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I’m About to Take This Blog on a Wild Ride!


I’m about to go off… There is a lot of shit going on that is really pissing me off lately. Every time I sit down to put my thoughts together to throw ’em up on the interwebs I become quickly overwhelmed.

There’s NO WAY I can put it all into one post, because it would be way too long and, quite frankly, too boring for people nowadays who can only consume 160 characters at a time.

I’ve decided to break all this bullshit into small, easily digestible pieces and will call it the “Pussification of America” series.

My plan here is to touch on a wide range of subjects including, but not limited to:

  • Bullying
  • Education
  • Food
  • Alternative Fuels
  • Barack Fucking Hussein Obama
  • Evil Unions
  • The Medical Industry

There’s a good chance I’m GONNA piss people off but that will only be the close minded liberals Obama supporters union sheep people… I’m good with that! I research my shit; pride myself on that!

If ya wanna go toe to toe with me ya better bring some facts and/or links!

Stay tuned, folks!

I’m 107% Sure We’re All Gonna Die Soon…

Climate Change

Back in 2007, some douchebag named Al Gore quoted a nutty ass climate scientist in saying that by NOW, 2013, the North Polar icecap would be gone.

Unsurprisingly, it’s not.

It’s actually at it’s highest level since 2006! Also, NASA satellite images show that the Arctic polar icecap has grown 60% from last year to this year!

Oh.. and it’s no better if ya go down south and check out the Antarctic ice. The amount of south pole ice is at a 35 year high!

So we’ve got increased ice coming from the north AND the south! What is going on here, folks?

I think I’ve got it figured out! See, these “climate scientists” have an interesting way of collecting and then presenting data. They’ll manipulate select the data they want to use, throw it into a spreadsheet and then form a model based on that data. It’s their projections that are insane!

They’ll say shit like, “Back in the year 1,300 the temperatures were…” WHAT? You all got a DeLorean with a Flux Capacitor strapped to it that we don’t know about? Temperatures have only been recorded for like the last 200 years… Most of these scientific (scientists receiving money from Obama various governments, by the way) projections are pure bullshit!

I figured I’d do my own research because I don’t trust these scientists… I put on my climate scientist hat and went to work! What I found based on my research was absolutely shocking.

We’re all gonna be dead… soon!

Date Temp (F) Snow
5-Dec 42 0
6-Dec 28 3
7-Dec 14 7
8-Dec 0 11
9-Dec -14 15
10-Dec -28 19
11-Dec -42 23
12-Dec -56 27
13-Dec -70 31
14-Dec -84 35
15-Dec -98 39
16-Dec -112 43
17-Dec -126 47
18-Dec -140 51
19-Dec -154 55
20-Dec -168 59
21-Dec -182 63
22-Dec -196 67
23-Dec -210 71
24-Dec -224 75
25-Dec -238 79

As you can see in my chart above, yesterday it was 42 degrees around here and there was no snow. Temperatures dropped overnight, though, and it was 28 degrees on the way home according to my Jetta! The snow started flying a few hours ago….

Based on my research, these trends WILL continue and, come Christmas, the temperature will be around minus 238 degrees and we’ll have received nearly six and a half feet of snow!

So cuddle up folks! Shit’s about to get really cold…and snowy! Unless I’m wrong!

My Thoughts on this Current Government Shutdown…


I really don’t like writing about politics on here. Politics are so damn ugly and have the potential to mar this beautiful website; I’d rather talk about sexy stuff like exotic dancers, or NFL football or hot girls driving 10,000 HP funny cars…

I’m gonna start with a football analogy. Last year the Cleveland Browns were an inept football team. Couldn’t run… couldn’t pass… Was it necessarily because of the players? I don’t believe so. Cleveland had a horrible coaching staff…. Head coach Pat Fucking Shurmer didn’t know how to make his team work together; he forced his system onto the athletes instead of playing to their strengths. The result? A shitty team with shitty results…

It was a lack of good leadership that killed the Browns the last year and years before…

Let’s talk politics now…

On January 20th of 2009, the ultimate douchebag, Barack Fucking Hussein Fucking Obama, took office as the President of this wonderful country. Shit’s gone downhill since then…

He’s got a team, 535 members of Congress, that he couldn’t manage if his life, or this country, depended on it. His job is to make that team work together, yet he forces his system onto all of ’em. Special interests are lifted up, while common interests are crushed. What we have is a shitty team with shitty results….

