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Sexy Saturday… Hard Lines and Soft Curves…

When I was a child, I told my Mom that I dreamed of being surrounded by beautiful women one day. When I said it… I meant strippers, or Playboy models to be quite honest. I had no clue what was in store for me!

That dream has now come true… TWICE! Here’s how…

After a failed, nearly fifteen year, marriage I have three wonderful, beautiful daughters. There’s some beauty that I love being surrounded by!

Let’s go back in time now, shall we, to 1987 or so?

I had a huge crush on my sister’s friend, Diane. My sister, Michelle, ¬†knew I was into Diane and did everything she could to keep me away from her. Unfortunately, it worked! Eventually, ways were parted and life happened.

Fast forward to early 2010… I was digging through some old pictures and stumbled across some of Michelle and Diane. I looked her up on facebook… and there she was!

We reconnected! And fell in love!

Long story short… Diane, after a failed, nearly fifteen year, marriage, also has three wonderful, beautiful daughters…

…and we are all hanging out this weekend!

That’s me, my three girls, Diane & her three girls! Too much estrogen? Not a chance! We have so much fun!

So, today, being surrounded by beautiful women as I dreamed about when I was a little boy, I’ll focus on a much lesser beauty… CARS!

Here are some local sexy cars, photographed by yours truly…

’65 Mustang… 6 cylinder, but pretty!

Sexy as hell Cobra… but a replica, I’m sure!

My ’92 ragtop Mustang…

And some classics….

’69 Goat

You sure you don’t mean ’66, Di? Those are pretty too!

1966 GTO

No cars are prettier than the Mustang, though, in my opinion!

’67 Mustang GT500 “Eleanor”

’64 1/2 ragtop Mustang

Race cars are pretty sexy…

2013 NASCAR Fusion

8,000 HP Mustang!

And last, but not least… the exotic cars!

What a ride, right?

Ferrari 458 Spider

… and going back to Lamborghini? The classic Countach!

Here we have a Cannonball Run Countach! I didn’t know this car existed until I watched Cannonball Run…

Enjoy the rest of your Memorial Day Weekend, folks! God bless America!