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Sexy Saturday ~ Hung Over Edition!

The coffee isn’t quite working so I’m gonna try a Monster. Not anything from the Rehab series… I’m going full strength Monster Energy Drink.


Now THAT’S better!

Last night I did that thing that happens every once in a while… I said to myself, “Lets go up to the bar for one, maybe two drinks and just chill…” Myself said, “Sure, sounds like a plan!”

I get there and some of my friends are there, so this happens…


… well not that crazy, but just enough to put me in a bit of a haze today.

I don’t really feel like coming up with a theme today that requires me to search for pictures, so I’m gonna recycle some. Let’s take a look at the top 10 sexy searches on For Shiggles so far this year…

Coming in at number 10 we have Skylar Grey…

Skylar Grey WOW

Skylar Grey Back Tatoo

I featured Skylar on here as a more obscure artist about a year and a half ago and she’s coming along nicely and selling lots of records!

9. Jessica Albs’s ass…

Jessica Alba Ass

Always a classic!

8. Jillian Michaels…

Jillian Michaels Bikini

She works out a lot!

7. Jessica Simpson? Yep…

And “cameltoe” is included in the search term…

6. Jessi M’bengue…

Jessi M'Bengue Tits

… from Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines video.

5. Hannah Davis…

Hannah Davis Beach Bikini

The DirecTV Genie!

4. Tiger Woods’ Lindsey Vonn’s Ass…

Lindsey Vonn Bikini

I never put Lindsey’s ass on here and I don’t feel like searching for a picture of it…

3. Heather Kozar…

Heather Kozar

Wow! That’s ex-Cleveland Browns QB Tim Couch’s wife!

2. Samantha Hoopes…


That’s the picture I featured on here… from Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition. That’s paint, by the way!

And the number one sexy search on For Shiggles this year?

 Jessica Biel’s Ass…

Jessica Biel Ass WOW

Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel Pool

Even though her ass is the most searched for on here…

Jessica Biel sex

…THAT is the most clicked on Jessica Biel image…

Looks like “Jessicas” are winning, with three in the top 10!

Sexy Saturday ~ Browns Cheerleaders Edition!

Bone Lady

Reader, Elaine, told me that I should bring back Sexy Saturday, so here we go…

There are 26 teams in the NFL that have cheerleading squads. That means six unlucky teams don’t have squads… those teams are the Bears, Lions, Packers, Giants, Steelers and of course the Cleveland Browns!

Back in July, the Browns announced they’re going to enhance the gameday experience in and around FirstEnergy Stadium. My first thought was, “Yay, cheerleaders!” Boy was I wrong! What was one of their ideas? A freakin’ drumline. Yeah… a bunch of dorks playng drums. Oh yeah, we’re also gonna get some kick ass score boards and a new sound system!

But why not cheerleaders? When there’s a shitty team on the field, the next best thing to watch would be a bunch of tits and asses bouncing around near the 30 yard line! Hell, the worst team in the NFL, the Houston Texans, have cheerleaders…

Texans Cheerleaders

… Well, it’s too cold here in the Cleveland area so don’t expect to see cheerleaders any time soon.

In the meantime, I’m going to assemble my Cleveland Browns Fantasy Cheerleading Squad!

The obvious first choice would be Hayden Panettiere…

Hayden Panettiere Ass

… not only does Hayden have cheerleading experience, she was also the captain at Pacific Vista High School…

Hayden Panettiere PVH

She would be the captain for the Browns cheerleaders too!

My next choice would be Mrs. Timberlake Jessica Biel!

Jessica Biel WOW

She’s beau-ti-ful! Here’s a little known Jessica Biel fact: She was featured in the video for Aerosmith’s 2001 ballad Fly Away from Here. Check it out:

And loogit her ass!

Jessica Biel

Who’s next? Oh yeah, MMA cage girl Jennifer Swift.

Jennifer Swift DAMN

Unfortunately, Ms. Swift is a Giants fan…

Jennifer Swift Giants Fan

… but I won’t hold that against her because of…

Jennifer Swift Perfect Ass

… Hoo boy, loogit her ass! She’s not just a perfect ass pretty face, however… Jennifer Swift has helped me with a couple causes the last couple years and for that I’m thankful!

