Already Freakin’ Out about Tomorrow ~ Browns @ Falcons!

Gordon Weed

The talk in Cleveland sports the past week has been the return of Browns All Pro WR Josh Gordon after serving a 10 game suspension for getting high on numerous occasions.

I’ve always struggled with the NFL’s policy on substances of abuse and don’t believe marijuana should be such a big deal. I’m not making this a pro pot rant by any means, ’cause that stuff does nothing for me.

The national dialogue on marijuana is quickly changing and the NFL is, in my opinion, behind the times even after revamping their policy on weed a few months ago. Yes, they’ve increased the threshold that would trigger a positive drug test and lessened the resulting penalties but states are legalizing it, not only for medicinal purposes but also for recreational use.

As far as medicinal purposes go, I understand pot is great at helping with pain management. Maybe the league should look at that aspect of it, as players kinda, sorta get their asses kicked every damn week…

… and, barring a season ending injury, they normally suffer from several days of pain following a game.

Anyway, JOSH FUCKING GORDON is finally back! Less seasoned Browns fans believe his addition to the roster will take us to the playoffs.

I love the dude but remain a bit more reserved than those less seasoned fans. Yeah, Gordon went 87 of 159 and 9 TDs for a league leading 1646 yards last year in only 14 games, following a two game drug suspension.

Unfortunately, the majority of his production, 36 of 57 for 774 yards and 5 TDs, occurred in 4 of Cleveland’s 12 losses.

BUT… the Browns only won 4 games last year and TWO of those victories featured contributions from Gordon so there’s serious potential.

All week the Browns have been downplaying the return of Gordon; implying that he won’t be used much. Ha ha! That shit cracks me up!

So far this season, our leading WR is 5’7″, 180 pound Andrew Hawkins. Dude is a great ball player! Add a big 6’3″ 220 pound, physical, enormously athletic WR like Josh Gordon and the Browns offense changes dramatically!

Even if Browns QB Hoyer doesn’t key on Gordon, the Falcons and their last in the league passing defense will have to put extra bodies on Gordon. This will open up opportunities for our tiny little WRs and, more importantly, our running game!

Special note to Browns HC Mike Pettine and OC Kyle Shanahan:

Don’t give up on the running game tomorrow! Feed the freakin’ ball to RB Crowell until he gets into a good rhythm! Everyone who knows football knows that Crowell is extremely dangerous.

Also, coaches, air that shit out to Gordon early and often!

We WILL win!


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