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My Blog is Too Sexy

As of right now, I have 100,505 views of this little blog ~ in just under ten months. Compared to real blogs, I’m certain that’s not a lot of traffic. However, it’s a lot of traffic to me!

It appears as though I’ve written my blog into a corner… But what a sexy corner it is! See, a whopping 80% of my “readers” arrive here after searching for pictures on Google. What, or who, are they searching for, you ask? Here are the top ten search terms people typed in to Google and found forshiggles (I attached the corresponding pics):

Kate Upton

Sofia Vergara

Adam Levine

Kim Kardashian

It’s funny… This is the only picture I’ve put up of Kim. I personally think her ass is gross; but it comes in at number four of all time…

Jessica Biel ass

Courtney Force

On the right….C’mon now! she’s a race car driver!

Jennie Finch

Erika Eleniak

Kate Upton boobs

Heather Kozar

Can you believe, for all the yapping I do about Danica Patrick, she comes in at number eighteen? Shocking!

It’s obvious that very few people come here for my writing. I’m an okay writer, I guess. Perhaps I need to diversify a bit more.

I am grateful that a lot of people found this blog by searching Hurler’s Syndrome. They then moved on to my friend’s site that details the struggles his family endures  while his twin boys battle this terrible genetic disorder. Did they donate money? I dunno… I sure hope someone did!

I also got a lot of traffic from people searching for the names of the four Brunswick children killed in the horrible accident on June 3rd of this year. I asked for help. A lot of people clicked over to the site that, at the time, was selling t-shirts to raise money for the families. Did they buy a shirt, or donate, to help out. Again, I dunno… I can only hope.

It’s 5:00 am and I need to get some sleep. It’s sort of funny, some of the big time bloggers I read talk about writing while in their underwear. This is the first time I’ve done it and, ya know what, it’s quite wonderful! I should do it more often!

Always remember…. Hug your children and love them every day

Sexy Saturday ~ Sports Edition

It’s a big weekend for sports; sports I enjoy, that is.

The NFL draft has been going on since Thursday, and will wrap up this afternoon with rounds four through seven taking place. GO BROWNS! I’m happy with their four selections thus far and am excited to see what they do today (get a wide receiver, guys!).

The NASCAR Nationwide Series race took place under the lights in Richmond, VA last night. The Sprint Cup Series will do the same tonight, so expect a NASCAR update at some point tomorrow.

The NHRA is in Houston, TX this weekend; more qualifying this afternoon and eliminations tomorrow!

With that being said, I’ve been thinking lately of scantily clad athletes, past and present, the last few days. So here goes:

Hope Solo ~ Goalie for the Seattle Sounders Women and United States national soccer teams.

Jennie Finch ~ Gold and silver medal winning pitcher for the USA national softball team.

Steven Jackson ~ Running back for the St. Louis Rams.

Gina Carano ~ MMA fighter.

Anna Kournikova ~ My sources tell me she played tennis.

Carl Edwards ~ My favorite NASCAR driver… when he has his firesuit on and he’s driving the car, that is.

Carolina Solberg Salgado ~ Brazilian beach volleyball player. I was horrified to find out that, for the 2012 London Olympics, the women volleyball players have the option of wearing shorts in addition to tops with sleeves. Please don’t select that option ladies…

Last, but definitely not least, is the Cleveland Browns’ new starting quarterback, Brandon Weeden. This picture’s for my buddy, Brent!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!