I would also like to have singer/songwriter Skylar Grey as a Browns cheerleader…

Skylar Grey WOW

Skylar is not only gorgeous, but extremely talented! Eminem has a huge hit titled Love The Way You Lie. The song and accompanying video feature that idiot Rihanna… Skylar Grey wrote that shit, however… Check out Love The Way You Lie at the 2:55 mark…

A still shot from the same performance…

Skylar Grey Mmmmm

I don’t know who this woman is, but she’s hired!

French model Anais Zanotti turns heads on Miami Beach

I looked her up, her name is Anais Zanotti and she seems to have a nice personality!


I would also include Sarah Hyland, who plays big sis Haley Dunphy on Modern Family

Sarah Hyland

She’s kinda okay… right?

Sarah Hyland Boobs

Since I’m on Modern Family, how could I not include the stunning and hilarious Sofia Vergara?

Sofia Vergara Beautiful

That’s stunning and so is this…

Sofia Vergara Bikini

… and this is hilarious!

Last, and definitely not least, I want Emily Ratajkowski shakin’ it for the Browns…

Emily Ratajkowski Lingerie

… she looks great from both sides…

Emily Ratajkowski in Red

… and also knows how to dance as evidenced in this Robin Thicke video titled Blurred Lines

That completes my Cleveland Browns Fantasy Cheerleading Squad! I’m gonna send a copy of this to the Browns front office, hoping they’ll consider cheerleaders some time soon!

For the ladies and men who like men, here’s Cleveland’s stud TE Jordan Cameron looking quite dreamy…

Jordan Cameron Dreamy

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, folks!

NEW VIDEO ALERT ~ Not the Shower Scene I Expected….

Skylar Grey WOW

Hoo boy I love me some Skylar Grey! Back in April, I posted the lyrics to her re-released song, Final Warning

A couple weeks ago she released the video for it… It’s pretty awesome. And a bit dark. BUT SHE’S IN THE SHOWER AT ONE POINT! Check it out!

~ Final Warning ~


While you’re here, you should check out one of her lighter tunes….

~ C’mon Let Me Ride ~

Damn is she sexy funny hot talented!

Eminem says: 

Flip backwards while I flip this bike on its banana seat…
My fantasy’s to have you land where the kick stand is…

I concur!

Anyway her new album, Don’t Look Down, is set to be released 7/9/2013… I recommend you buy it, download it… whatever!

I believe the following picture is the album cover… Click it to embiggen it!


Mmmmmmm! This is the first time I’ve ever been attracted to a woman wielding a bloody ax!

I’m Pretty Sure I Don’t Wanna Piss Skylar Grey Off!

Skylar Grey Final Warning

One of my favorite artists, Skylar Grey, released a new single yesterday. Actually, it’s not a new single at all. It’s titled ‘Final Warning’ and she’s been performing it for years. It’s finally making it’s way onto her upcoming album, which I’m excited to experience when it comes out.

She’s got the voice of an angel and the body of a supermodel, though she hides the latter a bit…

Some dude done did her wrong at some point for her to write this tune! Check out the lyrics:

Someone’s gonna get hurt
Na-na-na-na, na-na, na-na-na-na
Someone’s gonna get hurt
Na-na-na-na, na-na, na-na-na-na
And it’s not gonna be me

Good morning gorgeous
I drove your truck in the lake last night
Hope she was worth it
Don’t worry, I slept just fine

You keep throwing punches but you won’t win this fight
You’re just fucking yourself when you don’t read the signs
I’m going to the kitchen, coming back with a knife
Cause I’ve had enough this time

This is your final warning
There’s a dark cloud overhead
This is your final warning
Just remember what I said
Someone’s gonna get hurt
Na-na-na-na, na-na, na-na-na-na
Someone’s gonna get hurt
And it’s not gonna be me

Good afternoon dear
How does the rope feel around your neck?
Just one more error
Could be a fatal step

You keep throwing punches but you won’t win this fight
You’re just fucking yourself when you don’t read the signs
I’m going to the kitchen, coming back with a knife
Cause I’ve had enough this time

This is your final warning
There’s a dark cloud overhead
This is your final warning
Just remember what I said
Someone’s gonna get hurt
Na-na-na-na, na-na, na-na-na-na
Someone’s gonna get hurt
And it’s not gonna be me

Cause you’re the one thing
You are, you are the one thing
Cause you’re the one thing
You are, you are

This is your final warning
There’s a dark cloud overhead
This is your final warning
Just remember what I said
Someone’s gonna get hurt
Na-na-na-na, na-na, na-na-na-na
Someone’s gonna get hurt
And it’s not gonna be me

Cause you’re the one thing
You are, you are the one thing
Cause you’re the one thing
You are, you are the one thing

Here’s a live performance from Lollapalooza a couple years ago…

I know… the audio isn’t the greatest… but am I the only one who can’t stop staring at her midsection? WOW!

