Sexy Saturday ~ Fitness Edition!

I’m gonna give y’all a quick look at how my twisted brain works.

On April 2nd, 2010, when my marriage deteriorated and the divorce process started, I stopped going to the gym regularly. Prior to that day I was at the gym at 5:00 am, 3-4 days a week. I wouldn’t say I was cut up… but I was in much better shape back then. The stress of the divorce stripped me of any motivation. It should’ve worked the opposite, as working out is a great stress reliever; didn’t work that way for me, however so I quit.

I’ve been beating myself up the last several months about getting back on my nutrition plan and, more importantly, getting back in the gym. All I gotta do is hit the grocery store and get all the healthy foods I used to eat, stop at GNC and pick up some whey protein and then have my employer re-activate my free membership! Simple enough, right?

Not so fast! I don’t wanna go to the gym all overweight! I don’t wanna be the fat guy who passes out or has a treadmill accident that ends up on YouTube! When I do go back to the gym I just want to be out of shape… not tubby and out of shape.

My opinion has always been that the gym is best suited for lifting, while cardio can happen outside of the gym.

So here’s my plan. As soon as I finish this post, I’m off to go treadmill or elliptical shopping. I haven’t decided on either machine yet; I suppose I’ll have to play with them both at the store.

I weighed in this morning at…. 228 pounds…. ugh! That’s prolly an ideal weight if I were 6’5″; but I’m 5’10” so call me stocky!

Anyway… let’s take a look at some results that good nutrition and fitness provide…

Yeah… I follow a lot of porn stars on Twitter. Believe it or not, most of their tweets are about working out… Here’s one of my favorites, Riley Steele…

She says she does lots of squats!

Riley’s not the only one who puts a lot of work into that ass! ZINNNNG!

You guys ever hear of Bree Olson? She used to be a porn star, then dated Charlie Sheen for a while then prolly stopped having sex altogether. She’s constantly in the gym nowadays!

I suppose I should put an actual fitness guru in here… Jillian Michaels..

She looks like she’d be fun to arm wrestle!

~ Video Break ~

Fitness model Jennifer Nicole Lee..

Jennifer gets bonus points for being a football player fan!

If she did play football, ya know what position she’d play??

Tight end! HA HA! I crack myself up!

Now I couldn’t do a fitness post without giving a shout out to my girl Jennifer Swift!

I’d never heard of Carmen Garcia until just now via Google.

Love the outfit, girl!

Alright, guess I better stick a couple on here for the ladies and men who like men… Dwayne Johnson…

For what it’s worth, I was doing the “people’s eyebrow” long before he was!

And I was just listening to Nelly, so feast your eyes on his underwear.!


Ha! He’s wearing P Diddy underwear. That just doesn’t seem right!

I’m off to look at exercise equipment!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, folks!

Hug your children and love them every day

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