The democrats blame the republicans and vice versa. It’s a vicious cycle when none of them have a real leader. The result is a government shutdown.

Fucking Obama will continue to blame Congress for his shortfalls as a leader….

The Military Could Use Lethal Force Within the United States ~ Eric Holder


I don’t even know where to start here….

Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky has been trying, since January, (Links: JAN, FEB 12th, FEB 20th) to get a straight answer from doofus’ President Obama’s nominee to be Director of the C.I.A., John Brennan, regarding the legality and constitutionality of the U.S. government using lethal force, including drone strikes, on Americans and in U.S. territory, without trial. There were many other inquiries on those letters I linked to, but the big news is the issue mentioned above.

Well yesterday, both John Brennan and Attorney General Eric Holder responded to Senator Ryan. Brennan’s response was half assed at best and Holder’s was actually quite scary…

Let’s start with John Brennan’s response… Hell, I’ll just stick the .pdf of the letter right here

He just blew Senator Ryan off to other departments and said, “I would have no “power” to authorize such operations.” Okay then!

Why does the government still send letters, by the way? Seriously. Email that shit! Y’all can have a conversation finished in like 10 minutes. Not weeks!

Like I said, murderous douchebag Attorney General Eric Holder responded as well and the shit he said is pretty scary… Here’s a picture of Holder’s letter to Senator Paul.

Holder to Rand Paul

….again, SERIOUSLY? A letter? Click HERE to check out the .pdf…

Soooo… after someone asks you, Mr. Holder, about if, “the President has the power to authorize lethal force, such as a drone strike, against a U.S. citizen on U.S. soil, and without trial,” you dismiss his question as entirely hypothetical right before you say, “It is possible, I suppose…”

Simply put, Obama is a fuckin’ drone jockey and no one in his administration regime can just say, “No. he’s not…”

I’d like to say this regime is this….

…. but they ain’t. These dudes are calculated…

Oh yeah, if y’all don’t hear from me any more, then the regime snuffed me out!

Hi-fi Friday ~ Charlie Daniels Band!

I ordered an autographed edition of Charlie Daniels Band’s new CD, Hits of the South….


It didn’t really scan well…

…. and I was all excited when it was delivered Tuesday… I ripped open the packaging and took it over to show Frank The Mayor of Funtown and he asks, “Did it come with a certificate of authenticity?” Man… way to burst my bubble.. because there was no accompanying literature to validate the autograph! It’s real, though, because Charlie Daniels wouldn’t scam me… he’s too good of a fella!

C.D.B. does fall into the country genre that I’ve been hooked on lately, but they’re way more than that. They’re also considered southern rock and outlaw country like David Allan Coe… only Charlie Daniels is a bit cleaner than Mr. Coe in that he doesn’t sing about weed and fuckin’ as much as he does about politics… more on that in a bit…

Let’s start with his early career…

Did y’all know that in 1962 Charlie co-wrote a song with his friend and record producer Bob Johnson, It Hurts Me, that was eventually recorded by Elvis in 1964? Here’s Charlie talking about the single:

Elvis came to town. He picked it [the demo] up and held it for almost a year in what was called his portfolio. You know, they’d pick songs out for Elvis and when he’d go in to record, he’d review them, and if he liked it, he’d do it. So anyway, he recorded it, and it was by far, the biggest thing that had ever happened to me in my life.

