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The Pussification of America ~ OMG, GMOs are in my food! Death is Imminent! LOLZ!


IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: I’m not obligated to post links on here from any research I’ve done. Feel free to search the interwebs on your own to look into BOTH sides of this “issue.”

The thing I dislike the most about Facebook, or any social media for that matter, is people forcing their intentions or agenda on me.

Food posts really piss me off! I don’t mean pictures of bacon wrapped in bacon with a side of bacon because that’s delightful! I’m talking about people who share memes or posts claiming that everything you consume will kill you!!!

Yeah… I’ve read how bacon can kill you too!

But… If you really think there are cleaning agents in Lucky Charms or door mat ingredients in Subway’s bread, then don’t buy those products!

(Hint: you’re not smart if you believe that to be true in those words.)

Just don’t tell me and my family we shouldn’t indulge because you thought a social media post fit your agenda, without any REAL research on your part.

The anti-GMO crowd has been the worst lately!

GMO means genetically modified organism and GM Foods are, obviously, foods containing base ingredients that have been genetically modified.

Food biotechnology is nothing new. The practice was in use thousands of years ago when nobody even knew what it was. I’m not sure caveman is the proper term, but who cares; early humans would gather fruit and end up with a surplus that would just sit there in a pile. As that fruit sat and began to decompose, yeast spores in the air made their way into that pile and fermentation occurred… BOOM! ALCOHOL!

At some point, Uga Booga ate a fermented apple and got fucked up on the alcohol! That evolved into this…

… over the years, food science continued to evolve.

A silly thing called a microscope started to show up in laboratories in the late 1500s and a hundred years after it emerged, some dude named Antone van Leeuwenhoek used his to discover microorganisms that would eventually be used in food production.

Couple centuries later, in the late 1800s, some jackass named Louis Pasteur discovered that applying heat to drinks, including milk, would kill off bacteria to improve food hygiene.

I don’t understand why these idiot scientists, who obviously think their shit don’t stink, gotta mess with food and stuff!

Oh wait… they’re trying to streamline the process?

In 1946, some hack scientists figured out that deoxyribonucleic acid (or DNA for you simpletons), can transfer between organisms.

This new technology allowed scientists to begin messing around with certain plants’ DNA and their resulting fruits. One of the first genetically engineered foodstuffs was the Flavr Savr tomato some 20 years ago. Scientists identified a gene that could slow down how fast tomatoes ripen and, ultimately, bruise. Through genetic engineering, they were able to insert that gene into the tomato plant’s DNA to come up with a more durable product. This produced a tomato that could go from the vine to the table with less damage to the fruit.

There’s nothing wrong, or scary, with that!

Okay… there’s WAY too much information on this topic to stick into just one post, so I gotta go!

Stay tuned for more details including some about that “evil” company Monsanto (or JFK’s personal Vietnam chemical producer) for making plant seeds!

The Pussification of America ~ Flu Shots!

Moth aids

Health care in the United States is a multi-trillion dollar industry. TRILLION! That’s $1,000,000,000,000. Two or more times. Every Year.

Why the hell is health care so damn expensive? It’s easy to figure out.

A shit ton of sales people in the health care industry are telling you all what to buy and ya’ll buy it as fast as you can ’cause ya wanna feel better as fast as you can.

I understand if you get mangled in some horrible accident and suffer bone/cartilage/ligament/organ damage you need to be put back together by a team of specialists. If your shit gets broke, it needs to be fixed!

But doctors and other retailers like CVS and Walmart have convinced you to buy shit when ya feel fine, like flu shots!

What I really struggle with is virus and disease prevention outside the normal realm of basic hygiene. Hygiene is HUGE in not getting sick.

I’m just gonna talk about the flu for now, folks, but pretty much all of this will apply to ALL communicable viruses.

If you don’t wanna get sick from pretty much anything, don’t:

  1. Let someone sneeze or cough on you.
  2. Have sex with someone who might sneeze or cough on you, or exchange any sort of bodily fluids with that horny person.
  3. Put your fingers (or toes for you freaks) into your eyes, mouth, nose, ears or any other orifice.
  4. Lick any surfaces.
  5. Touch any surfaces that may have been licked.
  6. I could go on forever… just don’t stick it in your body if ya think it’s sick.

