in Brunswick yesterday and saw this…


… holy shit, I almost blew a loa was really excited! The Shelby Cobra is my #1 favorite car of all time!!! I’m assuming most, if not all of these, are Cobra replicas; you can buy a kit and assemble the car yourself. Classic Cobras are super expensive to get your hands on, especially after their creator, Carroll Shelby passed away last year. I did confirm that one of them is a replica… If ya click on the above picture to embiggen it and check out the license plate on the red on second from the left, it reads FAUXBRA… That’s awesome! Anyway, beautiful cars!

Alright… back to football. I read the other day that the Bengals defensive secondary is dinged up… If they start a couple 2nd stringers back there, WR Josh Gordon might just have a chance to gash them, or at least help to open up some more stuff underneath for WR Davone Bess. Thinking of that, I bet Bess scores a TD today!

RB Willis McGahee promised to run for more than 8 yards today… Woo hoo, then 15 it is! I have no faith in our running game, and it’s not because T-Rich was traded to Indy, it’s just that they mostly try to run right up the middle. Let’s see some trickery in the running game fellas! Maybe a couple screen passes??

From a defensive standpoint, we’ve done a great job at stopping the run, so I’m not worried about that. I’m worried about Bengals QB Andy Dalton having too much time to find WR A.J. Green! I have no doubt Joe Haden can cover Green, but that only lasts for so long.

That means our defense needs to get a lot of pressure on Dalton. With stud OLB Jabaal Sheard out today, look for a big dose of Barkevious Mingo filling in! I like that kid… he’s fast and strong & I think he can be a game changer.

Bark Mingo

Today will be a big test for Browns QB Brian Hoyer. Last week he had a great first half, a shitty second half, and a beautiful drive to win the game. Dude needs to be consistent and not make those stupid throws that get picked. We shall see!