Here’s a still shot!

Skylar Grey Mmmmm

OH! If you’re wondering about that ink, here’s a better picture of it…

Skylar Grey Owl Tattoo

Hell yeah, SIDE BOOB!

Anyway, go to Amazon.com HERE to buy the single!

Sexy Saturday ~ The Year in Review!

I’m sorta gonna brag about the progress of my little blog today. I know there are a lot of bloggers out there who crank out WAY better numbers than I’ll reveal here, and I’m working on ways of increasing viewership, but for right now, this is where For Shiggles is at…. and where it started!

I launched this blog back on November 20th of 2011. I had 52 views in the 10 remaining days of that month and was very excited about it!

December 2011… I had 159 views… or 5 views a day…

January… 574 views… or 19 a day… I was wondering is it really worth it?

February… 1,322 views… or 46 a day… Someone’s checking out my blog every 30 minutes… Hmmmm.

March… 2,115 views… or 68 a day… I wrote a few times about my buddy’s divorce from his whore wife, which was the reason for the increased traffic.

April… 2,590 views… or 86 a day… On April 14th, I unveiled a new regular series. This one. Sexy Saturday. One of the first images I posted was of me lighting my penis on fire….

Fire dick

BAM!!! May… 25,905 views… or 836 a day! Since then, I’ve averaged 1,200 views a day or 1 view every 72 seconds!

Okay… I know… Enough math! What largely sells this site is tits and ass. Honestly, I like the traffic but that’s not why I started writing! I want to draw a large audience, and teenage boys fapping to my pictures is not the target audience I had envisioned. I promise to make my content deeper in 2013!

But for right now, here are the top 10 search terms that bring people to For Shiggles… and my favorite pictures to go with them!

1.) Kate Upton

Kate Upton holy shit nipples!

Alright… Kate’s top dawg, so she gets a bonus offering…

2.) Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara Sexy Swimsuit

That picture’s from the other day! And she’s 40! Holy hell! I wanna see the back of that suit, but I couldn’t find a picture anywhere, so here’s the best back shot I have of the lovely Sofia…

Sofia Vergara Ass

Oof… Okay… must move on…

3.) Serena Williams… Wait. What?

Serena Williams Bikini

That is, seriously, the only picture of Serena Williams I’ve ever posted… yet it gets her #3 honors!

4.) Jessica Biel Ass (Not a grammar error, that’s what people search!)

Jessica Biel Ass WOW

Any questions? Actually, Jess made the top 10 twice with a search term of “Jessica Biel” so here’s another one.

Jessica Biel in bed

Yeah… that’s Jess and I having sex making love… and so is this…

Jessica Biel sex

…. not pictured? ME!

Sorry… I’m still thinkin’ about her ass, so here goes another .gif…

Jessica Biel

… Left. Right…. Left. Right…. Don’t tell me that’s not hypnotic!

Anyway…. It’s not only guys fapping to For Shiggles! Up next….

5.) Adam Levine of Maroon 5

In case you’re wondering who’s hands are compressing his package… I’ll tell ya! It’s his ex-girlfriend, Anne Vyalitsyna, better known as Sports Illustrated and Victoria’s Secret model Anne V. Somehow, being as attractive as she is, she didn’t even crack the top 30 on this site.

Now’s a good time for a quick video break. Here’s Adam and Anne in Maroon 5’s Misery

Nice jeans, Anne!!! Okay… back to the list!

6.) Kim Kardashian. I can’t remember mentioning her that much…

Kim Kardashian ASS

… now I remember… Her ass! But, to be quite honest, her sister Kourtney is way more attractive! Kim sorta looks like an NFL runningback…

7.) Poppy Montgomery (of Without a Trace fame)…

Poppy Montgomery in bed

I think Poppy is extremely attractive. She’s also Australian, so she’s like a 10.3 on a 10 scale! Wanna know her full name? It’s Poppy Petal Emma Elizabeth Deveraux Donahue! Good luck shouting that name out in the throes of passion!

