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Jennifer Swift ~ Not Just a Pretty Face

I first discovered Jennifer Swift when Limp Bizkit released their video for “Gold Cobra”… from the album of the same name. I proceeded to watch that video at least a half dozen times… Actually, you watch it yourself. Jennifer is the one wearing the white boxing gloves…

Now… there have been numerous girls in lots of Limp Bizkit videos; but none of ’em got me to watch any video over and over and over… I was hooked!

Lookin’ right at me!

So I did some research to find out who she is. I found her facebook page and “liked” it and followed her on twitter. And, NO, it wasn’t stalking… I’ve done the same thing with Browns players and numerous celebrities.

See… I thought Jennifer was just a model. I was wrong. Yes, she is a model (as you’ll see in a bit) but she’s also¬†a writer for TapouT Magazine, a Pro Elite Ring Girl, Punishment Nutrition Spokesmodel and the boxing glove¬†wielding, bikini wearing beauty in the above video.

But she’s more than all that too! I remember her posting something on facebook requesting that her fans follow a page, I believe it was Pro Elite MMA, and give her a good word in her effort to become a ring girl for them. So I did both. What shocked me is that Jennifer thanked me for my comment! People of celebrity status rarely, if ever, acknowledge stuff like that.

Back in December, when I started this blog, I wrote this post to try to get people to help raise money for my friends’ twin sons; who are battling Hurler’s Syndrome. For the hell of it, I sent the link to Jennifer on facebook… asking her if she would send it along to her followers on facebook and twitter…

AND SHE DID! I immediately became a fan for life! She’s building her career and took the time to help out some people from northeast Ohio. Much respect for that, Jennifer!

Tonight I asked her if I could swipe some of her facebook pictures and put them on my little blog as a sort of thank you… and she gave me her blessing… so enjoy the ride folks!

One of my favorites…

Far right… best of ’em all!

Ummm… lost my train of thought


On the set of Gold Cobra

One of my favorites…

One of my favorites…

One of my favorites… from a different angle!

One of my favorites of Jennifer at work

…. Reverse angle!

With some dude…

Gold Cobra Kick!

Thanks so much, Jennifer, for your help! Let me know when you come to Cleveland, because I’m taking you out for dinner. That’s a promise!

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