SEX & Rock and Roll All Night

YEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHH! I went to see Motley Crue and KISS Wednesday night with Frank The Mayor of Funtown, Brent The Voice and Tom The Bouncer at Blossom Music Center.

Before I get into Wednesday night’s festivities, I have to air a bit of my dirty laundry. Sorry… this is my platform from which to speak, so deal with it!

My ex-wife, I need a good nickname for her on here, also had a couple tickets to the show. She had originally intended to take bachelor #1 with her (a couple months ago she asked me if she could hitch a ride home with us after the show, because she expected him to ride her out to Blossom on his motorcycle and then get shit faced ~ responsible yet awkward), but he apparently moved on to a less crazy another woman.

Anyway, my ex-wife decided to take our eldest daughter, Alexis, to the show about a week and a half ago. Alexis was super excited, as her only previous live experience with KISS was from the womb. Yeah… I took a pregnant chick to a KISS show in 1997! Hell, I was excited for Alexis to go last night. She absolutely loves KISS!

And then….

Then there was what I’ll call a misunderstanding between Alexis and her mom this past Saturday. Alexis was at her friends house to watch some movies. It’s my understanding that Alexis, a young woman with responsibility issues, was to call her mom at some point that evening for a ride home. Alexis never called her mom who, coincidentally, fell asleep instead of keeping tabs on our daughter. What wasn’t supposed to be a sleepover for Alexis became a sleepover when mom woke up at 5:00 am on Sunday, wondering where our daughter was. Alexis’ mom, furious because of her own our daughter’s lack of responsibility, grounded her.

It seemed rather convenient that, immediately after grounding Alexis, mom had a date lined up with bachelor #2 for the show. This all seemed orchestrated; to me at least…

CURRENT EVENT UPDATE: I heard that Alexis was less than cordial with bachelor #2 Wednesday night before he and mom left for the concert. Apparently he was being quite condescending to Alexis so she reacted as any 15 year old girl would to an adult messing with her; shut down and get away from the antagonist. I understand Alexis’ reluctance to be friendly to her mom’s date, a dude who got her seat after her mom ditched her.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “I hate when people mess with my girls.” No one is excluded from that policy…that includes bachelors and even the egg donor!

DAMN… that rant got WAY too wordy! Hope you’re still with me folks! Let’s dig into this show!

We all quickly pregamed at Frank’s house Funtown with a few beers capped of with a shot of Jaeger! Then…. on to Blossom!

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned on here how much I loathe Blossom Music Center… It sucks to get into and out of, they charge $10 for a 24 oz. beer and they’ll have a sniper pick you off if you have more then two beers on you!

We were about 30 seconds late getting to our seats for Motley Crue, who opened with Saints of Los Angeles. Holy shit did they kick ass! Unfortunately lead singer, Vince Neil, hurt his foot right after the show started. Turns out he broke two bones in that foot but powered through the show with a very visible limp.

I actually took 235 pictures last night, but a lot of them didn’t come out very well considering all the smoke, lasers and explosions! Here are the best shots I got of Crue:

A blurry Vince Neil…

Tommy Lee’s roller coaster kit…

They had hot women on stage all night!

Home Sweet Home was fuckin’ awesome!

Tommy Lee… INVERTED!

The crowd for this show was somewhat humorous in a sense… there was an overabundance of 40+ year old women who clearly squeezed into outfits that prolly fit them well some 20 years ago!

Now… I’ve gone to KISS shows pretty regularly since 1992. Lot’s of ’em. I had never seen Crue and was super impressed. The guys and I agreed that we could have left after Crue and been quite happy. BUT…

After a short break while the stage was reworked, we got an entire set from KISS and it was nothing less than fantastic! These guys at their ages seem to get better with time. Definitely the best stage, second stage, up in the lighting rig show I’ll ever see…

Some visuals… again, the lighting and pyro terrorized my camera, so the picture quality is shitty…

Of course KISS opened with major smoke and explosions!

Gene pointing!!!

Paul loves him some crowd interaction!

Gene on the bigscreen before ‘God of Thunder.’

Gene up in the lighting rig for ‘God of Thunder.’

Paul got airlifted to this small stage pretty close to us to perform ‘Love Gun.’

We had pretty decent seats!

The End…

Man was that an awesome show! Both bands kicked ass! I don’t know how that can be topped!

Hug your children and love them every day… That means you too, angry moms!

2 responses to “SEX & Rock and Roll All Night

  1. I’m so glad you had a blast!! I wonder if the egg donor did? I wonder if bachelor #2 still talks to her, or if he just wanted to see Kiss that bad!

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