If ya can’t comply with those guidelines, just get a damn flu shot ’cause those things are way better for preventing infection! Right?

I don’t believe so. I’ve never had a flu shot, nor have my children, and we don’t get sick.

But your doctor tells you to get a flu shot every year right? It’s for you and your family’s health, right?


Someone’s gotta pay for that doctor’s Porsche!

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a FEDERAL AGENCY (under direction of that douchebag Barack Obama), recommends you get a flu shot every year.

Well, duh! Of course they do, they’re in bed with pharmaceutical companies such as GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi Pasteur, bioCSL, MedImmune, Novartis Vaccines & Diagnostics and Protein Sciences.

As you stand in line with the rest of the sheep to get your flu shot, because the government essentially told you to, you need to think what you’re letting them inject into your body.

Lots of people nowadays pretend to be more healthy by adjusting their diets to exclude GMOs, ’cause those things are so dangerous, even though they’re not!

Those last two pharmaceutical companies I mentioned are having doctors sell you vaccines that are products of genetic engineering.

Novartis is manufacturing (remember, nobody manufactures stuff they can’t sell) a flu shot called Flucelvax which is made using dog kidney cells, instead of the old fashioned egg culture way. Where the fuck is Novartis, a Swiss $58 BILLION company getting dog kidney cells from?

You all may have had dog injected into you!

It gets better, though!

If you’re between 18-49 years old, you may have had Protein Sciences’ FluBlok injected into you. Ha ha! You essentially just had a moth shoved up your ass to “save you” from the flu!

That’s right, folks, Protein Sciences makes their flu shots with bugs! Y’all are buying those shots because you were told to!

Anyway, don’t just get a flu shot because someone tells you to, especially jackass Obama’s CDC. The CDC will scare you into getting a flu shot for your kid because they ultimately make a lot of money off of you. Obama and the CDC may seem like dumbasses, but they’re not. They’re pretty damn smart!

Especially if you buy what they’re selling…

What to Watch Today Instead of NASCAR!

The Danica Patrick watch continues here at For Shiggles! Last week at Bristol, the lovely driver of the #10 GoDaddy Chevrolet managed an 18th place finish. Only 1 lap down! She didn’t even cra… oh wait, yes, she did crash. But it’s Bristol, everybody crashes at Bristol! Oh, but she didn’t crash while racing; she crashed in the damn pits… see for yourself!


I loved Darrell Waltrip’s comment: “I’m not… I can’t explain that one.”

The first thing I thought of was this classic quote from Days of Thunder:


After the race, dear Danica claimed that her transmission was toast and she only had 4th gear. I call bullshit! ANY TIME a driver has an issue with their car, especially something as major as a blown transmission, the guys calling the race are gonna know… and there was no mention of it!

Here’s a quick recap of Danica’s performance after four races. She’s completed 1,219 of 1,282 laps, crashed out at Daytona, and hasn’t finished on the lead lap yet! Her average start is 29.5; average finish is 28.8.

She’s currently 28th in the standings; 3 positions and 20 points behind AJ Allmendinger, who returned this year from a drug suspension.


Today, the Sprint Cup Series is at Auto Club Speedway in southern California.

Auto Club Speedway

Auto Club is a wide, relatively flat D-shaped oval. This configuration promotes long green flag runs which make the shitty drivers fall laps behind in a hurry, so that’s what Danica has to look forward to!

She starts 27th today, by the way!

If you’d prefer not to watch today’s race you might check out MARCH MADNESS! A lot of people have been talking about this lately. I understand it’s college basketball. I am not a fan of basketball.

See, I can only watch sports that I’m good at I used to be good at. My Dad made me play basketball when I was little and I was horrible at it. I couldn’t dunk, or dribble, or pass or shoot! Actually, I wasn’t that bad, just couldn’t get into it!

I am a fair weather fan, however! If the Cavs ever get in the playoffs I’ll watch. Needless to say, I haven’t watched much basketball the past few years!

And college basketball? Y’all can keep crying over your brackets!

Ooooh! There’s also golf on! Today is the final round of the Arnold Palmer Invitational Presented by MasterCard! Nope! No golf for me!

Last time I paid attention to golf was when Tiger Woods got busted by his hot wife, Elin Nordegren…

elin nordegren red bikini

… bangin’ a bunch of skanks!