Charlie also, as a session musician, played bass on a few Bob Dylan albums in ’69 and ’70… pretty cool, eh?

The first of his own hits came in 1973; and it’s freakin’ awesome…

~ Uneasy Rider ~

There are some good political jabs in there! Last month, I saw someone do this tune at karaoke… Dude did a pretty good job!

Getting a little more political now… Well, let’s call it patriotic!

Here’s a tune he wrote to describe the unity of all Americans following the Iran hostage crisis…

~ In America ~

That’s prolly the only song that doesn’t bother me with the mention of Pittsburgh Steelers fans..

In 1982, Daniels released the following single, which portrays the pain and suffering experienced by a typical Vietnam veteran a decade after the war…

~ Still in Saigon ~


Charlie Daniels maintains a blog, for 13 years now, in which he primarily discusses political issues. It’s his Soapbox (click that link to check it out). I recommend that you liberals not read it, but all you smart people should… and bookmark it!

The first I ever heard of Charlie Daniels Band was when I was my youngest daughter’s age. That tune was Devil Went Down to Georgia. I remember singing it in the car with my sisters back then…

~ Devil Went Down to Georgia ~

Holy shit! Charlie Daniels was 72 for that performance and he totally kicked ass! And did you see his big ass belt buckle? DAMN! That’s some impressive hardware.

That tune remains, to this day, one of my favorite ever! I did not know about the musical references within it, however, until searching for material for this post.

Everyone knows the basic meaning of the song… Good vs. Evil; the devil tries to steal Johnny’s soul by challenging him to a fiddle playing contest. Should Johnny win, he get’s a golden fiddle… but if he loses, the devil gets his soul. Now when it comes Johnny’s turn in the contest, the lyrics in that verse make reference to four different songs.

1. Fire on the mountain, run boys, run.
2. The devil’s in the house of the risin’ sun.
3. Chicken in the bread pan, pickin’ out dough.
4. Granny, does your dog bite? No, child, no.

Check this out:

  1. Fire on the mountain, run boys, run” is from Fire on the Mountain, a traditional bluegrass fiddle song dating back to the early 1900s. It was recorded by Bill Monroe who is considered to be the “Father of Bluegrass”
  2. The devil’s in the house of the risin’ sun” refers to The House of the Rising Sun, which is a traditional American folk song recorded in 1938 by Roy Acuff, who was a huge country star from the 1930s through the ’60s… and a popular fiddle player.
  3. Chicken in the bread pan, pickin’ out dough,” from what I can tell, is basically square dance lingo…
  4. Granny, does your dog bite? No, child, no” is another folk song from the late 1930s.

The cool thing is that the last two lines, though originating in different fiddle tunes,  are featured together in a song by Bob Wills titled Ida Red (Skip to the 1:10 mark to see for yourself. I recommend it because it’s some old ass music!)…

… and Bob Wills is widely credited as being the originator of western swing music!

Ultimately, what Charlie Daniels did in four short lines paid homage to not only fiddle music in general, but to the great fiddle players who came before him and were obviously inspirations to him!

I thought it was fascinating!

Enjoy your weekend folks!

The Only Cool Thing about Detroit is when KISS is Singin’ about It!

Holy Shit… what an adventure yesterday for the tradeshow in Detroit for work!

For starters, I left the house WAY too early! From the For Shiggles nerve center to Detroit is about a 2 1/2 hour drive and setup was from 7-9 AM for a show that started at 10:00. I left at 4:16 yesterday morning and got to Detroit right at 7:00 (Little slow on the turnpike because there were some icy spots).

After getting off the freeway I drove through one of the shittiest neighborhoods I’ve ever seen…

Detroit Home

…en route to the Motor City Casino with all its fancy neon lights!


It’s sort of sad, actually, to see a kick ass casino rising up from a broken city… A city controlled by Democrats since 1962! YAY… go dems!

