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I Feel Bad for John Force… :(

Greased Lightning

The National Hot Rod Association is the governing body for drag racing. It was founded in 1951 by Wally Parks to “create order from chaos” and legitimize popular illegal racing…

…by taking it to a controlled, safer, environment with rules.

It’s a fascinating sport to watch! Oh yeah, it IS a sport! Without a doubt the best motorsport, in my opinion!

I’ve had people rip on me for watching it because it’s “just a couple cars going in a straight line.” Those same people can’t even properly operate a 200 HP street car. I’d love to see ’em try to wheel a 10,000 HP Dragster or Funny Car, especially when shit like THIS can happen:

Nope, not for me! I’ll leave it to the pros.

NHRA drag racing is a small, niche market sport. People love it or, as I mentioned above, people think it’s stupid! I’ve made no less than 20 people drag racing fans for life, however, over my 25 years being a fan! When I get them to a live event and they see their first Funny Car or Dragster race, they’re hooked!

I didn’t realize just how small the NHRA is, from a revenue standpoint, until I researched it today. The NHRA generates about $150 million in revenue a year. That sounds respectable until you compare it to the $10 BILLION a year NFL. Back in 2006, the NHRA was sold for $121 million. The shitty NFL Buffalo Bills just sold for $1.4 BILLION!

Alright, it’s not fair to compare drag racing to the NFL, so lets try a motorsports comparison. NASCAR brings in $3.1 BILLION a year!

Why is the NHRA such small beans? It’s not a lack of excitement, because drag racing is WAY better than NASCAR! It all boils down to TV money!

All stick and ball sports (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL), and even NASCAR, are able to sign very lucrative TV and cable provider deals.

Why can’t the NHRA do the same?

It simply comes down to the live experience and the nature of drag racing. A full weekend of racing involves 4 rounds of qualifying over two days to set the field for 4 rounds of elimination on Sunday. Each day of drag racing takes anywhere from 6 to 8 hours. That shit just can’t be televised live. Cars break on the track and there’s a shit ton of down time when that happens.

“NASCAR cautions, after a crash, only take a few minutes to clean up the track so why does drag racing cleanup take so long?”

That’s a great question! Most NASCAR tracks are a mile or longer. The racing surface, while somewhat important for tire wear, isn’t as important as individual car setup. Oil dry can be used to clean up any chemicals spilled on the track, so it’s a quick cleanup!

The NHRA track is a beast of it’s own! It’s coated with a compound called PJ1 TrackBite. Shit’s sticky as hell! It’s the only way drag racing teams can maintain traction with the amount of HP they’re working with, especially the nitro teams. 10,000 HP will go up in smoke without PJ1.

If there’s any kind of liquid on the track after a car crashes or blows up, the NHRA has to essentially re-prepare the track, otherwise there could be severely dangerous conditions. That cleanup can take about 15 minutes!

Basically, NHRA events are too damn long to televise. Nobody’s gonna watch racing when there are 15 minutes of track cleanup after a car pukes oil all the way down the track. I’ve been to several Sunday elimination days and those days take about 6 hours to complete. The NHRA takes all the footage, cuts out the downtime and puts together a presentable 2-3 hour show which doesn’t air until 9:00 or later on Sunday.

Because of those issues, the NHRA can’t get those lucrative TV contracts that most other sports can.

Having said all that, NHRA teams have to rely heavily on corporate sponsorship to keep their very expensive teams afloat because they don’t have TV money to share. Last year I was all pissed off because two of John Force Racing’s sponsors, Ford and Castrol Oil, are pulling their money out of top level drag racing.

I can’t understand why sponsors are leaving John Force Racing. Of the last 23 years, John Force has won 16 Championships of his own and 2 others as a team owner! Anybody know of any team in any sport that has dominated 78% of a quarter century?

John is working hard to secure sponsors for upcoming seasons. I fear one of those sponsors will be freakin’ Toyota

This past week, however, shit took a turn for the worse for Team Force. Long time teammate and current tuner & crew chief of Force’s Castrol Mustang, Jimmy Prock, got fired.


