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Already Freakin’ Out about Tomorrow ~ Raiders @ Browns!


The final winless team in the league, the 0-6 Raiders, is coming to Cleveland tomorrow. After last week’s embarrassing loss to the 0-6 Jaguars,  there are a lot of people saying, “Okay, maybe Jacksonville wasn’t that bad, but the Raiders really suck, so we’ll bounce back Sunday for a win!”

I’m not one of those people. We will lose again tomorrow and break yet another NFL record:

No team, in the history of the NFL, has lost back to back games against winless teams this late in the season.

I wonder if we’ll have a game ball go to the Hall of Fame to represent THAT record?

The Browns are unraveling before our eyes and some people still don’t see it.

Yes, the team is suffering from some significant injuries. So is every team, though! That’s how football goes.

Our defense, healthy or not, is giving up 155 rushing yards a game. That’s worst in the league!

Oakland’s RB Darren McFadden is averaging 46.5 yards a game. Look for him to at least double that number tomorrow.

Our coaches haven’t done a very good job of making adjustments thus far. I have a bad feeling they’re gonna over commit to run defense and we’re gonna get burned on some play action passing from Raiders QB Derek Carr.

Cleveland’s offense is 22nd overall (for total yards) in the league; 18th passing and 6th rushing. That rushing standing looks good, but I believe we should scrap the three running back rotation with Tate, West and Crowell. More specifically, we should scrap Terrance West and just let Ben Tate and Isaiah Crowell split carries.

Tate and Crowell appear to be more confident, explosive runners, while West does a lot of dancing around.

Hell, I’d even put Crowell before Tate. He’s getting the least amount of carries a game but yet has the most yards per carry at 5, which is tied for 5th in the league. Oh yeah, have you guys seen the Crowell highlight reel?

“Take a ride in tha slam sedan, bitch!” Hilarious!

As for our passing game? FUBAR! Our discombobulated line can’t block for shit so QB Hoyer looks like crap getting his passes batted down! He’s a pocket passer for Christ’s sake, so no pocket no passer!

It also doesn’t help with our tiny WRs dropping passes, either, or anyone else on the team for that matter!

I learned at a very early age, like 5 years old, that if you can touch the ball you can catch the ball. Velocity doesn’t matter. Well, being a professional football player should matter but, apparently, it doesn’t to Browns receivers…

I don’t wanna hear any more of the chatter that Johnny Manziel should step in at QB. That dude can’t read an NFL playbook and his best qualities involve snorting cocaine off of strippers asses!

This current Browns team blows! From top to bottom, front to back, players to coaches… it blows!

Like I said before, we’ll finish this season 5-11.

Tomorrow? Raiders 27 ~ Browns 16