Anyway… I went into the convention center, met the people putting on the show and got all set up by 7:44. Shit… What was I gonna do for 2 hours before the show started? I decided to go see some sights, so I jumped back in the Jetta and cruised around.

I thought Cleveland was run down… but Detroit seemed way worse. Around 8:00 AM in downtown Cleveland there are at least lots of people walking to their jobs… Detroit was like a ghost town. I swear, in the short drive from the casino to the sports venues I wanted to see, I saw no more than a dozen people walking the sidewalks… and there was very little vehicle traffic…

I cruised past Ford Field, home of the Detroit Lions…

Ford Field

… and Comerica Park; the Tigers’ stadium…

Comerica Park

… really, REALLY nice venues, but go a few hundred feet away and everything turns to shit… similar to Cleveland but’ like I said… worse…

I figured I’d just go back to the convention center and hang around ’til the show started, and on my way back I drove towards Obama Motors Government Motors GM’s headquarters…


… pretty buildings but a shitty company now…

I know… y’all wanna know how the show went… It was alright; I’ll give it a 4 out of 10 overall, however, as it started off really busy then fizzled out…

My booth neighbor to the right, Stacey,  showed up in her short red skirt outfit and 4 inch heels right before the show started and had lighting issues that she couldn’t work out, so I helped get her stuff working (HINT: The switch works every time). I shouldn’t pick on Stacey; she’s a heck of a salesperson!

My booth neighbors to the left were a bunch of guidos selling LED lighting systems that blinded my ass all day if I looked in their direction…

High Intensity LEDs

They were actually giving out sunglasses to the attendees! I shoulda grabbed a pair!

All in all, it was an interesting experience and a decent show. I expect a couple sales out of it and that’s why we do it.

So… reader Elaine emailed me a live version of KISS’ Detroit Rock City this morning and it cracked me up because they were doing the Beyonce Milli Vanilli lip syncing way back in 1976! Check it out:


More Documents for “Undocumented Immigrants”?

Border patrol

That’s the first and last time you’ll see me typing the words, “Undocumented Immigrants.” Shit… that’s twice!

Okay… NO MORE!

I’m not gonna be politically correct! Men, women and children who jumped a fence or hid in the back of a truck or trunk of a car to sneak into this country are not here legally. They didn’t perform the proper procedures necessary to become citivens. That makes them illegal. Let’s not call ’em undocumented to make ’em feel better. If they were legal, they’d have documents to prove it!

I also struggle with the “immigrant” label because, according to Webster, an immigrant is: A person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country.


I guess by that definition they are immigrants. But they’re still illegal, so let’s not sugarcoat it!

I stumbled across this article and boy was I steamed! Not that it matters what I think, but I’ll share some of it with ya anyway… here’s the headline:

Illinois Approves Driver’s Licenses for Undocumented Immigrants

The proposed law breezed through the Illinois House and Senate with bipartisan support, giving 250,000 undocumented immigrants in the state the opportunity to have a valid temporary driver’s license.

Why? What’s the poin… WAIT! 250,000 illegals in Illinois??? Are you serious? I know Chicago is corrupt, but that’s a different kind of illegal. I’m sort of shocked… I say it’s all for votes, somehow, since Illinois is infested with controlled by Democrats.

Supporters say the new law will improve highway safety by decreasing the number of traffic deaths on Illinois roads. Late this afternoon, Gov. Pat Quinn praised lawmakers for passing the bill: “More than 250,000 immigrant motorists on our roads today have not passed a driving test, which presents a dangerous risk to other drivers. Illinois roads will be safer if we ensure every driver learns the rules of the road and is trained to drive safely.”

Whoa… whoa… WHOA! If the democrats’ answer to decreasing gun violence is decreasing guns, why wouldn’t the same logic apply to decreasing traffic deaths? Decrease the traffic deaths by decreasing the number of undocumented illegal drivers! Get rid of ’em! Simple! Oh, but there’s no logic in politics nowadays. The dems are merely  adding voters.