Actually, that fucking whore Prock was making calls to other teams looking for a job after 16 years of gainful employment with John Force Racing. Force got a call from another owner as a heads up, confronted Prock about it and Prock said he was quitting after this season. Force let him go immediately.

John Force is 36 points away from his 17th championship with only two races to go. He had the following to say about moving forward without Jimmy Prock and I totally agree:

I am going after this championship and I am going after it with the people that will stay with me for the long haul. That is what I owe my sponsors and fans.  As much as I want No. 17, not even for a championship will I race with somebody that I know is leaving me.

This final quote by Force is what made me sad. He is, hands down, the best driver to ever wheel a car in the NHRA. He has helped to BUILD the NHRA over three decades. I go to races and the majority of the fans are clustered around the Force cars in the area known as Nitro Alley, where the teams tune their cars between rounds.

I am a big boy and I’m going to put this team back together. I am going to fight, win or lose. If we get No. 17, great, but if we don’t I know I will have gone down with people that believe in me, that trust in me and that will stand by me, not just in good times but in bad times. I am not just racing for this championship; I am racing for the next 10 years.

John Force shouldn’t be putting anything back together, because he’s the best ever.

Sexy Saturday ~ For Once, an Ass I Don’t Like!

Outside of a great personality, a sense of humor, loyalty, honesty, generosity, etc…

Pink Ass

…I sure do like a fantastic ass on a woman. Definitely my favorite physical feature!

As everyone knows, you just can’t be critical of any woman’s ass, at least not out loud!

So let’s shift gears a bit today and be critical of an ass that really doesn’t look too good.

That would be the 2015 Mustang. I’ve been seeing spy photos of this thing for the last year or so and haven’t been very impressed, because I really like the current body style..

2014 Front

… nice from the front…

2014 Rear

… and equally nice from the rear! It certainly isn’t as sexy as Eleanor, though it bears some resemblance…


Okay. I take that back! Not even close!

Ford has decided to mangle rework the body of the 2015, or 6th generation, Mustang.

I scraped some pictures of the thing from Ford’s website! So here goes…



… the rims are definitely pretty!

The speedometer shows your ground speed which is nice!


One thing I’ve struggled with is the new front end treatment.


It looks a lot like a Fusion.

Fusion Front

C’mon, Ford, why make your sports car, the ultimate pony car, look like a grocery go getter? I understand a lot of automakers like to make their entire lineup look similar, but the real hot cars, like the Mustang, should stand out from the rest of the cars on the lot!

I have warmed up to this car a bit because, shot from the right angle, anything can look decent.



I just don’t like the ass end of this car for some reason.


It looks squashed and slanted all weird!

I like what ya did with the body lines and rear quarter flares but ya totally screwed up the rear treatment for this car Ford…

1965 Mustang

Now that’s a nice lookin’ ass! Remember that, Ford, when you re-engineer this car in several months because sales are down!

Other notable Mustangs for Sexy Saturday?

John Force’s, who is leading the NHRA Championship…

John Force Night

… or Trevor Bayne’s Mustang which is tied for the NASCAR Nationwide Series lead…


… Even Carl Edwards’ Fusion is leading NASCAR’s premier Sprint Cup Series!

Edwards Fusion

… so Ford is kicking ass in all forms of four wheel motorsports!

Anyway… that is all the sexy Ford I can handle right now…

For the women, and men who like men, here’s the Australian engineered and Canadian built Holden car that Chevy likes to call a Camaro…

2010 Chevrolet Camaro

Not a Chevrolet… Not a Camaro until at least 2015 when it might be built here in the states!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, folks!

The 2014 NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series has their First Eliminations Today!


Hellz yeah! I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t paid a lot of attention to the sports world. The last few days I’ve seen NHRA updates on Facebook and Twitter but thought there was just some testing going on.