Joslyn James


That’s “porn star” Joslyn James… EWW… I think his name used to be James Joslyn, ’cause that’s definitely a dude with implants!

Shit… I can’t find anything to watch today. I may just have to watch the race!

Either that or watch Disney’s Frozen for the 4th time this weekend!

Enjoy your Sunday, folks!

Hi-fi Friday is Pissed Off!


I’m not sure where exactly the following quote comes from. It’s been attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt among others in differing versions, but this is the one I like the most:

The best minds discuss IDEAS; the second ranking talks about THINGS; while those of the lowest mentality GOSSIP about PEOPLE.

Yep… those possessing the lowest mentality are all about talking about others. It’s also a sure sign of a major lack of confidence.

This might get me in trouble, but it doesn’t shock me when I hear girls, being all catty, talking shit about other girls and their goings on… I spend way too much time at the bar of the local strip club and have become a shoulder to lean on for far too many silly stories…

What I really struggle with is guys acting like that; just don’t expect it from dudes over 16 years old!

Man… don’t talk shit about your buddies… that’s something ya shoulda learned long ago… in like third grade!

We ALWAYS have your back…

Unless you’re not our buddy, which just might be the case here…

I can’t stand people who talk about me behind my back; then act like they’re my friend. It’s all to common, unfortunately.

Brings to mind a certain Pantera tune that contains these fitting lyrics:

Run your mouth when I’m not around
It’s easy to achieve
You cry to weak friends that sympathize
Can you hear the violin playing your song?
Those same friends tell me your every word

~ Walk ~

Are you talking to me?
Walk on home boy!

I have the utmost respect for anyone who says it like it is… ALL THE TIME! You got something to say about me? Say it to my face! Maybe I won’t like what you have to say but, again, I’ll respect you for your honesty.

Let’s leave the rest of this to Limp Bizkit… ’cause you’re a FAKE!

But I should have never dropped my guard
So you could stab me in the back
But you were faking me out
Just faking me out you wear a mask
Freaking me out you wear a mask called counterfeit

~ Counterfeit ~

And as Forrest Gump says…

Let’s get this weekend party started, folks!

What to Watch Today Instead of NASCAR ~ And Sad NHRA News… :(

Quick story before I get rolling here. I’d been putting off getting new wiper blades for my car, even though they’ve been a bit streaky, because the damn things are expensive!

The passenger side took a total shit yesterday so I went to Advance Auto Parts to pick up a pair. The kid, Mike, behind the counter offered to help and I said, “No thanks, I’ve got this.”

Well… gone are the paper catalogs. They’ve been replaced by this little computerized EZ Finder or some shit that totally sucks! Ya have to scroll through like 17 screens to get to your part number. I’m halfway through my lookup when Mike comes over and asks if I’m having trouble.

Prior to my current job I sold auto parts for about 14 years, so I kinda had a handle on things!

“NOPE! Got it under control!”

I grab my blades; the 24″ driver side is $21 and the 18″ passenger side is $17! WHEW! Back in the day, I’d sell an entire case of blades for what I just paid for two! That smartass offered to install them, too! I was like, “DUDE, I got this!”

I didn’t install them in the lot because I was sorta in a hurry. A few hours later I go out to stick ’em on… When I pull the drivers side out of the package, it’s definitely not 24″ and it’s certainly used! SON OF A BITCH!!!

I run back up to Advance and as soon as I walk in the door that asshole asks, “Shall I look up the right one for you?” I immediately begin to see red and my first thought is, “Mike, you’re gonna have a rough time working behind that counter in a wheelchair!”

So I told him… “Mike, I sold auto parts for 14 years. I don’t make mistakes. But you apparently did, because someone returned a used blade and you gave them $21 for it. Just swap this out for a new one.” Mike asks, “Do you have your receipt?”

HOLY FUCK! Shit’s about to get real!

I’m pretty sure Mike sensed my growing anger and said not to worry about it. I said, “I’m not… thanks!”

Would you believe that fucker asked if I wanted him to install it while I was heading for the exit?

Thank GOD my little one was with me or I woulda shoved 24 inches of $21 wiper blade up his ass!

Damn… I got all pissed off again while writing that! Deep breath, Greg!