8.) Bibi Jones

Bibi Jones was a porn star aka Britney Beth and Lexy Jones. She is now Britney Maclin… that’s her real name… I think. Does it really matter?

9.) Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova at Edgewater Park

This is another woman I only posted once. Apparently she’s searched a lot!

10.) Courtney Force.

Courtney Force Fire Suit

Yes… A funny car driver made the top ten! It was really the following picture that was more popular…

Maaaaaake Ooooouuuut!

That’s Courtney on the right and her sister, Brittany Force, on the left!

There are the top 10 searched sexy people on my site!

My honorable mention goes to the highly talented and extremely sexy Skylar Grey, who was only 1 search behind Courtney Force…

Skylar Grey Mmmmm

Skylar Grey Good Morning

I’ll close out this post with a beautiful song by Skylar that, although it’s about her struggles with the music industry, clearly speaks to a lot of women…

Enjoy the rest of your weekend folks!

The New Skylar Grey Video is Out! Eminem is Corrupting Her!

A couple weeks ago I did a feature on the talented and lovely Skylar Grey. In that piece I included the official “lyric video” for her new song, “C’mon Let Me Ride” featuring Eminem…

Well, today she released the real video for the song and Eminem’s influence is clear! It’s a catchy tune with, uhmm, interesting lyrics and a humorous video!

Oh yeah… did I mention that Skylar’s a hottie?



You may have seen glimpses of her tattoos here and in the video and were curious about them… I know I was. So I did the research for all of us…

Here’s her back:

Skylar Grey Back Tatoo

… and her side:

Skylar Grey Owl Tattoo

Nice side boob!!!

Hi-fi Friday ~ You Guys Ever Hear of Skylar Grey?

YAY! This is the first female artist I’m featuring on Hi-fi Friday… and what a woman she is!

A lot of people aren’t very familiar with Skylar Grey, born Holly Brook Hafermann in 1986, as most of her material thus far has been supporting other artists.

This Fort Minor tune, in which her vocals were featured, was a huge hit back in 2006. She’s also in the video. In lingerie. Check it out…

~ Where’d You Go ~

That tune, though it’s actually about a partner choosing a career over their family, also has elements of the dreaded long distance relationship… Something I’m all too familiar with. Why is it that two people, absolutely perfect for each other, but yet live so far apart, can’t be together for reasons beyond their control? UGH!! This life is cruel…


You all are probably familiar with Eminem’s “Love the Way You Lie.” Monster hit! Ya wanna know who wrote the lyrics and melody for all the versions of that song, including Rihanna’s Part II? Skylar Grey wrote that shit! Shame on Eminem for choosing Rihanna to perform it with him.

P Diddy, Puff Shizzle or whatever the hell he’s calling himself these days used Skylar’s vocals on one of his big hits “Coming Home”, only to perform it live with other female singers that weren’t her… The following video features a short interview with Skylar before she does her own version…

~ Coming Home ~

It almost seems like, for a while there, she was allowing these big time artists to use her… I dunno… I do know that the music industry can be brutal.

I’ve told her time and time again that if things get too tough, to swing by Brunswick and take a break with me to unwind like she did a couple years ago…

Skylar Grey Good Morning

She’s gonna be so pissed that I posted this picture! Sorry, Sky!

I believe that our brief tryst back in ’10 worked to her advantage, however. I think Eminem caught wind of it and became jealous because, instead of hiding her from everyone, he began to feature her a bit more prominently, this time in a Dr. Dre tune that flew up the charts…

~ I Need A Doctor ~

You’ll see Skylar at the 2:21 mark in the nurse’s outfit that I bought for her; and her angelic voice is heard throughout! She wrote portions of that song as well!

It looks like she may finally be on her way to building her own brand. She has recently released a few singles of her own material, one of which is on the soundtrack, “Frankenweenie Unleashed!”, that features tracks from and inspired by Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie, which has done pretty well at the box office.