Nope! They’re RACING this weekend in Pomona, California for the Circle K NHRA Winternationals! I just saw that all three John Force Racing Funny Cars are in. That’s John Force, Robert Hight and the lovely Courtney Force; qualified 1,2 and 7 respectively.

John broke national records for Elapsed Time (3.966 seconds) and Speed (324.12 MPH)! WOW! That is 5 MPH faster than 2nd place Robert. What a great way to begin his title defense!

Oh yeah… and John’s other daughter Brittany qualified 8th in Top Fuel Dragster!

Speaking of John Force Racing… as I mentioned in August, Ford and Castrol, long time sponsors, are both leaving the team after this season. He’s now forced to find about $10 million a year to keep the team going. They announced the other day that Peak Antifreeze and BlueDEF Diesel Exhaust Fluid have joined the team as associate sponsors. The press release didn’t mention the dollar amount, but being an associate sponsor doesn’t pay that much!

John Force Peak

L to R: Robert Hight, Brittany, Courtney, John and some dude from Peak Antifreeze

John Force had this to say:

We are excited to add PEAK and BlueDEF to the John Force Racing team. We pride ourselves on treating all of our sponsors like family for more than three decades. Bringing PEAK and BlueDEF into the family will make us stronger in 2014 and for many years to come. We have had a lot of conversations about the future and I know this will be a great deal for everyone.

With Ford leaving though, the John Force Funny Cars will not return next year as “Mustangs.”

Mustang Funny Car

This saddens me greatly because I’m a Ford guy…. and if he jumps in bed with Toyota I may not follow the team any more. I realize it’s just a different wrap on the car, but still, Toyota? Nope!

Anyway, keep your eyes on Courtney this year as a potential Champ… did I ever mention that we met her a couple years ago?

Courtney Force & Alexis

I so wanted to get a picture with her, but the kids come first!

Courtney won this Pomona race last year…

Courtney Force Winternationals Win

… and went on to win another at New England. She really developed some consistency in the second half of the season, going to the semifinals 4 times and runner up once in the final 11 races!

It kinda sucks, though… they’re racing right now at Pomona (Started at 11:00 PST), but the coverage is on a six hour tape delay, so I gotta avoid Twitter and Facebook because of potential spoilers ’til 8:00 when ESPN2 airs it!

In the meantime, here are some drag racing fun facts:

One Top Fuel Dragster’s 500-inch Hemi makes more horsepower than the first 4 rows of NASCAR race cars at Daytona. That’s 8 cars!

Fun Hemi fact: Ford was running engines with hemispherical combustion chambers long before Chrysler/Dodge/Plymouth ever did. Chrysler just marketed it first!

These cars don’t run on gasoline, but 90% nitromethane…


… and 10% methanol. If you’re within 50 feet of one of these cars while they’re running, the fumes burn your nose, mouth and eyes like you wouldn’t believe… It’s freakin’ awesome!

Under full throttle, a dragster engine consumes 1 1/2 gallons of nitromethane per second, the same rate of fuel consumption as a fully loaded 747 but with 4 times the energy volume.

The supercharger takes more power to drive than a stock Hemi makes.

Even with nearly 3000 CFM of air being rammed in by the supercharger on overdrive, the fuel mixture is compressed into nearly-solid form before ignition. Cylinders run on the verge of hydraulic lock.

Dual magnetos apply 44 amps to each spark plug. This is the output of an arc welder in each cylinder.

At stoichiometric (exact) 1.7:1 air/fuel mixture (for nitro), the flame front of nitromethane measures 7050 degrees F.

Brittany Force Night

Nitromethane burns yellow. The spectacular white flame seen above the stacks at night is raw burning hydrogen, dissociated from atmospheric water vapor by the searing exhaust gases.

Spark plug electrodes are totally consumed during a pass. After half track, the engine is dieseling from compression-plus the glow of exhaust valves at 1400 degrees F. The engine can only be shut down by cutting off its fuel flow.

If spark momentarily fails early in the run, unburned nitro builds up in those cylinders and then explodes with a force that can blow cylinder heads off the block in pieces or blow the block in half.