On to NASCAR… my least favorite racing series is in Las Vegas this weekend…

Las Vegas Tri Oval

… Even though I’ve sworn off watching NASCAR, there’s a good chance I’ll watch at least some of this race because I love Vegas! I also wanna see if dear Danica crashes again like she has in the first two races so far. She’s a horrible driver. Her average start this year is 30th of 43 drivers and her average finish is 38th! She’s only completed 451 laps of 512 thus far. She’s got 0 top fives, 0 top tens and hasn’t sat on the pole, except for Ricky Stenhouse Jr.’s that is!

If you’d prefer to watch something other than NASCAR, Ransom is on TNT at the same time! It stars that batshit crazy Mel Gibson… or, watch Machete on AMC… Jessica Alba is in that one…

Jessica Alba Ass

… oof!

I’m sorta sad there’s no drag racing on today. They had their first eliminations on February 9th and continued on February 23rd… but won’t race again ’til next week!

I’m also sorta sad that my favorite drag racing girl, Courtney Force…

Courtney Force Gas Can

… is now dating some dude who has a really gay name: Graham!


But his last name is Rahal… yeah, his Dad is Bobby Rahal who is worth $62 Million, so I guess I understand the “attraction.” Girls be all about money!

Enjoy your Sunday, folks!

Oh I’m Gonna Combine Forces with my Ex Wife…

Bernie cat

Yeah… I just said that, but check this out…

Today was my company picnic and my ex wife has the girls this weekend, but was kind enough to let me pick them up so I could take them with me.

When I stopped by to pick up the girls, their neighbor called me over to talk with her. She started complaining about shit that a normal neighbor couldn’t care less about…

But these neighbors are bat shit crazy. They hate kids. They hate dogs. I don’t think they even like other people. They lead miserable lives; their intention is to ruin everyone else’s fun… they call the cops because of kids having fun. They call the cops because of fires.

Now… when I used to live there, I would kiss their asses just to keep the peace and all was fine. I’m a salesman and know how to deal with different people in different ways. But now that I’m gone my ex wife, who is Italian and pretty bull headed, struggles to get along with these people.

Anyway… as our divorce was progressing, I gave my ex extra time to take over the house to decrease the turbulence with the kids, because I don’t want them to have to move again. I’ll never force their Mom to have to move them…

Well.. today, this neighbor lady pointed out the fact that my name is still on a bunch of stuff related to the house and pretty much implied that she might sue ME if it comes down to it. REALLY? For what, exactly? If ya wanna fight, lady, let’s fight! I’ll kick your pudgy ass in court, bitch! When my kids are involved… ya don’t wanna mess with me! YOU WILL LOSE!

So… my ex and I are gonna start working with these people to smooth things over with these idiots…

I’ll keep y’all posted on how things go…


Navigating the road with other “Drivers”….

I consider myself an above average driver. In almost 24 years of driving I’ve lost control of my vehicle only twice; both times before the age of 18 and both times in this wonderful Ohio snow.

The first time, I think I was 16, I was driving my girlfriend home in a pretty good snowstorm and up ahead I saw what I thought was a raccoon or something… I swerved around it, it was actually a plastic bag, and the car turned sideways into a ditch…

The second time, and I believe it was only a few months later so maybe I was 17, my buddy Vince and I were coming back after tearing down the audio at the end of a wedding reception (Vince and I would help his girlfriend’s Dad, a DJ, set up his equipment before wedding receptions and then tear it down after) in a blizzard and I lost it in the snow, turning the front end of the car into the guardrail, effectively killing it!

Since then, all of my cars have been safe and uncrashed…. that includes an ’87 Mustang, a ’93 Mustang ragtop…


…a ’97 F-150, an ’01 Focus, an ’03 Taurus (man I miss my Fords!) and my current ’08 Jetta!