AND… she has a studio album coming out in a few months. The first single “C’mon Let Me Ride” was released the other day… here’s the artwork for it…

Skylar Grey Ride

Hoo boy do I like that artwork! The song? Well, it’s quite a departure from her other stuff. I seriously think she’s sending me a message with this song. And I really didn’t have to read between the lines to realize that it’s a dirty message.

She wants me.

The fact that Eminem has a verse is just her trying to make me jealous. It’s not gonna work. Just call me, Sky!

This is not the real video for the song, it’s the lyric video, though it was released by Skylar. The real video is due out December 11th and I, for one, am looking forward to it!

Yes, dear, you can ride!

Enjoy your weekend, folks!

Hi-fi Friday ~ The Evolution of Eminem

Man… Eminem turned 40 on Wednesday. He certainly doesn’t appear 40, considering all he’s been through. I’m always amazed at how much his music has ‘matured’ over the years… Check it out!

From what I can tell, it was about 15 years ago I stumbled across Eminem. Here’s how it happened:

I heard Kid Rock’s ‘Bawitdaba’ on the radio one day and loved it! I went out that day and picked up his CD, ‘Devil Without a Cause’. I was immediately hooked! The  way Kid Rock combined rock and hip hop was fascinating. I listened to that CD for quite some time.

Now… there was a track on that CD titled ‘Fuck Off,’ which ended with a silly sounding rapper, called himself ‘Slim Shady’, who caught my attention. Here was his verse…

Yo, tell the world to hold their breath they’re breathing the wrong air
This planet belongs to me and this hippy with long hair
Two white boys who spike punch and light joints
Hang around drugs, loud music, and like noise
Slim Shady and Brown Trucker another bunch of mother fuckers
Who hate the world as much as each other
And I ain’t leaving this party tonight
Till I see some naked bitches dancin around drunk touchin each other
Rum and Pepsi got your perception of me sketchy
Cause when I stage dive people are scared to catch me
Cause all I do is curse and fuck
So when I do shrooms you all better give me two rooms
Cause I’m fuckin the first one up
So when you see me on your block you better lock your cars
Cause you know I’m losin it when I’m rappin to rock guitars
This is for children who break rules
People that straight fool
And every single teenager that hates school

Fuck Off

I know… that’s not my father’s Neil Diamond… But I liked it… raw, funny, edgy, a bit controversial…

Several months later, I hear about this ‘Slim Shady LP’ that was gettin’ pretty popular. Slim Shady? Why does that sound so familia…. Ohhh it’s the guy from the Kid Rock song… and he had a single out… it was this.

~ My Name Is ~

I was immediately intrigued because he mentioned Dr. Dre, of NWA fame, who I was a huge fan of. But wait… this white rapper, working with Dr. Dre of NWA, NO WAY!

Yeah, a lot of Eminem’s stuff is incredibly funny, but it also crosses into controversial and gets pretty dark at times. That’s pretty good range for a rapper, as most rappers are only good writing about bitches and blunts (note: that IS how he started, though)!

He blew up from his ’99 release of the Slim Shady LP up until he starred in the awesome flick ‘8 Mile’ in ’02, which brought us this single… a fight song of sorts for me… Don’t even tell me this tune doesn’t fire you up when you have a goal you want to achieve…

~ Lose Yourself ~

The next couple years, Eminem released another studio album, ‘Encore,’ and a compilation album, ‘Curtain Call’. A lot of his material was becoming much more mature. Yeah, he still wrote nasty stuff about his ex-wife, Kim, but he also wrote ‘Mockingbird’ to his young daughter Hailie. As a divorcee, this tune has a bit of meaning to me…

~ Mockingbird ~

Unfortunately, behind the scenes, Eminem had been dealing with prescription drug addiction. He considered suicide at times and in 2009 released ‘Relapse,’ which was so terrible it almost made me consider suicide… Just terrible stuff…

But… he bounced back a couple years ago with ‘Recovery,’ which is, in my opinion, his best stuff yet. There’s definitely a better quality to his work when he’s clean.

I leave you with a video that’s not from ‘Recovery’ but instead one he did with Dr. Dre last year. Em and Dre sort of come full circle in this one.

~ I Need A Doctor ~

Oh… and that angelic voice you hear throughout the song? That’s Skylar Grey, my soon-to-be girlfriend!

Enjoy your weekend folks!

Hug your children and love them every day