Antron Brown Explosion

Dragsters twist the crank (torsionally) so far (20 degrees in the big end of the track) that sometimes cam lobes are ground offset from front to rear to re-phase the valve timing somewhere closer to synchronization with the pistons.

A Top Fuel dragster leaves the starting line with a force of 5 Gs, the same force of the space shuttle when it leaves the launch pad at Cape Canaveral.

If all the equipment is paid off, the crew worked for free, and for once NOTHING BLOWS UP, each run costs $1000.00 per second.

A Top Fuel dragster accelerates from 0 to 100 mph in less than .8-second, almost 11 seconds quicker than it takes a production Porsche 911 Turbo to reach the same speed…

A Funny Car is slowed by a reverse force more than 7 Gs when both parachutes deploy simultaneously.

Top Fuel dragsters and Funny Cars use between 10 and 12 gallons of fuel for a complete pass, including the burnout, backup to the starting line, and thousand foot run.

NHRA Top Fuel dragsters can exceed 280 mph in just 660 feet.

From a standing start, Top Fuel dragsters accelerate faster than a jumbo jet, a fighter jet, and a Formula One race car.

A fuel pump for a Top Fuel dragster or Funny Car delivers 65 gallons of fuel per minute, equivalent to eight bathroom showers running at the same time.

The fuel-line pressure for Top Fuel dragsters and Funny Cars is between 400 and 500 pounds, about 20 times greater than the pressure on passenger-car fuel pumps.

Depending on size and angle, the large rear wing on a Top Fuel dragster develops between 4,000 and 8,000 pounds of downforce.

The 17-inch rear tires used on Top Fuel dragsters and Funny Cars wear out after four to six runs, or about two miles. Some brands of passenger-car tires are guaranteed for 80,000 miles.

It takes just 15/100ths of a second for all 7,000 horsepower of a Top Fuel dragster engine to reach the rear wheels.

It’s desirable for a Top Fuel dragster to race with its front wheels inches off the ground for about the first 200 feet of the run. This ensures proper weight transfer to the rear wheels, a crucial part of a good launch and quick run.

The nitromethane used to power the engines of Top Fuel dragsters and Funny Cars costs about $30 per gallon.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday folks!

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month ~ Let’s Celebrate the Fastest Tits in Town!

Breast Cancer Ribbon

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I know a few women who have been affected by this terrible disease and a few who have had scares but, thankfully, negative biopsy results. Annual screenings are incredibly important, ladies!

If you watch football, you’ll notice all the players are wearing pink shoes, gloves and towels starting this week. The NFL runs a campaign throughout October, “A Crucial Catch,” that raises money via merchandise sales and online auctions. These proceeds go to the American Cancer Society.

NASCAR teams also go pink to raise money for the cause…

Danica Pink

GoDaddy said it will donate $50,000 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation and contribute a portion of proceeds from team merchandise sold at the track. Good for them for helping to raise money, but fuck NASCAR!

They sell Danica Patrick as a “super star” when she clearly isn’t. Ya wanna know who the real female super star is in motor sports? If you’re a regular reader here you know where I’m going with this…

That’s right, folks, Courtney Force!  

Courtney Force signing

Like Danica, Courtney is pretty as hell. The difference here is that Courtney is actually competitive in her sport! Going into this weekend’s race in Reading, Pennsylvania, Courtney is seventh in points and a contender for the Funny Car championship! Oh yeah, her Funny Car looks BAD ASS this weekend…

Courtney Force Pink Car

Courtney Force Pink


…As does her sister, Brittany’s, dragster…

Brittany Force Pink Dragster

Brittany Force Pink


… John Force Racing and the NHRA has teamed up with Lionel Racing for their “Paint the Track Pink” campaign to sell merchandise in an effort to raise money for breast cancer awareness, research and prevention. I think I’m gonna buy a couple die cast replicas to support the cause!

Kudos to Team Force for their efforts to make a difference!

