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Sexy Saturday ~ Hung Over Edition!

The coffee isn’t quite working so I’m gonna try a Monster. Not anything from the Rehab series… I’m going full strength Monster Energy Drink.


Now THAT’S better!

Last night I did that thing that happens every once in a while… I said to myself, “Lets go up to the bar for one, maybe two drinks and just chill…” Myself said, “Sure, sounds like a plan!”

I get there and some of my friends are there, so this happens…


… well not that crazy, but just enough to put me in a bit of a haze today.

I don’t really feel like coming up with a theme today that requires me to search for pictures, so I’m gonna recycle some. Let’s take a look at the top 10 sexy searches on For Shiggles so far this year…

Coming in at number 10 we have Skylar Grey…

Skylar Grey WOW

Skylar Grey Back Tatoo

I featured Skylar on here as a more obscure artist about a year and a half ago and she’s coming along nicely and selling lots of records!

9. Jessica Albs’s ass…

Jessica Alba Ass

Always a classic!

8. Jillian Michaels…

Jillian Michaels Bikini

She works out a lot!

7. Jessica Simpson? Yep…

And “cameltoe” is included in the search term…

6.┬áJessi M’bengue…

Jessi M'Bengue Tits

… from Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines video.

5. Hannah Davis…

Hannah Davis Beach Bikini

The DirecTV Genie!

4. Tiger Woods’ Lindsey Vonn’s Ass…

Lindsey Vonn Bikini

I never put Lindsey’s ass on here and I don’t feel like searching for a picture of it…

3. Heather Kozar…

Heather Kozar

Wow! That’s ex-Cleveland Browns QB Tim Couch’s wife!

2. Samantha Hoopes…


That’s the picture I featured on here… from Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition. That’s paint, by the way!

And the number one sexy search on For Shiggles this year?

┬áJessica Biel’s Ass…

Jessica Biel Ass WOW

Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel Pool

Even though her ass is the most searched for on here…

Jessica Biel sex

…THAT is the most clicked on Jessica Biel image…

Looks like “Jessicas” are winning, with three in the top 10!

Sexy Saturday ~ Body Paint Edition!

Dear God just loogit that ass! That’s Emily Ratajkowski!

In case you weren’t aware, Sports Illustrated’s 50th Swimsuit Edition just came out… For the past several years they’ve featured some of the models with “swimwear” painted on them… yes… painted!

They actually look pretty realistic! Here are a few more of Emily!

… I sure do enjoy reading boobs Sports Illustrated!

I actually bounced my face off my monitor trying to get a good look at that one!

Emily was one of four models this year to get paint slathered all over them…

Here’s Hannah Ferguson….

Hannah Ferguson

YAY nipples… I doubt they painted nipples on… that would be sorta redundant, no?

Or here’s Lauren Mellor…

I would LOVE to meet the artists who painted this stuff on these women. My first question would be, “How the HELL did you maintain a steady hand?”

Then, “How do ya paint Samantha Hoopes’ twat without losing your concentration…?”


I know I would!

Or Cris Urena’s ass…

I looked around on SI’s website to find out who does this paintin’… and it’s some old lady, go figure! I couldn’t find her name anywhere to give her credit.

Now I freakin’ hate painting. After three years at this townhouse, I’ve only gotten 75% of it painted!

But THIS sort of painting could probably hold my interest… so I figured I’d give it a shot…

That is a full body smiley face… Can ya see it? I like the smiley face theme, so check this one out…

Emily Ratajkowski Tits Smiley

That is a precision smiley top I painted there! Whew… this is hard work… So for the last one I just free styled!

Emily Ratajkowski Naked Ass

Emily Ratajkowski photographed by Greg in Brunswick, OH ~ All Rights Reserved

I was hoping to submit a picture here for the ladies and men who like men but was horrified by the results when I Googled “body painted men.”

So here is Dwayne Johnson… with the more permanent type of ink…

Dwayne Johnson Tattoo

Enjoy the rest of your weekend folks!

Most photos courtesy of Sports Illustrated.