But some aren’t happy with the new law…

Immigrant advocate Cristobal Cavazos said the new law will be ineffective and only goes to show that systemic change of the nation’s immigration system is still badly needed.

I agree! Systemic change IS badly needed. But what change will that be? I haven’t a clue! But I’m gonna think about it! More Cristobal…

“You’re giving all your information over to the same institution that is targeting you, so there is a mistrust. There’s going to be a concern there. And there’s going to be a hesitation if there’s not a legalization,” he said. “People are afraid to come out of the shadows because they are not documented.”

THEN GET DOCUMENTED! By all means, get documented!

Oftentimes my thoughts evolve as I’m writing these things, and this is a prime example. I only wanted to pick on the state of Illinois for their asstardery, not get into the huge problem in this country that is immigration.

But fixing immigration needs to happen. Unfortunately, the Obama administration will do absolutely nothing because why should they tarnish their track record of doing nothing?

I have some thoughts, though! As I said earlier, “get rid of ’em” isn’t an answer, so now a softer Greg emerges.

Based on this article, the U.S. spends more on immigration enforcement alone ($18 Billion) than it spends on the FBI, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Secret Service, U.S. Marshals Service, and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) COMBINED ($14.4 Billion). That’s ridiculous because it isn’t working!

So let’s embrace our 12,000,000 illegal immigrants and make ’em legal! I’m talkin’ amnesty, folks… but not FREE amnesty, because freedom ain’t free!

The Federal Government feels they can just increase taxes on the job creators (Read: rich) upwards of 40% to increase revenues. That’s bullshit! Why not hold those who have come here illegally accountable? They’ve been here, worked here and have made money here! They’re paid under the table. The only taxes they pay are sales taxes. They haven’t paid their dues.

So if they wanna be legal American citizens, it’s $200 a head (yeah, I pulled that number outta my ass)! It need not be a big deal either. The employers of illegals should provide the means for their workers to become citizens by having $200 per worker and family member deducted from their paycheck. You pay, you’re legal! Simple!

Think about it Barack! $200 x 12,000,000! That’s $2.4 BILLION up front in revenues!

As for the employers who clearly hide the illegals and pay them under the table, maybe the government could provide them with a tax incentive based on the number of employees they “sign on as Americans.”

More later…

Election Fun Via Social Networking!

Well there ya have it! President Obama was re-elected! YAY! Now we can look forward to four more years of angry finger pointing, failure to make progress with Congress, increasing unemployment, increasing entitlements, beating up job creators, excessive rounds of golf and bowing down to world leaders. I could go on but I won’t.

Speaking of world leaders, one huge issue that was largely ignored was foreign policy. Watch this trailer for the upcoming ‘Red Dawn’ remake, but substitute Russia and China for the North Koreans:

If our government stays on the same foreign policy path they’ve been on the last four years, ‘Red Dawn’ will happen. I guarantee it…

Anyway, the last couple days I saw some interesting stuff on Facebook and twitter. Okay maybe it wasn’t interesting but, instead, bat shit crazy! Take a lookie!

The same guy who said this:


Also said this [sic erat scriptum, of course]:

i love how ppl say everyone who voted for obama doesnt work…

Actually a lot of Obama supporters enjoy the entitlements. Unemployment and food stamp usage have both increased at terrifying rates since he moved into the White House.

well i bust my ass for a living and romney doesnt support unions.

Did you know that A LOT of people aren’t under the spell of unions? They bust their asses at work too! I’m one of those people! Don’t get me wrong, there are union workers who bust their asses too! Just like you! Romney is a successful businessman. When faced with cutting spending a smart businessman is gonna look at the inflated costs involved with working with union companies! Have no fear… unions aren’t going anywhere.

so before u go sayin we dont work get the facts striaght. there are some that dont work but really who is working out of republicans they hire ppl to do everything.