Courtney is also making a difference on the track! Yesterday, in the first round of qualifying, she went faster than any Funny Car driver has ever gone with a 4.02 pass at 329.42 miles per hour! That’s a world record, folks! This girl ain’t no joke!

Furthermore, in that same race, which was against her Dad, John Force, John was the first Funny Car driver to run a pass in under 4 seconds, at 3.98! Here’s the proof (Courtney’s time/speed on the left, John’s on the right):

Force Traps

What an amazing race that was! Courtney actually lost the race against her Dad… She was faster but he was quicker!

Cheers to the fastest tits in motor sports!

Courtney Force Gas Can


Tune in to ESPN 2 tomorrow night to see if Courtney can pull off a win and inch closer to a Funny Car championship!

Enjoy your weekend, folks!

More John Force Racing News….


Here are some snippets from THIS article. It’s more horrible racing news to go with what I mentioned a few weeks ago about John Force Racing.

JFR is losing about $8 million in sponsorship money from Ford when they pull out of the nitro cars after next season; they’ve been a sponsor for 16 years. That’s 40% of JFR’s annual budget. Castrol motor oil is also leaving him. They’ve been a sponsor for 29 years!

He may switch from a funny car to a dragster, which I can tolerate. The problem, for me as a Ford fan, is Team Force won’t be driving “Mustangs” come 2015. Chevrolet, Toyota, and Dodge are still in the sport, so if he remains in a funny car, he’ll be in one of those, as well as his daughter, Courtney and son-in-law, Robert Hight. My guess is it’ll be Toyota. Yuck!

Will I now have to break up with Team Force? I dunno just yet. Right now I feel like I’ll stick around, but you’ll never hear me cheer for Toyota… just the money they’ll pump into the team!

Now John Force isn’t gonna just sit back and wait for what happens next.

He’s gonna be proactive and do a few things here… One is start another reality show since his last one, Driving Force, did pretty well.

This quote made me feel sorta sad, though…

I’m on the market again. For the first time since I got into this sport, I’m a free agent. Let’s see if my name can keep my businesses alive.

…so he hired a couple marketing firms that will begin the search for sponsors to replace Ford & Castrol.

I’m certain John Force Racing will be just fine… I just don’t believe a team that has won 17 of the last 21 funny car championships couldn’t be. Hell, all three JFR funny cars are in the NHRA “playoffs” this year, so they have a nice shot at #18!

If all else fails, Courtney could do more nude photo shoots…

Courtney Force Naked on Tire

Sad Racing News….

No… Nobody died, thank God. But three time NASCAR Champ, Tony Stewart, won’t be participating in the final 13 races this year.

Tony Stewart Tubby

See, Tony broke his leg back on August 5th in a sprint car race. Actually he broke both bones in his lower right leg. This required two surgeries, one resulting in a metal rod being inserted somewhere. He was initially only going to miss a few weeks it seemed, but today it was announced he’s done for the season.

Now I’m not particularly a Stewart fan, but I DO like to watch the dude drive and I love his terrible, whiny attitude.  He’ll be replaced for 12 of the races by the hilarious 54 year old Mark Martin, whose twitter description reads like this:

My best friend is my wife. I love my family, racing, lifting weights, flying jets. Gucci Mane my favorite Rapper. My schedule, swag, and info is on Markmartin.com

That’s just an odd fit… old southern boy from Arkansas and Gucci Mane…

My boy Austin Dillon will drive Stewart’s car at Talladega, because Mark Martin doesn’t like that place! I’m looking forward to Mark driving. I was a big fan when he raced Fords…

Speaking of Ford… In other horrifying racing news, Ford is pulling it’s sponsorship out of the NHRA after the 2014 season. They were spending about $10 Million a year, the majority of it on John Force Racing. I think it’s a bad decision on Ford’s part. John Force shills his sponsors better than anybody in any sport. He’s had Ford backing for 16 years. During that time, John won 9 championships and two of his drivers, Tony Pedregon and Robert Hight won championships as well driving “Mustangs.”