Nowadays, cruisin’ around town is basically an exercise in protecting my Jetta, and its contents, from idiotic drivers on the road! Here are some types of drivers that aggravate me the most… in no particular order…

  1. What’s a Turn Signal? ~ These drivers are extremely dangerous! They’ll be driving ahead of me and, out of the blue, stab the brakes at a side street and turn! Every time, I’m like, “JESUS” and wanna chase ’em and wreck ’em! A variant of this type is the “late turn signal” driver. They’ll jam on the brakes, then hit the turn signal. I wanna hurt those ones too! What’s a Turn Signal?s also create mayhem where 4-way stop signs are involved.
  2. Slow Poke ~ These are usually old people. They go 17 in a 35 zone and hit the brakes every 12 seconds for some reason. Slow Pokes are usually a polar opposite to What’s a Turn Signal?s as they’ll hit the turn signal about 3 miles before they actually turn!
  3. The Accelerator ~ Grrrr… these ones really piss me off! They’re usually young punks in pimped out Asian cars. When turning onto a street, I see the oncoming car is about 300 feet away, so I turn in front of them… AND THEY ACCELERATE to ride up on my ass even though I turned with more than enough room! To combat those douchebags, oftentimes I’ll slow down and just let’em ride on my ass or, for even more fun, I’ll turn on my turn signal for a bit so they’ll fall back, then turn it off… Repeat… Repeat… A word of caution: NEVER brake check anyone, especially The Accelerator, because they’ll rear end you and ruin your shit!
  4. The Brake Checker ~ This is usually The Accelerator drivin’ slow in their cheap ass slammed Civic, thinkin’ people are checkin’ it out, though it can even be a Slow Poke… either way, if ya get too close they stand on the brakes with both feet hoping you rear end ’em. I’ve never met a The Brake Checker I didn’t want to decapitate!
  5. The Teenager ~ Need I say more? The only thing in their car they know how to operate is their cell phone.

That summarizes all the idiocy I encounter just driving around town… Once on the turnpike, the dynamic changes. See, I make pretty regular trips out to Hanover, PA, so I spend a lot of time on the Pennsylvania and Ohio turnpikes… Here are those offenders…

  1. Holiday Drivers ~ These drivers have no clue. Left lane, center lane, right lane… it doesn’t matter! They’re all over the freakin’ highway, normally changing Spongebob Squarepants DVDs for their kids while not paying attention to the road. The only times I’ve seen accidents on the turnpikes is around a holiday. Go figure…
  2. High Speed Lane Hoggers ~ These are the idiots who get in the left lane and set their cruise at the posted speed limit, which nobody adheres to! Holiday Drivers always do this because they don’t understand that whole “slower traffic stay to the right” thing. When it’s not a holiday, Michigan and Indiana drivers are the biggest offenders…
  3. Low Speed Lane Hoggers ~ These fuckers hang in the right lane at about 140 miles an hour. They’re usually from The Accelerator crowd…
  4. Drowsy Truck Drivers ~ Need I say more? These dudes are either extremely tired or gettin’ a blow job from the girl they picked up at the last rest stop. Either way, they drift off the side of the road and hit the rumble strips for a quarter mile; then wave at me when I accelerate past them!
  5. Multiple Lane Changers ~ Drift across lanes with no apparent agenda! I’m actually one of these while avoiding all of the above…!
  6. Those Not Ready to Pay their Toll ~ Holy shit, idiot… when you got on the turnpike, you received a ticket that said how much it would cost you to exit that turnpike. You knew 236 miles ago that you had to pay $21.15 to get off, yet you get to the toll booth and dig through your purse for 7 minutes to scrounge up the cash. Fuck you! You are wasting my very valuable time…

I’m sure I’ve forgotten something, but this is what I’ve got for now….

~ Until we meet again…

Mid-week NASCAR Update ~ Dale Jr. is Out of the Chase…

At the conclusion of last week’s race at Talladega, on the last turn, there was a multi car crash that took out most of the field, including Dale Earnhardt Jr. It was a pretty normal crash for Talladega, but Jr. was PISSED! He went on this rant following the mayhem:

And the entire interview (I highlighted some comments that caught my attention):

How would you define that race? It was just crazy at the end.

If this is what we did every week I wouldn’t be doing it I will just put it to you like that. If this is how we raced every week I would find another job.

What was that last lap like? Normally you guys are three wide, but this time you were four and five wide?

That is what the package is doing. It’s really not racing. I don’t know it’s a little disappointing how that all went down. That cost a lot of money right there. If this is how we are going to race and that is how we are going to continue to race and nothing is going to change I think NASCAR should build the cars. It would save us a lot of money.

You’ve raced a lot of crazy Talladegas; what makes this one different? You used to love racing here.

You just can’t get away from each other that good.

I know it sucks for you guys but for the fans it’s awesome to watch.

Really? It’s not safe. Wrecking like that is ridiculous. It’s blood-thirsty if that is what people want. It’s ridiculous.