Republicans hire ppl people to do everything? WHOA! Are you kidding me? You just chastised people for hiring people? That’s job creation! Oh yeah, democrats hire people too!

support the working men and women for a change. half the ppl i kno voted for romney and none of them could even afford what he would do to us.

What the hell was Romney gonna “do to us”? Which commercial or internet meme did you fall for?

Here was another good one:

Offering access to birth control is the best way to reduce abortions!!

??? Oh I’ve got an analogy for you! Offering access to weight loss pills is the best way to reduce liposuction!!! OR… Offering access to cars is the best way to reduce airplane crashes!!! That’s just stupid logic!

WHAT THE FUCK? If ya don’t wanna get pregnant, don’t have sex! If you absolutely have to have sex, go buy some birth control! My tax dollars shouldn’t provide a safety net for you to be irresponsible! I know, the promiscuous ones always say, “It’s cheaper to provide free birth control than to raise a baby in the system.” That is true but, dammit, you made your bed now lay in it! Have the baby and give it up for adoption instead of killing it (or as Planned Parenthood calls it, removing the tissue after fetal demise)! There are a lot of people out there who would love to adopt a child!

There were also smart people on Facebook; my buddy, Tim:

Just a couple thoughts for the newly re-elected…

Dear Mr. President,

First… Congrats, even though I didn’t vote for you.

Second… This economy is sh!t! …fix it! We import more than we export… World economy my a$$!

Bring back manufacturing to this country! \m/

Third… We need jobs here on US soil! Why are we allowing companies to outsource off shore?!?!

This bothers me to no end… And I’ll just use American car manufacturers as one example.They shut down plants HERE and have their stuff assembled in Canada and Mexico. WHY? Because the freakin’ American unions drive up the costs per vehicle. It’s cheaper to outsource it.

Fourth… Secure our borders and quit policing the world.

Yes! Yes! Yes! I’m sorry Israel.. take care of yourself. We gotta quit being the big bullies on the block and take care of our own first! Sorry Saudis! Iraq and Afghanistan: if it takes more than, say, eight weeks for American soldiers to train you as military, you don’t make the cut!

Speaking of our borders, did y’all know a Russian attack sub was on our east coast a couple weeks ago, clearly messing with us? Look it up! (hint: it’s not on CNN, NBC or ABC)

Lastly, but most importantly… Screw the U.N. …the second amendment stays the way it was written.

Yes! The U.N. shouldn’t be dictating anything to us, especially our options for protecting ourselves. I believe we should be out of the U.N. altogether, but that’s just me!

Here’s some Motley Crue jackassery…

Tommy Lee (one of my favorite drummers, by the way):

 Sooooo happy that fucking idiot didn’t win! Looks like I won’t be on the 11pm news tonight! Thank the baby Jesus!

Why ya gotta be like that? I understand you’re crazy and infected with who knows what from Pamela Anderson years ago, but why the name calling?

At least Nikki isn’t a douchebag…

Nikki Sixx:

I don’t care WHO you VOTE for, just fucking do it. The power is in OUR HANDS. 

One last douche before I get outta here!

Beyonce… known mostly for being a great singer and sex symbol…

Her dumb ass tweeted this picture to Mitt Romney supporters when the election was called…

Screw you, Bouncy… I hope you twist your ankle during your Super Bowl performance.
~ G

“Two snaps UP!” ~ Gaydar is REAL!

The next Presidential Debate is coming up in a few minutes between Mitt Romney and “Uh…Uh… Look! Bush’s fault”. I’m expecting the moderator, Candy Crowley (of the liberal CNN) to do her best to minimize Obama’s ineptness and somehow try to make Mitt falter after he absolutely destroyed Obama a couple weeks ago.

That way the liberal media can say, “WE HAVE A TIE!” and proclaim next Monday’s debate the big tiebreaker!

Tonight, I really hope they have a discussion about cutting spending abuse because that is key in turning the economy around. I know where they can start….

