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The Pussification of America ~ OMG, GMOs are in my food! Death is Imminent! LOLZ!


IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: I’m not obligated to post links on here from any research I’ve done. Feel free to search the interwebs on your own to look into BOTH sides of this “issue.”

The thing I dislike the most about Facebook, or any social media for that matter, is people forcing their intentions or agenda on me.

Food posts really piss me off! I don’t mean pictures of bacon wrapped in bacon with a side of bacon because that’s delightful! I’m talking about people who share memes or posts claiming that everything you consume will kill you!!!

Yeah… I’ve read how bacon can kill you too!

But… If you really think there are cleaning agents in Lucky Charms or door mat ingredients in Subway’s bread, then don’t buy those products!

(Hint: you’re not smart if you believe that to be true in those words.)

Just don’t tell me and my family we shouldn’t indulge because you thought a social media post fit your agenda, without any REAL research on your part.

The anti-GMO crowd has been the worst lately!

GMO means genetically modified organism and GM Foods are, obviously, foods containing base ingredients that have been genetically modified.

Food biotechnology is nothing new. The practice was in use thousands of years ago when nobody even knew what it was. I’m not sure caveman is the proper term, but who cares; early humans would gather fruit and end up with a surplus that would just sit there in a pile. As that fruit sat and began to decompose, yeast spores in the air made their way into that pile and fermentation occurred… BOOM! ALCOHOL!

At some point, Uga Booga ate a fermented apple and got fucked up on the alcohol! That evolved into this…

… over the years, food science continued to evolve.

A silly thing called a microscope started to show up in laboratories in the late 1500s and a hundred years after it emerged, some dude named Antone van Leeuwenhoek used his to discover microorganisms that would eventually be used in food production.

Couple centuries later, in the late 1800s, some jackass named Louis Pasteur discovered that applying heat to drinks, including milk, would kill off bacteria to improve food hygiene.

I don’t understand why these idiot scientists, who obviously think their shit don’t stink, gotta mess with food and stuff!

Oh wait… they’re trying to streamline the process?

In 1946, some hack scientists figured out that deoxyribonucleic acid (or DNA for you simpletons), can transfer between organisms.

This new technology allowed scientists to begin messing around with certain plants’ DNA and their resulting fruits. One of the first genetically engineered foodstuffs was the Flavr Savr tomato some 20 years ago. Scientists identified a gene that could slow down how fast tomatoes ripen and, ultimately, bruise. Through genetic engineering, they were able to insert that gene into the tomato plant’s DNA to come up with a more durable product. This produced a tomato that could go from the vine to the table with less damage to the fruit.

There’s nothing wrong, or scary, with that!

Okay… there’s WAY too much information on this topic to stick into just one post, so I gotta go!

Stay tuned for more details including some about that “evil” company Monsanto (or JFK’s personal Vietnam chemical producer) for making plant seeds!