What changes would you like to see?

The way we are going ain’t the right direction. There are plenty of engineers out there I’m just a driver. There are plenty of smart people out there that can figure something out where when one guy gets in trouble we don’t have 30 cars tore up at the expense of it. I mean it’s awesome in a word and everybody can get on the chip about it and get excited about all that which just happened, but for the longevity of the sport that ain’t healthy. I don’t care what anybody says for the good of the sport I mean it’s good for the here and now and it will get people talking today, but for the long run that is not going to help the sport the way that race ended and the way the racing is. It’s not going to be productive for years to come. I don’t even want to go to Daytona or Talladega next year, but I ain’t got much choice.

Okay, Dale, you just bitched about your job. You blasted NASCAR, which is ALWAYS a no-no. Then you had a little temper tantrum against the fans and what they supposedly want. And then another one against your boss, Rick Hendrick; by giving you no choice of where you race.

This happened on Sunday… THEN, this morning, my twitter lights up:

Dale Jr. not racing this Saturday at Charlotte and next Sunday at Kansas.

Wait, what?

Apparently, he was diagnosed with being generally less intelligent than a toddler a concussion yesterday.

I’m no doctor (though I do perform mammograms), but I noticed no concussion symptoms in the above video. He’s no different in that video than any of his other pre or post race interviews, Wrangler commercials and Nationwide Insurance commercials. He always sounds dumb, but this time he was pissed.

I believe NASCAR wanted him parked for freaking out. To come out and say that, however, would cause Jr. Nation (his dumb fans) to go absolutely apeshit.

So they used the concussion story. What does this mean for Jr.? He’s got no chance of making a run for the Sprint Cup Championship. He’s 11th in the standings, 51 points back from leader Brad Keselowski. Missing two of the final six races effectively ends his season.

Ouch. Dumbass!

Red Bull is Sponsoring This Man’s Impending Suicide

I’ve always wanted to go skydiving or bungee jumping. Seems like either activity would be one hell of a thrill! Every time the subject comes up with someone who has done one or the other I get all fired up to participate and almost immediately talk myself out of it.

It’s not because I suffer from a fear of heights; I don’t. It’s more the sudden stop that occurs when your ‘chute or cord fails and your body smashes into the earth or a piranha infested river. I refuse to take that risk.

Others do take that risk and Red Bull is willing to plaster their name all over an event that will almost certainly result in death.

The guy who’s gonna die… his name’s Felix Baumgartner. His goal is to “skydive” from an altitude of 120,000 feet some time this summer!?! I did some lazy research and found out that most jumps are in the 3,000 to 13,000 foot range. So this dude is bat shit crazy!

Yesterday he did a test jump from only (ONLY!) 71,000 feet. Dude floated way up there, dangling from a big ass helium balloon, and then jumped. His body reached almost 365 miles an hour while plummeting towards earth. The test was a success.

But the ultimate mission, dubbed the Red Bull Stratos (because he’ll be jumping from the stratosphere), is what’s gonna kill him.

Apparently there’s very little atmosphere at the 120,000 feet this guy wants to jump from. Little atmosphere means little drag; they’re saying he’ll (his body) probably break the sound barrier (some 700 miles per hour) on this jump.

I don’t think the human body is designed to move that fast. Hell… In the ’40s, AIRPLANES started to act all weird at that speed. And airplanes are made of steel or aluminum. I know… he’s gonna be wearing a pressurized “spacesuit” and whatnot… but that ain’t gonna make no difference. Ya know what’s gonna happen to this guy?

He’s gonna enter the actual atmosphere on this jump and his body’s gonna burn up. Someone’s gonna be grillin’ for their 4th of July party and a smoking penis is gonna land in their backyard.

That’s my prediction.

Full story HERE

Yet Another Reason NOT to Vote for Rick Santorum

I’ve never been a fan of this knucklehead.

I’ve always been a fan of porn.


If elected, he promises to “vigorously” enforce laws that “prohibit distribution of hardcore (obscene) pornography on the Internet, on cable/satellite TV, on hotel/motel TV, in retail shops and through the mail or by common carrier.”

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/03/14/vigorous-santorum-crackdown-may-catch-internet-porn-viewers-with-pants-down/#ixzz1pDOPrkrt