SO FUCK YOU FORD! John Force Racing delivers you 11 championships and you just wanna walk away? No wonder I’m driving a Volkswagen… y’all piss me off!

Now John Force has to find sponsors. I can see Toyota throwing a bunch of money at him…

I’m loyal to a fault, folks, and will not be a John Force fan if he switches to a Toyota Camry.

I’ll always be a fan of his daughter, Courtney, if she continues to do photo shoots like this:

Courtney Force Parachute


Courtney Force Naked


Courtney Force Gas Can

…. Who doesn’t enjoy naked women?

DAMN… Horrible Racing News…


Thankfully, nobody died, though Tony Stewart tried to last week at a sprint car race in Canadia…

Dudes crazy…

I’ve heard the last couple weeks about NASCAR wrapping up its TV deals. The impression I got was that NASCAR dumped TNT and ESPN and signed a multi year deal with NBC… Apparently, that’s not the case…

ESPN walked away from NASCAR so they could dedicate more coverage to Patriot’s roster spot filler, Tim Tebow. Oh… I’m just kidding… ESPN kicked NASCAR to the curb because they, “Had soured on the sport because of declining TV ratings, an aging fan base and a tough ad sales market.”

Oh fuck you ESPN… You only give a shit about NASCAR if someone dies… otherwise, your coverage is horrible.

And Turner… I’ll still watch CSI re-runs on your irrelevant channel. That’s what you’re good for…You can’t afford NASCAR!

The other big racing news this week is that Ford is gonna pull out of NHRA sponsorship after the 2014 season…

That’s gonna affect John Force Racing, to the tune of $10 Million a year… the only major Ford team in NHRA, which is horrible. Also affected will be Bob Tasca, Tim Wilkerson in funny car and Larry Morgan in Pro Stock.

John Force

John Force Racing, winning 17 of the last 21 funny car championships, is more iconic in drag racing than Richard Petty was in NASCAR. Why? Because Force still drives, still wins and still competes at a championship level. And his two daughters — Courtney Force in Funny Car and Brittany, a rookie in Top Fuel — are competing and rapidly becoming stars of the sport.

So fuck you Ford… the best “bang for your buck” is in the NHRA…

Rumor has it that Force could switch manufacturers… If he leaves Ford, I leave Force Racing. Sorry… I’m loyal to Ford and won’t support a team from another manufacturer… many others like me will do the same…

His other option is to switch to a top fuel dragster, like his daughter Brittany… I’ll remain a fan, though it won’t be the same, because he’s a funny car icon…


Hey Cletus… Dat Dere Drag Racin’ Girl is Nekkid!

For those of you who don’t know, ESPN the Magazine runs an issue called “The Body Issue” in which they highlight various athletes in different levels of undress…

I believe it’s ESPN’s way of somehow trying to compete with CNN/Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue, which is impossible! SI puts out stuff like this….

Cintia Dicker NippleCintia Dicker Ass

And this…


See… Both of those women, Cintia Dicker & Danica Patrick are hot ass models… nothing more!

Oh gosh! Here’s one more of Cintia… because I find her incredibly adorable!

Cintia Dicker Nipple

Now ESPN deals only with athletes in their Body Issue… Like this one…

Hope Solo with my hose

That’s bat shit crazy Hope Solo…. USA soccer player. Or this dude…

That’s Atlanta Falcons running back Steven Jackson…

Obviously, ESPN’s offerings aren’t as appealing because we’re dealing with athletes here, not pure models.

Well I believe the next Body Issue, coming out next Friday, July 12th, is gonna be rather appealing! Why?

Because it will be featuring Courtney Force, the National Hot Rod Associations 7th ranked funny car driver… She does this…

A lot of people don’t realize how much these drivers have to train to be able to wheel these cars. Here is a little bit of Courtney’s training regimen…

Between rounds, she spends as much time with fans as possible…

My girls, Courtney & Alexis

My girls, Courtney & Alexis

…you don’t get that kind of attention from models who claim to be race car drivers, like Danica Patrick…

Anyway, like I said, Courtney’s gonna be in The Body Issue. She’s gonna be naked, too! Or partially naked… does it really matter?