Earlier today, Senator Tom Coburn released “Waste Book 2012” which highlights the top 100 wasteful federal government spending programs. I recommend you check out the link and scroll through it. Most people won’t check it out because, well, it’s not information delivered to you by your favorite liberal media outlet.

Were I president, I’d eliminate everything listed…

This one (on pg. 43) was noteworthy, even though it was merely a $30,000 government spend supported by the National Science Foundation.. An excerpt:

With just a quick glance of a face, many people can accurately guess someone’s sexual orientation, according to researchers at the University of Washington and Cornell University.

Ohhh Cornell! I’ve been to Ithica, NY. Damn… I’ll never un-see what all I saw there.

As part of the experiment, facial images of men and women who had self-identified on Facebook as gay or straight were flashed for 50 milliseconds before college students, who then guessed the sexual orientation of the faces they were shown.

The faces were cropped to remove hairstyles and other potential cues.

Even when viewing such bare faces so briefly, participants demonstrated an ability to identify sexual orientation: overall, gaydar judgments were about 60 percent accurate, wrote the authors, noting “the effect is statistically significant — several times above the margin of error.”

“‘Gaydar,’” the authors described, “colloquially refers to the ability to accurately glean others’ sexual orientation from mere observation.”

They just said “gaydar”… TWICE? Holy shit…. you crazy potheads! This study is an absolute joke! Y’all got $30 grand from the feds for “research”, bought a bunch of weed, got all smoked up and perused Facebook to play a “gay vs. straight” game?

In a twist, study participants were shown the same faces, except the images were flipped upside-down.

Ha ha! You potheads crack me up! Upside down? Really?

The researchers still “found above-chance gaydar accuracy even when the faces were presented upside down,” but the “accuracy increased, however, when the faces were presented right side up.”

Well… DUH!

In what the researchers called a “novel finding,” there was a far greater accuracy guessing the sexual orientation of the faces of women (64 percent) than men (57 percent) in both experiments.

“Gaydar is indeed real and… its accuracy is driven by sensitivity to individual facial features,” the researchers wrote in the New York Times.

“In light of these findings, it is interesting to note the popular desire to learn to read faces like books,” the study authors concluded.

“Considering how challenging it is to read a book upside-down, it seems that we read faces better than we read books.”

It’s actually not difficult at all to read a book upside-down, though I don’t smoke weed…

“To some, the idea that it’s possible to perceive others’ sexual orientation from observation alone seems to imply prejudice,” the researcher noted, countering, “[W]e disagree.”

When so many people legitimately need help in this country, this excessive government spending needs to stop.

Biden vs. Ryan ~ Rapist vs. Titans

I’m pretty fired up about tonight’s VP debate. I fully expect Vice President Biden (and I use that term very loosely) to get taken to school by our next VP, Paul Ryan.

The only way Biden will have a chance is if the moderator, Martha Raddatz, keeps the debate under control; and Biden from screwing up. She has an agenda, as Martha and Obama are old friends; he attended her wedding in 1991. Technically it’s a conflict of interest.

However, everyone on the left says, “Well that don’t matter, that was 21 years ago. They aren’t still friends! Get yer FACTS straight, conservatives!”

That argument makes no sense, libs. Of COURSE they were friends 21 years ago, I have that fact straight. Like nobody is still friends with someone they were friends with back in ’91? Idiots… this is politics. Even if they’re not friends they’re still allies.

Prediction…. Paul Ryan will win tonight’s debate!

Now here’s MY conflict of interest… The rapey Ben Roethlisberger and his Steelers are at Tennessee.  I wanna watch Chris Johnson wake up tonight and gash the Steelers defense. I wanna see Roethlisberger get hurt! I know that’s mean, but I hate that dude and my Dad raised me to love the Browns… and any team playing the Steelers.

So I gotta figure out how to toggle between the Steelers getting trounced game and the second embarrassing debate for the democrats debate.

It’s go time… So I’ll let y’all know how things go!

~ G