The thing that’s important here folks, is that she is an excellent athlete and a really good driver. I may be sensationalizing her up coming nudity here, but I have a ton of respect for her…

She said she passed on doing this photo shoot last year because she wanted to establish herself as a driver first, which she has by winning 3 of 34 races since her debut last year. And, yes, she’s currently 7th place in funny car points this year.

Courtney posted a “teaser” video last week of the photo shoot. Unfortunately, they showed nothing except her in an ESPN bath robe…

Courtney Robe

Oh well… guess we gotta wait ’til next Friday…

Enjoy your Independence Day, everyone!

NHRA Update! Courtney Gets Her First Wally!

I usually mix my NHRA news in with my NASCAR updates but yesterday was special. Courtney Force won her first Wally!

What’s a Wally, you ask? Well, Wally Parks is the guy who founded the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) back in 1951. The trophy the drivers receive after winning a race is a commemoration of Mr. Parks.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m gonna get more into it here. NHRA drag racing isn’t as “simple” as NASCAR in that only one race has to be won. The pro NHRA drivers have to win four races in order to get a Wally! 16 cars qualify and with each race, one is eliminated.

Yesterday, after qualifying somewhat poorly over the weekend, Courtney Force won all four elimination rounds!

Round 1: Courtney vs. Cruz Pedregon. Cruz smokes the tires pretty early and Courtney runs away from him for her fastest pass of the weekend.

Round 2: Courtney vs. Bob Tasca III. Courtney is 2 – 0 against Tasca III in prior events. Tasca smokes the tires and tries to recover it but it isn’t gonna happen. Courtney makes a very nice run, she lose a cylinder just past 600ft but she was already way out in front. Courtney will have lane choice over her Dad, John, in the next round.

Here’s the coolest part of the day, in my opinion. Right before Courtney beat Tasca, John Force took Jack Beckman out… and waited at the top of the track to watch his daughter’s race… and win. I’ve never seen a father’s love of his daughter more evident than when I saw John literally skipping towards Courtney and then picking her up and hugging her. I wish I knew how to pull the video off my DVR because it was a very touching moment.

And this was just Courtney going into the semifinals against her Dad. I knew what was gonna happen there! John would lay down and let Courtney win. As a father… I know I would. I think so, at least! Let’s see what happens!

Round 3: Courtney Force is 1 – 0 against John Force in prior events. Courtney had lane choice over John in this round. John goes up in smoke at the launch. Courtney makes a very clean run and she will go to her 3rd final round and try to pick-up her first ever event win.

Yeah… John let her win… On to the finals (I’ll copy and paste some of what the NHRA puts in their results so you can see it like I do)!

Final Round 4: Courtney Force vs. Matt Hagan.

4:26 p.m. Weather conditions: air temperature 93 degrees, relative humidity 37 percent, barometer 29.58 inches, adjusted altitude 3,335 feet, track temperature 125 degrees. Ed. ~ Weather conditions and altitude have a huge affect on racing results.

Force and Hagan have each won 1 times against the other in prior events and this is the first time they have faced each other in a final round.

Hagan is in his second final round of the year and still looking for the first win of the season. Courtney is in her third final round this season and hasn’t got the win yet. The last time she was racing here she took home the win in the Top Alcohol Dragster class.

Hagan gets the jump on the line and he was out front, but Courtney had the better car and she drives around him at half track; she kept the car right in the groove. She wins her first ever race; the crew is going crazy on the starting line. Courtney makes history with that win as we have three women in the winner’s circle for the first time ever.

Courtney Force’s MOV (margin of victory): 0.0635 seconds (approximately 26 feet).

Courtney Force’s incremental margins (negative if behind): 60ft(-0.021), 330 ft(-0.022), 660ft(0.017). MOV: 0.0635 seconds (approximately 26 feet).

Way to go girl! Much respect!

Mother, Laurie, and Dad, John, with Courtney!

Hug your children and love them every day

Hey Cletus, “Dere’s a racin’ track in Chicago?” ~ Week Twenty One NASCAR Update + NHRA

Yeah, but the hillbillies aren’t allowed in the city… While the Sprint Cup teams were idle this week, the Nationwide Series rolled into Chicagoland Speedway, which is about 45 miles southwest of Chicago in Joliet.

To be honest, most of the race was quite boring and I was more interested in the live NHRA action I discovered. That’s right…Until Sundat, I always thought ESPN3 was a cable channel I didn’t have. Now, I have a pretty nice channel lineup from DirecTV, so I looked online to see what’s up with this ESPN3 the drag racers talk about on twitter. I’m such an idiot… ESPN3 IS A WEBSITE that features live streaming video. Live NHRA can be pretty boring itself when the track workers have to tend to the track between rounds or after crashes…

I know.. not the best video quality, but it’s what I could find. Terrible accident, but Paul Pittman was fine. Notice, at the top of the track, how the safety crews are moving about a second after the car becomes sideways.. The NHRA has fantastic trackworkers… dubbed the Safety Safari.

I guess since I’m on the NHRA, I might as well stick with it and swing back around to NASCAR. All four John Force Mustangs made it through the first round of elimination. It becomes a bit tricky for round two, as Courtney has to race her teammate, brother-in-law and current points leader Robert Hight (I think there’s a lot of inbreeding at John Force Racing…!).

Round two: Mike Neff loses his race, John Force wins his and Courtney takes out Robert. Two Force cars left for round three…

Round three: Here’s where I made a bold prediction: If John and Courtney both win their races and face each other in the finals, Courtney will win her first trophy. How do I know this? Because it’s his daughter! He’ll blow it right at the line so she can win. He’s done it in the past… Didn’t work out that way, however… John lost his race to Jack Beckman via an extremely rare red light. A red light situation is basically when the driver starts to soon. In this race, he left .005 of a second too soon. Not noticeable to the naked eye… but the timing equipment doesn’t lie. Courtney kicked Ron Capps’ ass in her race. She got off the line quicker and ran away from there… textbook win! So Courtney is off to her second final!

Funny Car final: Courtney got off the line quicker over Beckman (In the past, Courtney has struggled with her reaction time off the line. She is clearly improving and will win a race soon) but her car appeared to be a real handful as she was all over the track. All that driving she had to do allowed Beckman to catch and pass her at the stripe. He beat her by .0091 seconds; 4 feet! Again, Courtney is heading in the right direction..

BACK TO NASCAR.. As usual, Danica ran a very pedestrian race. She started thirteenth, hung around all day and finished fourteenth; last car on the lead lap. That’s actually a win for Danica….because she didn’t crash twelve times!

Austin Dillon had a typical Austin Dillon race. Started second, stayed with the leaders all day and finished sixth. Bold prediction: If he continues to do well, which he will, look for him to move up to the Sprint Cup Series driving the old number “3” of the late Dale Earnhardt. The black “3” of Dale Sr. hasn’t seen the track in NASCAR’s top series since he died in it on February 18th of 2001.

Elliott Sadler won the race. Apparently he was sick for several days before the race, and during, and battled through that to win. That’s impressive, as these cars are a bitch to drive when healthy. Regardless, Elliott talks real funny because he’s from Virginia. I enjoy trying to figure out what he’s saying…


Numbers after week twenty one:

Starts Wins Top 5 Top 10 Avg. Start Avg. Finish
18 1 10 14 8.8 7.1

Dale… (Not pictured… instead, one of my favorite pictures of Diane & myself)

Starts Wins Top 5 Top 10 Avg. Start Avg. Finish
19 1 8 14 14.3 8.3


Starts Wins Top 5 Top 10 Avg. Start Avg. Finish
18 0 0 1 13.6 19.6

Hug your children and love them every day

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